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  1. Hello Ukalliq - sorry to hear about your pup. I have a friend that moved from Montana to Fairbanks. She brought Pomeranians up with her and also has a Husky. I will be meeting up with Robin this week.
  2. Thank you. Also found out a rheumatologist here has greyhounds!
  3. I moved up to Anchorage last fall after my last greyhound passed away and need a greyhound fix!
  4. :group hug No words, just {{{hugs}}}


  6. Thank you Ducky. Missing my two bridge angels.
  7. Xan, I am so glad I got to meet Wabi (not just once but twice) in person. It was such a privilege. There is nothing morbid about making a pillow out of one of her coats. Dave will do a great job on the tattoo.
  8. Xan - I am so sorry. Wabi - run free little girl. I am so glad I saw you last week.
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