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  1. We had one diagnosed at 7 and one at 13. I'm really sorry
  2. Peej, I don't have the words. We have talked about Kali often and miss her so. She was a special part of our family. We love you all.
  3. We go to Kenwood Animal Hospital in Bethesda and we are very pleased.
  4. I have a hound with osteo and he takes a combo of pain meds (gabapentin + carprofen + tramadol). No drug stupor at all. I strongly recommend you change his meds and add in the stronger stuff. That will help you truly understand how he is doing. Good luck
  5. Wow, that was a rough topic to see. Utter sadness.
  6. Depends on the grey. Neither of my two even blink at small animals of any kind, including running cats, squirrels, and bunnies.
  7. :lol I completely forgot about that! My kids are mostly indifferent to Bootsy. Fine by me
  8. We walk our grey 2x daily, even though we have a fenced yard, and we have 2 small children and work full time. It is possible. The hardest thing for me is just giving Bootsy the attention he deserves. He is very keen on hands on affection and is frequently brushed aside because we are just so busy. He would like someone to pet him 24 hours per day. He gets less than an hour.
  9. Scouts mom makes a good point. Your tolerance level is as important as the dog's. We adopted our current grey when our son was 2 months old. We added a second son 4 years later. Bootsy has growled and snapped at both of them, but I still say we have had no issues. He would never, ever choose to hurt them, they know what is right and wrong, and we all live together peacefully. He's a part of our family.
  10. Wow I was not happy when I saw that title But I am very pleased that you had support through it all and that Murray is going to be comfortable and happy for a long while
  11. My mom's lab mix had her acl repaired a couple weeks ago. She did have a complication after with pain. They changed her meds and kept her overnight to rehydrate her and now she's great. My sister"s aussie was round...he had an under active thyroid.
  12. I just had a dental done on my 11 year old boy. He had three teeth pulled. The vet took xrays prior to pulling, so the decision was fact based. She even did gum surgery to save a tooth that was perfectly healthy but the gum had receded too much. He did beautifully, and just stole a peanut butter sandwich from my son, so I assume he is back to normal. While he was recovering we had to soak his kibble so it got like soggy cereal. We did that for 2 weeks.
  13. I understood 5 words in this thread...Violet, blood, urine, and freaking out. So I cant offer opinion or advice. But I CAN offer hugs and support. Love to you both.
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