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  1. I did try it in early days when the corns were barely visible, but didn't have success. I may give it a try again - he's very patient when we work on his feet. I haven't had success keeping socks on either, but maybe the soft boots would be helpful as they have velcro. Thanks, FiveRoooooooers!
  2. Our gentle sweet Lucas has corns on three paws - and one of those has two pads with corns. I don't do Facebook either. Over the years, I've seen lots of discussion about corns here on GT. We tried epsom soaks, icthammol salve, various paw creams, etc. and while these options do speed up the time it takes to loosen the corn enough to hull it, the corns seem to come back with a vengeance. He also seems more sensitive to the newly growing corns than the old pesky been-there-forever ones. I, too, dremel the surface of the corns down a bit. Our solution has been boots for all four feet. It took a
  3. Brave pup! Brave dad! Hoping for speedy healing and joyful days ahead!
  4. Just wanted to post an update - Lucas is responding well to the Clavamox. The bloody oozing has stopped and the swelling has decreased. He is putting weight on it and insisted on taking a nice mile-long walk this morning and another this evening (foot protected in a PAWZ balloon bootie.) I've been soaking the foot daily and though the toe always looks more red and weepy after soaking, it's bothering him a lot less. The soaks are a challenge because I'd already been soaking his front right paw daily because of a corn. We feed him tiny licks of peanut butter while he stands with both right
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks for the positive vibes and encouragement. We did get in to see someone at the Grey savvy clinic, and she didn't think any change in treatment was needed yet. We're going to give the clavamox more time to do its magic, and with continued soaks, she's hoping that if something is in there it will find its own way out. I feel a little sheepish for not trusting in the new young vet, and it cost $60 bucks for the second opinion today, but I'm feeling more relaxed and better able to dial back the worry. Worth every cent. Can't stand to see our boy in pain, but he was a super
  6. Thanks, Macoduck! Whatever it is, he's in lots of pain, so infection seems likely. I'll mention histiocytoma when I see the vet. Heading out in an hour - it's a 45 minute drive in good traffic but Friday rush hour will complicate things a bit. He's diligently licking his bed now, and leaving the foot alone.
  7. Thank you, Mary Jane and Greysmom! That was my instinct too. He's been with us 2 years, but so healthy and he's my first greythound, so I thought maybe I was over-reacting. We couldn't get in to see the MOST grey savvy vet there today, but the other folks there are very good - their overall practice is excellent, just a much longer drive from home. We'll be seeing someone at 3:45. I'll keep you posted and thanks for your advice!
  8. Hello wise GreyTalkers, I've been a long time lurker and know the great power of the GreyTalk forum. I am remiss in not introducing my sweet brindle boy, Lucas, when he is his happy loving self. Halloween evening he started refusing to put weight on his rear right foot. There was swelling and redness and a small (1/4 inch?) bump on the inner side of his 3rd toe: https://www.flickr.com/gp/nadinemariee/6qn2UX I soaked his foot in warm water/epsom for about 5 minutes and we went about our evening as usual, he was limping heavily the remainder of the night and struggled to settle to sl
  9. Another test: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nadinemariee/shares/F989q7
  10. Thank you so much, Dick! Great info! I was worried about an injury that may have had lasting effects. The only thing he races to here is his breakfast or his supper or the occasional squirrel that dares to skate across the fence in his backyard. You've given me some things to look up - I didn't know about "schooling". I couldn't find any video of his races on G-D. We are very proud to have him - he's a dream come true for us. Again, many thanks. This thread is fascinating!
  11. We've had our sweet mellow guy for just over 3 months now. Hilco Koolin is now Lucas at our house - or "Puppy!" cuz he's so darned cute and affectionate. I've looked up some of his race info - I know he came in 1st in 11 races. What I'm really wondering is whether he was retired due to an injury. We're trying to pin down the cause of an intermittent limp. We feel incredibly lucky he chose us as his family and we'd love to learn as much as possible about his earliest years. He's a very young retiree at just over 3.5. Thanks so much for sharing this fascinating info. I've been a on GT for
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