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Found 2 results

  1. We brought home this little bundle of joy on 11.16.19. Her name is Bette and she is a foster. We are assessing to see if she will be happy being an only pup, and if so, she may very well be a keeper. She just turned 2, raced 14 times, and is ready for retirement. She came in like she owned the place. She was immediately intent on checking out all the rooms. She did not appear apprehensive about exploring the house. Granted, it's small, but still, it is refreshing to bring in a pup who seems confident enough to set out on her own for some exploring. She has excellent house manners, walks well on a leash, sleeps through the night, navigates the hardwoods with ease, and so far, has done "ok" when left alone. She does a little whining in the crate, but then settles down. We have even left her uncrated for a few short (20minute stints) while working outside. Again, a little whining, but then she settled down and started napping. She is on the smaller side, weighing in at 58 pounds. This means she can wear all the hand me downs from our previous girl, who we lost last Thanksgiving suddenly, from hemangiosarcoma. We were shattered. So far, she has been a balm for our still broken hearts. She is affectionate, playful, funny as hell, and GORGEOUS, don't you think? Whether she ends up staying with us, or finds another forever home, it will be one lucky household with Bette in it.
  2. OK, so I got a foster back Monday night who had been in a home for 6 months but circumstances changed and she had to come back to me. She is 'on alert' all the time on walks, if she can hear dogs barking anywhere, she seems to think the are barking at her. She will walk with her head up and ears up, looking around to find out where the sound is coming from. Last night she reacted twice to dogs. The first was at a fenceline with a barking dog behind. She barked back and thrashed around a bit and I could get her to move on. The second time was when a bully type dog who didn't seem good with dogs himself was walking with his owner. He was pulling on the leash and making himself look big. Mouse responded by going ballistic, barking and going around in circles. I couldn't get her attention or get her to move. She then shoved herself between my legs so I kept her there as the other owner led her dog away. I had Barbie with me as well. Barbie didn't react at all. If anything she seemed like she wanted to get away from Mouse. A couple of times I had to really ensure Mouse didn't tangle herself around Barbie, and she looked like she was going to redirect onto Barbie (good thing Mouse is muzzled). She is very food driven at home, but she is so on edge when she's out the front on leash she ignores treats. I am going to escalate value now, roast chicken and bits of steak are what I will try next. I've only had her back for a couple of days but I really have to work on this - she is a really good looking dog, cat friendly too and a lot of people are going to want to adopt her because of that. I won't let her go to anyone who doesn't have a lot of experience with training and with behavioural problems as she is at the moment. Has anyone had this experience with a greyhound? What training strategies worked for you? Did you manage to resolve the issue? Pic!!! So you can see how we are going to be bombarded with adoption applicants when we start advertising her again.
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