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  1. I'm interested in hearing about successful use of an indirect monitor for oscillometric measurement. I think that's the easiest method for non-vet people to use. It could be an instrument for human use, or specifically for vet use. My greygirl has white coat fear and, with covid, has not had reliable readings with our vet. Frequently, it's "can't get a reading."
  2. Hello ~ I know this has been discussed before, but I'm seeking updates from anyone that has successfully used a home BP monitor for their grey. My Molly and I say thank you!
  3. My Molly sheds 12 months a year, 24 hours a day, and has for years. This year her partly bald backside has filled in a lot, with longish hair. :-)
  4. Hi greydad92 and Spock! Molly says hello to her fellow P & P member! It's greyt to hear that Mr. Spock is doing well, and you are too ~ I would also not worry about the cataracts. Molly's 12 and has had them for years and seems to have no problems. As for the dental. Molly had one in Jan 2019 at age 11. This was her second at the same practice (IAHC in Bolton). The first one went fine, the second not so much. She's fine now, but was under for a reported 2.5 hours for a clean and single extraction. We were at the practice for 6+ hours, waiting and waiting, then she was brought out to us, very loopy, with no instructions, for another hour. At home, she recovered well, and ate well, but had peeing issues for months. We do brush and also use a dental gel but her teeth are not great after a year. If she had to have another cleaning, I'd look for a non-anesthesia dental (IAHC does them) and for a worse tooth issue, there's a dental specialist in Boxborough -- Stay well! We hope to see you guys at GF in the fall!
  5. Our 12 year old (but very fit!) greygirl has started to leak urine while sleeping. There are stress factors -- we lost her borzoi brother in February, so she is a single dog, and COVID-19 doesn't allow her much of her regular dog interactions. I won't give her Proin, DES or Incurin, but are trying the homeopath "Leaks No More" and VetriScience's Vetri Bladder Canine. Has anyone tried these? Many thanks!
  6. Poor Sweep and you too for not having your girl there at night! Gus, our borzoi, has had a behaviorist for many years (he was a wild, scared puppy!). She's also his reiki person / communicator and is convinced that his problem with the steps is vision. We'll be working on that soon, but in the last week, he's been on a minor hunger strike, which has us freaked. Seems to be improving today..... My greyhound Molly almost always insists on a second trip out to pee at night, knowing that she'll get another treat. And, last year when she had her teeth cleaned and a tooth pulled, she was under a long time -- in the weeks after, she was going out about every two hours. I had a UTI done, totally fine. It resolved and she's back to her normal second biscuit at night. I also catastrophize about everything and Molly is my first hound! Sometimes I think these dogs know us far too well! I'll let you know if the "improved vision" plan works, as soon as Gus is back to full eating. Hugs to Sweep! Molly is a fawn girl too ~
  7. Hello -- I just saw your post. We have both a greyhound and a borzoi -- it's our borzoi that's going though a similar issue as Sweep. He won't go up. The only way into our house is by the lower level and we have beige carpeted steps to the upper level. They are 5 steps, an 180 degree turn and then 8 steps. He will "bound" up the 5 steps, but rarely go up the 8 steps. Going down is not a problem. He goes both up and down outdoor steps fine, one by one, foot by foot (like his greyhound sister). He's 11 and has some back issues, but walks well, chases squirrels and is in good health. He gets chiro once a month. He jumps into the car without a problem. We've considered fear problems and also his eyes and the fact that the steps may all blend together, and will try taping them to make them more separate. Also working on back leg strength with step ups. Please continue to post how it goes with Sweep -- we're sleeping downstairs.....Thanks!
  8. Many thanks for asking this question!! My greyhound's brother, borzoi Gus (11 and 85 pounds), is doing exactly what you describe. Our stairs are carpeted and we have installed treads on top -- too early to tell. There are recommendations on Greytalk titled Recommendations for Ramps and Back-End Slings. I hope you get more ideas!
  9. Does anyone have recommendations for a cooling bed? For my grey's brother borzoi. Not a happy boy in the heat. Thanks!
  10. For my borzoi (my grey's brother) -- we use NuLeaf. Works well for him.
  11. My 11 year old girl raced at 51 pounds until she retired at age 2 1/2. Since then, she's been as "heavy" as 53 and as low as 42. Lately, she's about 47 lbs. My vet is not thrilled about this. She eats well (about half raw, half cooked), and is on twice daily .4mg of thyroid (yes, I know, she probably doesn't need it, but that has been addressed with my vet). She doesn't have as much of her racing muscle mass of course and is really not thinner than many I've seen. She's as active as any other grey zzzzzz. I'm giving her 1600 calories a day. Any thoughts out there? Thx!
  12. Sending the very best thoughts! Dentals are scary, but I think my girl's last one was harder on me than on her!
  13. Just an update that the peeing has improved so that she now can go 6 hours overnight. She's her usual self and eating fine. Her gums are a rather unpleasant red on both sides -- she had the tooth out on one side and a gum flap stitched down on the other side. I'm brushing very gently and using VetzLife Gel on her gums. Wondered if anyone has seen an adverse result with this? She sees our regular vet in 2 days. Her dissolvable stitches are still there after nearly 4 weeks. And we're having the blood tests redone.
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