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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, newbie here. I adopted just three days ago, and finding help with this issue has been darn near impossible online. I don't think the verbal advice has been the greatest from the adoption agency or fosters either, so here's what's going on: I have an 8-year-old former racer. I rent a basement right now, and use the walkout slider to go in and out with her. Backyard is fully-privacy fenced. She definitely knows where the gate is. The problem is that when we are done with our walk she just freezes in the driveway and wont return to the back yard. A couple times I've gotten he
  2. Hello! My name is Genevieve and my husband Michael and I have just fostered our first greyhound fresh off the track from Tijuana. Her race name is Boltz but since we're planning on adopting her we've given her the name Xena, after our favorite warrior princess. Michael and I had been wanting a dog for a very long time but until recently we'd been living in apartments with no-dog rules. Then in October we were finally able to buy our first house, a 2k sq ft 2-story with a yard and a pool, which for LA is no small feat! It's super exciting and we are loving this new life. We already had one
  3. I've had my greyhound for nearly two months now, he's been settling in well - however he has recently become more hyper (hes nearly two so still quite young) I was told how lazy and calm greyhounds where and the adoption kennels told me not to be put off by a young hound as they where also calm! I work as a dog walker so my greyhound sometimes gets up to three hours of walking a day. He used to be super calm during the walks but has recently started lunging at other dogs, barking and jumping around. Even after he's had three hours of walking when I get home he charges around the house throw
  4. Apologies in advance for the long post, but I wanted to make sure I included enough background to give a clear sense of the situation. tl;dr: I’m hoping someone has some thoughts about what might be causing my 2.5-year-old greyhound (adopted 3 months ago) to suddenly be peeing in the apartment and displaying restlessness/hyperactivity. We live in an apartment building and have had our dog for about three months. Over the first 2.5 months we developed a routine that seemed to work, with four or five walks a day (every five hours or so -- I work from home, so we have lots of flexibility
  5. Good Afternoon, All! I am new to this forum, and a new Greyhound Parent. I adopted my Grey about 4 weeks ago and I will start by saying he is a very GOOD dog. He has been very easy to walk, have in the house, etc. He enjoys sleeping, and playing with a few squeak toys here and there. He has seemingly welcomed both me and my husband into his life very well. Upon arrival, we did everything “by the book” as far as welcoming him, letting him explore, practicing leaving, etc. All was seeming to go pretty well, until Week 2 (this is where I am seeking thoughts / advice). Previous to living w
  6. Hi everyone, I've had my 2yr old greyhound for just over three weeks now. Monday to Thursday he comes to work with me, i usually put him in his crate around 11/11.30pm for bedtime. He usually wakes up around 7.30am each day to be let out to go to the toilet, I then give him his breakfast around 7.45/8am each day. On the weekends i do this then shut him in the living room using a baby gate. I then try to go back to sleep - sometimes he'll whine just a little bit then go back to bed again, however recently after i've gone back to bed he'll whine and howl intermittently for 5/10 minuets at a
  7. Hi, We are planning on picking up our retired greyhound this coming Friday. How do we balance letting him get settled into his new home and giving him reassurance and letting him get to know us, with avoiding separation anxiety? 1) In the first few days, can we start doing SA training (e.g. going out the door and coming back in, leaving him for 10 mins etc.)? When do you recommend starting that training? 2) We do not plan on having him sleep in our bedroom long term. However many of the books/forums recommend letting him sleep in your bedroom at first to help him settle in and adjust to the
  8. Hello! We have only had our new girl all of one week (we brought her home on May 21st), and I'd like to start off by saying that she's wonderful & I know everything we're seeing is manageable. She is our first grey though, and I wanted to get some feedback from those who have more experience with ex-racers. Our Alice will be 3 on June 7th, so she didn't do too much racing, only 38 races- and she happily gets along well with our 17lb West highland terrier who is 16 years old. I've been taking Alice out for her daily walks with me, and she is very well mannered- heeling beautif
  9. I first met Daisy when I went to my family's house in KS for Christmas vacation. They were kind enough to pick her up from Alex's House Dog Rescue and foster her for a few weeks. After one look in her eyes, I was smitten! I realized just how small a 60 lb girl can be when she curled up in a costco bed and only took up about a quarter of the space! Of course then I had to drive back home, with a curious back seat driver Since I live in California, we had to stop by and Stand on a corner in Winslow Arizona, where Daisy wondered if the statue would pet her. It d
  10. Hi -- My husband and I have been reading this forum for a while now, but haven't posted. I wish our first post were under different circumstances, but here it is. We adopted Nittany (originally Brook) about six weeks ago. She is a 3 year old female and can be so sweet, happy, and affectionate. I have been around dogs my whole life, but this is my first dog as an adult, and my DH's first dog period. When we first brought her home, she had some pretty bad separation anxiety. We were in pretty constant contact with our adoption group, and she seemed to turn around really quickly. Now, we are
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