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  1. We've had Xena for 2 1/2 weeks now so this is all very new, both for her and us. My husband and I had dogs growing up but never indoor dogs. We're still getting used to the concept of having to let our dog out to go to the bathroom and we thought it would be pretty straight-forward but it's proving to be anything but. Xena is straight from the track so we're technically fostering her right now, soon to adopt. Perhaps a lot of this is because she's still learning too. Most of the time when we let her out to go, she pees first and then sometimes poops too. I've found that if she doesn't
  2. Thank you so much for the replies and suggestions! I found a 6 gallon lidded bucket at Home Depot and I bought biodegradable garbage bags on Amazon. I think that'll be a great solution for us, so thank you for the tips! They do but it doesn't have its own fence, just the yard fence. Our dog has already been pool trained and she knows how to get out if she falls in... which is unlikely because she's now very wary of the pool ever since I tossed her in there LOL. It's super easy to pool train a dog and that's the way we've been doing it since I was a kid. Always had dogs around pools an
  3. Hey, folks! First-time greyhound foster and soon-to-be-adopter here. We just got our girl Xena on Saturday and we're quickly learning our way around owning a dog in adulthood. My husband and I both grew up with dogs but we've never had to figure this stuff out for ourselves so it's new, but not new at the same time. First thing, waste disposal: We have a rather small backyard, much of which is taken up by a pool, and dog waste really needs to be cleaned up every day. As of now we don't have a proper disposal can and the smell and flies are starting to become a bother. I've done some lookin
  4. Thank you for the warm welcomes! Xena is continuing to settle in and things are still going really well. Today she got to explore upstairs and got to meet Westley the kitten face-to-face. She didn't want to get too close and she refused to look at him, which is good, and I convinced him to sit quietly in my lap. By the end of the meeting he was playing with his toys while she stood nearby. Then later in the day while I was letting her roam around with her muzzle on, she wandered by him without noticing he was there which was too close for his liking and he hissed and swatted her. She yelpe
  5. Hello! My name is Genevieve and my husband Michael and I have just fostered our first greyhound fresh off the track from Tijuana. Her race name is Boltz but since we're planning on adopting her we've given her the name Xena, after our favorite warrior princess. Michael and I had been wanting a dog for a very long time but until recently we'd been living in apartments with no-dog rules. Then in October we were finally able to buy our first house, a 2k sq ft 2-story with a yard and a pool, which for LA is no small feat! It's super exciting and we are loving this new life. We already had one
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