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  1. Hi! I have had Coco a little over 6 months. She came to us with hookworms which we hope we have eradicated now! Ever since she has been with us and our 2 smaller pups, she is minimally active (which I know is a trait of the retired racers). Any deviation to her routine upsets her to where she will not eat and/or go outside. Ex: she was ready to go out last night, but my husband knelt down just outside the door for a second and that scared her and she wouldn't move off her bed for 2 hours even though I know she had to use the bathroom. I used to think she was getting too hungry overnight which caused some of this, but I have started feeding her 1/2 a cup of food about 9PM and that stopped the grumbly tummy issue. She will have days where she seldom gets off her bed. Then she may have a day or several where she will play for 5 minutes then lay back down for the rest of the day. I have taken her for walks and runs but that seems to make it worse the next day - she seems to like and enjoy the walks but even in our yard any odd noise, person talking, dog barking, anything scares her and she pulls to go back inside where she may not want to leave again, ever! Also, I took her for a meet and greet about a month ago and I'm not sure if it was sensory overload with the dogs and people, but if another grey got near her she would snap and growl - none of the others were acting this way. She hates to ride in the car so I try not to subject her to it anymore than I have to, which is sad as she can go with me to work everyday if she wants. She used to go outside by herself but in the last month will only go with my 8lb rat terrier (which I call her security dog) and now it is taking me about 5 minutes the majority of the time to get her off the deck. Her poop seems to have firmed up for the most part so that is a plus, but I just don't know how to help her. I see other greys online running, playing, roaching, and stuff and mine does none of that. I'm wondering if it is depression or an adrenal fatigue issue. Does anyone have any thoughts? We have our first trip coming in about a month for a long weekend and I have someone coming in to take care of her, but I worry that she will not eat or move while we are gone. I am truly at a loss as to what to do! I give her lots and lots of praise and love and she is not food motivated at all which makes getting her to do anything difficult at best! Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions as I am completely out of them!
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