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  1. Ladies n’ gents, today is a good day...I did my first roach!! Mom caught it on the cam-a-ruh on her break!!
  2. G'morning frens! I had a gud week-end wif mom and dad. I did get into a liiiiiittle trubbl though...Mom left a glass bowl from Ikea on the coffee table wif somethin sweet in it, so I had to give it a lick once they were gone...and then I knocked it down and it shattered into a buncha pieces! Then I tried to eat the pieces...luckily I didn't actually eat any of um. Glass isn't tasty. I got caught doing it on the cam-a-rah so mom and dad could watch what I did after they got home and make sure. I'm doin just fine now thank gudness!! Mom says it's plastic bowls from now on. I also got to meet my Grandpa (Dad's dad) yesterday too :) Giant
  3. G'morning frens, It will be 95 deegrees today here in Flory-duh! Mom thinks it's time to get me some boots to protect my feets on the pave-mint. Thank goodness there's a lotta grassy spots in our apartment complex to hop between...s'long as they're not WET! Giant
  4. G'morning all! The V-E-T says my leggie looks really good! Just have to stop taking the pain meds for a while to see if it hurts again. If I am okay after that I get to start takin' some walkies!! I keep tryin' to tell Mom and Dad how much I wanna walk all over but we have to wait a few days yet...I can't wait!!
  5. Good news yesterday! Ortho had a look at Giant's leg and said everything looks great. Their radiologist isn't even certain if the bone is fractured, and says it is just slightly arthritic. It's possible there could be an old injury which has long since fused already, and the limp was caused by a ligament issue or sprain. We're weaning off of the carprofen to see how he responds before we move forward--if the limp returns we will go back to AVS for x-rays and further examination, otherwise if he seems good we will be able to slowly work him up to short walks
  6. Printing myself a copy of this now! We may end up needing it, apparently GPAG's last batch of hounds all got those super-hooks...
  7. Oh, sweet Atom Fly high, buddy! Today we're gonna go to the V-E-T in Maitland...Mom and Dad are hopeful the special bone doctor will have good news about my leggie. I had to get up with Mom at 4AM for walkies and brekkies so I won't have any food for 12 hours. I dunno how I'll go that long without kibbles!!
  8. Aykchually it's a broken ankle bone from ma racin' days that nobuddy noticed until I went to my forever home But I'm doing real good anyway, just gotta go to the V-E-T tomorrow to see what's comin next... Paws are crossed for Mister Atom <3
  9. That's so good to hear! Looks like we will be going on Wednesday. I'm hopeful for a good prognosis
  10. Gud morning frens, We had a gud weeks-end at home. Dad gots a call from da rescue, I am gonna see da V-E-T soon for more fancy bone picktures, but they hopes it's not too bad. In da meantime I am going walkies a lil more every day and I gots me a new harness for when I gets da all-clear for long walkies!! GIANT
  11. Decent news this weekend--the rescue is going to cover part of the cost for imaging. We are going to bring Giant to Affiliated Veterinary Specialists in Maitland as they are a bit less expensive but have great ortho docs there. The doc who reviewed his first 2 x-rays says that the fracture looks 'quiet' so it could just be an older break that healed wrong and just needs pain management instead of surgery. Will keep y'all posted as to what they say.
  12. Well, no real way to be sure I've got the worms yet, but it's more likely I'm reacting to a new medication so at least there's that. As for our gentle Giant, BluePearl got back to us with estimates for further imaging and surgery. Just a little sticker-shocked, but we still have Frankie's Friends to help out and the rescue is looking into it as well. In the meantime, he's doing pretty well on the NSAID, not limping, just a little weak when trying to sit down. We'll have to see if the vets out in Tampa think he can keep using NSAIDs or if he needs the surgery.
  13. I'm sure he will be, considering he's an RN...
  14. Haha, for sure. Yeah, I'm okay...just praying if it is hooks they're not resistant to the *human* meds...
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