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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. The bite-not collar might work out. At least the straps go behind his front legs so they shouldn't get in the way of the stitches. My husband and I are both retired so there is usually someone at home all the time. In true hound fashion, Jake is usually sacked out on a couch unless there is something interesting going on around the house.
  2. Our Biggie Iggy Jake, has a non-malignant fatty tumor that needs to be removed. It's located close to his arm pit so he's going to need some type of e-collar for a bit. Since I have a little time to plan ahead, I'd prefer to buy a soft e-collar for him. Most of the collars sold in local pet stores are the inflatable type and seem to be rather heavy. Do any of you have a favorite soft e-collar favorites? There are so many listed online that I'm having a hard time choosing.
  3. This should be on a page about dogs with no concept of personal space! Great picture!
  4. Our whippet (weight 30lbs.) has epilepsy and we didn't go the MRI spinal tap route. Our vet put her on phenol and it worked for several years but last summer, she started having seizures again. This time, our vet put her on 100mg zonisamide twice a day as well as the pheno and she had zero seizures until this weekend. She had been stressed about her iggy brother being ill and we think his illness....and recovery...triggered her seizures. Her zonisamide has been increased to 150mg. She had a whopping 9 grand mal seizures over the weekend as well as several smaller ones. As soon as the zonisamide was increased, the seizures stopped. Yes, they can be a little groggy for a couple of days but considering what they've been through with the seizures, etc...that's pretty much to be expected. He should be back to normal in a few days. We've not noticed any change in her activity level. She plays hard and takes her naps seriously
  5. I looked at the NestCam and were it not for that little problem with electricity...it'd be great.
  6. I know it's a game cam My problem has been trying to find a camera that didn't require an electrical outlet and figured a game cam would do nicely. I sent my husband to check it out at the store and the kid at Bass Pro swore that a live feed was available through the app for that camera model. There are apps that work for higher priced cameras but not that one. That was the reason I need to look at it in person. I'm open to any suggestions as long as the camera can operate on batteries
  7. I have been looking for a wireless webcam as well. So far, the one below seems to fit my needs. Plan on heading to Bass Pro next week to look at them in person and basically just read the box to make sure it's what I want. http://www.basspro.com/SpyPoint-B10-Game-Camera/product/1503101313/
  8. When our 4 greyhounds were still alive, we had 13 dog beds. Of course, they were always welcome on the furniture, too. After they went to the Bridge, I gave away the majority of our Victoria Peak beds since they were still in excellent shape. Now that we have 1 Whippet and 1 IG, we still have 5 beds. It's funny but the Ig has no idea what a dog bed is and has never, ever even set a paw on them. Our whippet does actually use them on occasion when she wants to have her alone moments.
  9. Oh good grief! Angel is so darned adorable....can't wait to see the pictures with the big kids. Awwww.....just awwww.
  10. Seems like a lot of sodium, maybe?
  11. I know this is an older thread but I just caught part of a movie today that hadn't been mentioned. It was made in 2004 "The Karate Dog". The movie itself was pretty bad but there was a pretty brindle grey in it...and she carried on conversation with the lead dog.
  12. I agree with Pat on this one. Definitely a Christmas card! It's simply beautiful
  13. If there is a Mensa group for dogs.......your dogs should be members!
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