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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. The bite-not collar might work out. At least the straps go behind his front legs so they shouldn't get in the way of the stitches. My husband and I are both retired so there is usually someone at home all the time. In true hound fashion, Jake is usually sacked out on a couch unless there is something interesting going on around the house.
  2. Our Biggie Iggy Jake, has a non-malignant fatty tumor that needs to be removed. It's located close to his arm pit so he's going to need some type of e-collar for a bit. Since I have a little time to plan ahead, I'd prefer to buy a soft e-collar for him. Most of the collars sold in local pet stores are the inflatable type and seem to be rather heavy. Do any of you have a favorite soft e-collar favorites? There are so many listed online that I'm having a hard time choosing.
  3. Our whippet (weight 30lbs.) has epilepsy and we didn't go the MRI spinal tap route. Our vet put her on phenol and it worked for several years but last summer, she started having seizures again. This time, our vet put her on 100mg zonisamide twice a day as well as the pheno and she had zero seizures until this weekend. She had been stressed about her iggy brother being ill and we think his illness....and recovery...triggered her seizures. Her zonisamide has been increased to 150mg. She had a whopping 9 grand mal seizures over the weekend as well as several smaller ones. As soon as the
  4. If there is a Mensa group for dogs.......your dogs should be members!
  5. Gosh, I wish I would knock out my whippet and iggy! We didn't use it when we had greys but have been using it on our iggy, Jake, for the past year and had been using it for nearly 3 years on our whippet. No signs of sleepiness out of either one of them....darn it!
  6. Well, crap. That wasn't the news I'd hoped for. {{{{{hugs}}}}} I'm sorry.
  7. Were they ever able to figure what was going on with Rainey's brain to cause the seizures? It just amazes me that a seemingly healthy dog could just, out of the blue, start seizing. So far, the pheno is working for her. We started her on the pheno 7/13 and she hasn't had another seizure....yet. She, too was a little wacked out for several days but she's pretty much back to normal. We haven't gotten the food craving quite worked out. She went from being very picky to omg....FOOD!! We've altered her diet a bit to keep her from gaining a lot of weight while she adjusts to the medici
  8. Braunschweiger was always our top choice for pill hiding when we had our greys. They loved it. Livy and Jake didn't read that part of their doggy manual so for the moment, their first choice is hamburger.
  9. I think peanut butter anything is way down on her preference list She used to get her heartworm meds in tiny peanut butter and bread sammies. Turned that down flat! (I had to start quartering her pills because she'd just lick off the coating and spit out the pill) I'll keep it in mind for future reference! Hadn't thought of cream cheese. We generally don't have ground chicken on hand but I have a feeling that it could be a hit.
  10. I know. Learned a long time ago never say "never". We'll just moved forward 'til there is a reason to change something. I secretly hope that the pheno will slow her down on the critter catching, though
  11. So far, the pheno has worked fine. There have been no more seizures and she is adjusting to the drug. She's back to squirrel chasing and playing with her iggy brother.....all good signs. When we first starting giving her the pheno, I was making hamburgers for dinner and just popped the pill into a little raw hamburger since it was handy. Now, she absolutely refuses to take her pill in anything other than a dab of raw burger so we sort of created a mini-monster We had to make a trip to the store specifically to buy burger for her. Ohhh....the things we do!
  12. The vet, DH and I decided to just carry on with the pheno. We'll have another blood test in a month and see how she is doing on the dose of pheno we are using. At some point in time, we'll try to get the dosage down and shoot for a good maintenance dose. As long as she isn't having seizures, we're all happy.
  13. Paula (greypuppyluv) talked me off of the ledge over the weekend about this and you all are just confirming what my head is telling me to do...or rather what not to do. I'm feeling better about this already. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the input. It's difficult not to have testing done when it's available.....but on the other hand is there really a point to having the testing done in the first place. We didn't do the full thyroid test on her. The blood test in the office showed her thyroid level to be 1.4 which is in the low-normal range of 1.1 to 4.0
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