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  1. We have lost our Negri. Almost 3 weeks now, it's been so hard to start this post. Tuxedo Galgo, saw her online and was smitten. 5 years old from Spain, covered in scars, scared of other dogs. Food hound (of course) Excited to go out for a walk, if it wasn't raining and if it was only to the bottom of the road, otherwise what we had was a drag with attempted bribery. Loved loved her beds, especially ours and under the duvet. Couple of months ago diagnosed with DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) seemed to be doing well on the medication. Her last day she refused breakfast (absolutely unheard of) and couldn't settle so we called the nice lady vet & nurse to come and help her leave us. Some recent photos:- As she got more white on her face she grew a heart shape tried for ages to get a good shot she liked to keep awkward food contained by putting it in her bed frozen eggs or the ice block in this picture somehow it tasted better with the bum in the air and her favourite thing of all, rest in peace, my little sleeping beauty
  2. OneOnly


    ahh, a special one there'll be a new bright star in the sky
  3. the cool whippet portrait topic reminded me of this awesome t.shirt design found by accident browsing for something or other instantly decided i needed it the artist has some other wonderful drawings too especially the line drawings but this puppy is just amazing
  4. does she let you do a 180 after the right turn exit?
  5. Negri has always insisted that if we eat so does she if we have dinner early we sometimes split her meal vetmedin is supposed to be given an hour before food how long after eating does it count as an empty stomach we are planning on 6 o'clock tablets and 7 o'clock food could we feed her her half (or less?) at 4pm or 5pm? how small a quantity / how long before the dose, for it not to interfere with the medication
  6. now this is some world class counter surfing (about 30 seconds in)
  7. this one seems similar but she says she made alterations the Aerie Designs currently on etsy's handmade4hounds don't look at all the same maybe there was a different pattern 20 years ago
  8. welcome home Maggie (link doesnt work for me)
  9. hello from down south lovely piccies, gorgeous girlie
  10. near neighbour luv me some puppy pics could never 'do' puppy again but luv piccies
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