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  1. Had to google congee, so no, I've never seen my MIL make that. I'm not sure we're in dire straits here with flagyl or anything really wrong. Before I took him to the vet, he'd been doing that crouching, but not pooping thing. He hasn't done that again. He just had one bout of diarrhea one morning (after a first poop that was ok), and that was it. He'd had the flagyl daily for about a week, then was off it for over a week (maybe 10 days) before the diarrhea. He's been fine, so we'll see how the next few days go. Just made another huge pot of rice.
  2. Definitely skipping the fruit, lol. He would always get a really gurgly stomach with that. Do other people have trouble with fruit? It was just a guess mostly, based on when he was fine on IAMS green bag until they added fruit. Then I looked back at the other foods we had tried and they all had fruit. And my husband's family is from Guam--we have a rice cooker, lol. His parents served rice at every meal, including breakfast. I've never made rice in a pot on the stove in my life. The vet did say that some people keep their dogs on flagyl once a week or so, or just every now and then (not completely sure what she said about that, but I got the impression it could be a regular supplement kind of thing.)
  3. Thanks, those don't have fruit so I might try one of them. He does well on chicken, so I'd like to stick with that. Those do have higher protein, which I thought was usually not as good for greyhounds. Thanks for the advice on Kirkland. I haven't paid attention to the dog food issues, but was looking at one of the Kirkland grain-free ones simply because it didn't have fruit. I guess I'll stay away from that now. The Purina food is a little bit more than Eukanuba, but not a huge amount more. And I can get some today. Always a bonus if they sell it in stores. I have a Petsmart a mile from my house. As for poop, Percy had gotten to a point where he'd poop 3 times on his morning walk and sometimes once on his afternoon/evening walk, but not always. Rarely in the yard anymore. So the poop was good. I don't want him to be pooping more. The higher protein worries. me, so we'll see.
  4. I don't know if this is a food issue or not. We've had Percy for 1.5 years. He's supposedly hookworm-free now, but even when he had hooks, his poop was under control (after the first few months.) He's been on Eukanuba large breed chicken for a very long time. At the end of July, we were halfway through a bag of food when he started crouching to poop, but nothing would come out. That night, he was up every 20 minutes to go out, trying to poop. Every now and then, a liquid stream of poop would come out. Vet said no blockage, but probably inflammation. He went on an antibiotic, flagyl (or whatever it's called) and bland diet (chicken and rice) for a week and he was better after a few days. About 10 days later, he had another bout of diarrhea in the morning. So back on chicken and rice with a dose of flagyl and the next day he was fine. I'm keeping him on chicken and rice a bit longer. My husband is convinced he needs new food. I'm not (yet) convinced of that. Maybe it's a bad bag, but he was fine on it for half the bag. Then fine again for 10 days before he had trouble again. Did anything change with Eukanuba or has anyone else had trouble recently? And what food is working for your hound? Percy seems to not do well if there's any fruit added. He was on IAMS green bag (I think that's the one?) and then they changed the formula and it was not good. I need another food with no fruit. Preferably something not too expensive. I wanted to put him back on Kirkland because it's so much cheaper, but I think it has fruit. I may try anyway just to see. We had him on that for a while early on, but everything was a mess early on, so who knows.
  5. Good thing my husband has been walking Percy at around 6am since January. He was fine with 10 degrees, but can't seem to handle mid-upper 60s and today was a total "Nope" when I tried to get him out around 1pm. I miss my mid-day walk. At least my little dog was willing to go today. Sometimes she won't go either.
  6. Percy now believes it is hot outside mid-day even when it's not. I have to shove him out the door and when he realizes it's not that hot, he happily trots along. Sometimes it's borderline--I think it's not hot and he thinks it is hot. In that case, we don't get very far before he stops and wants to turn around to go home.
  7. When he goes out, we're usually right there. But since he's decided to stay out a while and lie down on the deck, I go upstairs to my computer and check out the window periodically, but forgot about him one day. He wasn't outside for hours or anything like that, but was out longer than he wanted to be and he was hot. I can set a timer on my phone to check him, but I think a doorbell is a good option if I can find one he'll use.
  8. If I forget about Percy (really only happened once for longer than a few minutes) he'll go back down to the yard and try to entertain himself and then try standing at the door again. But mostly he just stands there, almost with his forehead against the door, eternally optimistic.
  9. Thanks, yes, I'd seen that one. I think I may just need to order one or two and see how they are. Just seems like Percy's nose is just really mushy and might be hard to press the button. There are others that come with 2 transmitters--it would be handy to have one inside also--and are cheaper. But this one might be best for his nose. I guess I'll read up a bit more on all of them. Do other people's greys bark to come in? Percy will whine when he thinks it's dinner time, he'll bark out the window at other dogs, but it just somehow doesn't occur to him to use his words to come in.
  10. Hmm, I think the problem with wireless would be that it would ring anytime one of us humans went in or out. And I'd need one with a very short narrow range or it would get every bird, squirrel and maybe humans in the yard behind us. I might be able to put a doorbell button on the ground--some people do do that. But I'm not even sure Percy would get the hang of it. He literally doesn't not lift his paws. I mean, he *can*, he just...doesn't. DH can't get him to "shake". With the leash we have (harnesslead--see other thread about harnesses), the way we put it on him is to slip it over his head and then he has to step through a large loop. We have the loop pretty much on the ground and we still have to lift his paws for him. He doesn't just do it the way our little dog will. But I could try. I guess the thing I'm really wondering is how much pressure it takes to press the button. I need one with very little pressure needed for either nose or paw. 90% of the time, Percy goes out and comes back in shortly and we're there and can hear him come back up on the deck and we let him in. But every now and then, on a nice day, he'll lie down on a towel on the deck and stay out there a while and then I forget about him. He doesn't wine or bark, both of which he's perfectly capable of doing. But those days with that kind of weather are rare here, so we get by ok. It would just be nice to have a doorbell for him. Maybe I'll just ask the various manufacturers how much pressure is needed to push the button.
  11. My guess is heat also. Percy's been having trouble mid-day and yesterday refused to even go out the door, even though it wasn't that hot. He has a cooling coat, which helps, especially because he's black. He has this one: https://www.cleanrun.com/product/k9_cool_dog_cooling_coats/index.cfm He's also shedding a lot, so I"m hoping he tolerates the heat better as more of his winter fur comes off and he gets acclimated.
  12. I do have those inside, but they won't work outside. I need something I'll be able to hear from anywhere in the house. As it is, I wouldn't even hear the inside bells if I weren't nearby, but he's typically wherever I am, so if I'm upstairs, he's with me and when I go downstairs, that's when he'd go out if he wanted to.
  13. We have a fenced yard and when Percy goes out and wants to come back in, he just stands at the back door, waiting patiently for it to magically open. He won't bark. We just have to notice him. I want to get one of those wireless doorbells for dogs, so he can ring it to come in. I got one that wasn't *specifically* for dogs, but it said you could use it for your dog, but the button was too hard for Percy to push with his nose. I mean, his nose is pretty mushy if you press on it, so I need something that doesn't require a lot of pressure. I think a lot of dogs paw at the doorbell button, but Percy always keeps all four feet on the ground. (My husband has tried to teach him to shake, but he really doesn't. Since he doesn't ever sit, he just never lifts a paw.) So it has to be easy to press with his nose. Anyone have one of these? It's a mystery to me why he's learned from our little dog Lulu that it's a great idea to bark out the window at passing dogs, but hasn't learned to bark to come in like she does.
  14. We use http://www.harnesslead.com/ on the recommendation of someone here. Love it. I had tried some other harness, but always felt like I didn't have control or like the buckles might break, even though I knew they probably wouldn't. With the harnesslead, I feel totally secure. And where he used to lunge at something, now he'll just do a little dolphin jump in place, so he's not pulling me. (And with training, he's getting better at not reacting to other dogs to begin with.) If I need to get him to *come on already* when he's busy sniffing, I'll give him a tug at his house collar, rather than pull the harnesslead, which will tighten around him too much.
  15. Wow, was she sleepwalking/running/jumping??
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