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Hello everyone! I'll be rehoming a greyhound in a few weeks time but am so confused regarding what to feed him for breakfast and dinner. My greyhound, Benny, is 3 years old and around 33kg. A few adoption sites in Australia, I'm from there, recommend mixing wet meat with kibble.

So, the diet would look something like this-

Breakfast: 250g chicken neck/ chicken frame/ chicken wing 

Dinner: 1.5 cup kibble + 250g mince beef.

I'm unsure of whether it'll be okay to mix wet meat with kibble from some sources though.

My friend recommended me the PMR raw diet and has calculated this for me-

Split between two meals: 

1050g red meat (beef, roo) 
130g raw bone (chicken neck, chicken feet- keep the nails, duck neck, wings) 
66g (cow liver)
66g (giblets, kidney, spleen or lungs) 

Alternatively, could I just feed my greyhound solely kibbles? 

Would love some suggestions and advise on a diet that my greyhound can follow. Many thanks! 


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I would start by finding out what he is being fed currently as you will need to continue that for a short while at least and then you can think about transitioning him onto whatever diet you would like to try. Lots of people like a raw diet for their pooch but you don’t have to feed meat. Mine is on kibble and is healthy with a lovely coat. We fed him royal Canin for most of his two years with us but have recently switched him to a food sold through the Greyhound Trust here in the UK after a recommendation from someone on GreyTalk, which he enjoys just as much. I think the diet that you give will be influenced by your dog’s response to that food (including the effect it has on his digestive system) and what is convenient for you.

I’m not sure about mixing raw and kibble in the diet - I think I read that you wouldn’t mix them in the same meal, but to be honest I’ve not been very adventurous with Buddy’s diet so I would be interested in the responses you get too. I also love that you’ve casually chucked in about feeding your dog ‘roo’, which is an exotic meat for us in Blighty!

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That diet looks fine (great, in fact!) but a bit of work. Personally, I have fed mine raw for years, but if you don’t want, or can’t do, the extra work and expense, most dogs do fine with a good kibble. In my opinion :) adding some raw meat, and/or things like raw chicken (raw! Not cooked) with bones will greatly improve the kibble.

Ask five greyhound owners what the best food/ diet is, you will get ten different opinions :lol

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Another vote for kibble. I add a spoonful of porridge oats and a little hot water, which I let cool down, to her food to help with Grace's bald thighs.

I second MersyGrey in keeping him on the same diet as he's used to and gradually move to your preferred diet.

Whatever you decide keep the protein level at 19 to 20 percent as any higher can cause health problems and a hyperactive dog. You might see recommendations to feed a diet with 28 percent but that is when they are racing.

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