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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'll be rehoming a greyhound in a few weeks time but am so confused regarding what to feed him for breakfast and dinner. My greyhound, Benny, is 3 years old and around 33kg. A few adoption sites in Australia, I'm from there, recommend mixing wet meat with kibble. So, the diet would look something like this- Breakfast: 250g chicken neck/ chicken frame/ chicken wing Dinner: 1.5 cup kibble + 250g mince beef. I'm unsure of whether it'll be okay to mix wet meat with kibble from some sources though. My friend recommended me the PMR raw diet and has calculated this for me- Split between two meals: 1050g red meat (beef, roo) 130g raw bone (chicken neck, chicken feet- keep the nails, duck neck, wings) 66g (cow liver) 66g (giblets, kidney, spleen or lungs) Alternatively, could I just feed my greyhound solely kibbles? Would love some suggestions and advise on a diet that my greyhound can follow. Many thanks!
  2. Does anyone feed Nature's Recipe Grain-Free Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe Dry Dog Food to their dog ? I am looking for a new food for Ruby again and found this one on Chewy.com and liked the ingredients. It didn't tell me how much to feed a 60 lb dog a day and it only comes in a 24 lb bag. Lately she has been on ProPlan Sensitive Tummy Salmon food and she will only eat it if I put sprinkles or mix in other goodies. It also is so crumbly it makes such a mess and she is not one to lick the dish when she is done. Chewy.com has the 24 lb bag for 43.99 I believe. Is that close to what you are paying ? Where do you buy it ? I hate cruising the dog food aisles in Petsmart and having to flip over the bags, so would love to find one reasonably priced that has free delivery such as this one. Also, what about gas issues with this food ? Thanks !
  3. In the past, I used to feed my hounds up to 5 meals per week of raw, usually in the evening. I'd use turkey necks, all parts of chicken (even entire Cornish hens if they were on sale), and beef. Neither pup ever had any problems. I then moved across country and started living in an apartment without the convenience of a back yard to just toss the meat, let them out (one at a time!) and watch them eat from the window. I recently though I'd try again in fear of their teeth getting bad. Now I have to leash each dog individually with me in the kitchen and make them eat over the kitchen floor, which I then mop up when we're done. They were just getting the hang of this system, but very surprisingly to me, their tummies aren't...AT ALL! I've fed chicken thighs and quarters twice now from the grocery store brand, both thawed frozen chicken and fresh at each trial. All would be considered consumable by humans (I was hoping to use some of the frozens in a crock pot dish) but each time, both dogs have ended up with EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. Has any one else ever had this issue? Since moving, they have had raw chicken fillets (a more expensive grass-fed happy chicken brand where a few fillets happily fell on the floor for them), and a few raw beef marrow bones...neither had any upset with these things. I've also fed small amounts of organ meat as treats when they're on sale, and again, I didn't see any issues with this. Could it possibly be the store brand, or the hormones that are causing them upset? I'd like to try again, but will have to do so over a weekend where I have no other plans so I can make sure they get out if needed... I certainly don't want to give up on the concept...I feel like the benefits to their teeth are worth it, but certainly not putting them through the discomfort of upset bellies . I'd love to hear if anyone else had a hound that needed the organic happy-slaughtered animal brand of meat.
  4. I have a newly whelped greyhound that's 2 1/2 and I can't figure out what to feed him. I know he enjoys chicken because that's what he's always been fed, and when I tried feeding him turkey food, he didn't enjoy it much. But I'm SUPER health conscious and an avid (sometimes anxious) reader and have read that many dogs are allergic to corn, soy, gluten, and/or grain. AND, I know that if it's not organic, it's pumped with hormones, chemicals, antibiotics, other additives, and SODIUM (the big one for UTIs, which my dog has ALREADY gotten since I got him, feeding him BLUE BUFFALO no less). I even give my pup Brita filtered water to make sure he doesn't get any kind of fluoride or crap in his body, because that's how I eat as well. So, basically, I can't decide if I want to start MAKING him his food, all raw, all organic; or if I can find a kibble/wet food brand that I can trust to be all those things that isn't going to cost me $5 per pound of food (he eats about 1 pound per day, so it can get expensive). I just realized (I know, stupid of someone who claims to be a label-reader) that Blue Buffalo ISN'T organic, so now I'm trying to find the best option for him and my wallet, but mostly him first. If you have any suggestions, tips, research links, or recipes that you'd like to share, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!
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