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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'll be rehoming a greyhound in a few weeks time but am so confused regarding what to feed him for breakfast and dinner. My greyhound, Benny, is 3 years old and around 33kg. A few adoption sites in Australia, I'm from there, recommend mixing wet meat with kibble. So, the diet would look something like this- Breakfast: 250g chicken neck/ chicken frame/ chicken wing Dinner: 1.5 cup kibble + 250g mince beef. I'm unsure of whether it'll be okay to mix wet meat with kibble from some sources though. My friend recommended me the PMR raw diet and has calculated this for me- Split between two meals: 1050g red meat (beef, roo) 130g raw bone (chicken neck, chicken feet- keep the nails, duck neck, wings) 66g (cow liver) 66g (giblets, kidney, spleen or lungs) Alternatively, could I just feed my greyhound solely kibbles? Would love some suggestions and advise on a diet that my greyhound can follow. Many thanks!
  2. My partner and I are about to take a 10 day road trip with our hound, Charlie. He is on a raw food diet (usually ground meat from our local butcher, tripe, eggs, yogurt, pumpkin, etc) and is sometimes a picky eater - fruits and vegetable? Not a chance... He refused to eat his food when we tried to add fish oil... and the last time we gave him lamb, he became massively anxious and was afraid of his dish for a week... Commercial raw is SO crazy expensive, I'm hoping to get some recommendations on alternatives to homemade raw feeding. Thanks!
  3. Hi all. I'm the new proud owner of my first greyhound, London. We have only had him for a few days, but are already in love with him. I have made the decision to put him on raw food. Since my cats are already on raw food, I'm quite comfortable with it. I have started him on chicken leg quarters, with the plan to introduce other meats later. I'm trying to stick to one protein until he adjusts to keep an eye on any reactions. I added a spoonful of cottage cheese and some puréed veggies as well. I also gave him some Forti-Flora to help his tummy adjust to the new food. I noticed today that he had thrown up a little, (several hours after eating), and just a little bone came up, plus some yellow bile. Hubby said he did try and eat some plants in the garden this morning. Tonight he got boneless chicken thighs, some soft boiled eggs, and cooked sweet potato. On our walk this evening, his stool was much darker and a little runny. Of course I'm concerned, maybe overly so, but I would love any input from anyone. Thanks!
  4. Hi humans and hounds, I'm back looking for more advice. We made the switch to Raw with Merlin and things have been fab. To start with we bought a mixed meat box and while he wasn't pooping as much he was still a bit runny which we finally figured was due to him having different meats. We placed our second order which was single meat - just chicken. All was going fine but he's started burping a few times a day and when he does it smells absolutely disgusting. I'm not sure what's going on with him! Any advice?
  5. Hello humans and hounds! I'm starting Merlin on a raw diet and wanted to run it past you lot just to make sure I'm not missing something obvious. So, I'm ordering this from DAF. 14 1lb minces which (according to the info) is a minced mix of 80:10:10 muscle offal and bone. According to the info I've read I need to give him 1lb per day, so am I correct in thinking this would be a good complete diet to get started with? How essential is it to add in veg as some sources I've seen say they get no nutritional value from veg while others say it's essential. If the mince has 10% bone already am I still able to give him a bone to chew on every now and again or will that cause issues? & is it better to just outright give him the raw or do I need to wean him off the Iams?
  6. After that super long post about what dry food I should try next (I ended up with Earthborn, then back to Iams Sensitive) I decided, after tons of reading and recommendations (thanks Remolacha and NeedleNoseJake) I've finally made the jump to raw. It's been only 3 days, and I don't want to put the cart before the horse.. but they're both doing good so far. Here's what I did... I read the Raw Feeding Basics super thread... http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/242512-raw-feeding-basics/?hl=greyhound9797.. and after deciding to stop overthinking the bejesus out of it (or I would never get anything done) I just ran to the grocery store next door and bought a big pack of chicken thighs (no added salt), chopped it up and threw some on top of their morning kibble (in the right proportions). Holly absolutely loved it. She loves any food though, haha. Gambler sniffed at it, licked it a couple times, then went back to sleep. Later on in the day, I chopped it up more and he gobbled it down. The next morning their poops were amazing. Same thing the next day, raw chicken with bones on top of their kibble. For the first time in goodness knows how long, Gambler actually came when I called him for breakfast. He chomped down a bone too. Now he happily runs to the kitchen for food. He's never done this for any "dog food". Their poops continue to be awesome. Not soft, and very minimal, with very little effort to go (especially on Gambler's part that's freaking awesome). He seems to have no problem with raw chicken. There has also been almost no gas, and if there is, it doesn't smell like toxic smokey rubber. Then something weird happened.. I sat down to eat my own food, and neither one of them came begging! I also noticed this today.. Gambler is less... "puffy". He looked like he gained weight over the past couple months though he actually didn't. He was just looking extra flabby lately even though he wasn't eating more or getting less exercise. I looked at him today on a walk and noticed he looked extra handsome and lean I don't want to jump the gun, because let's face it.. it's been 3 days. And they're still doing about 50/50 with kibble.. But so far so good! I'm crossing my fingers that it only gets better!
  7. Sorry guys.. nevermind.. couldn't delete
  8. This is really interesting and goes against what a lot of raw feeding information says about raw digesting faster than kibble and that there is danger in mixing the two. I personally feed both raw and kibble and have for years, so I appreciated this piece and am reassured that I am not putting my pups at increased risk. http://therawfeedingcommunity.com/2015/01/08/digest-this-kibble-may-actually-digest-faster-than-raw/
  9. The local pet store where our group hosts a monthly M&G had a rep from Stella & Chewy's handing out samples of the freeze-dried dinners. We tried a few varieties and our dogs liked them. So, before heading to Grapehounds NY, we bought a bag of the beef pattys to add into their kibble. We've done quite a bit of traveling with our hound pack. Thanks to Stella & Chewy's this was also the first time we didn't have to throw out any kibble. We crumpled up one patty in with their kibble, added water, and wound up with empty bowls at each meal. No upset tummies either. http://www.stellaandchewys.com/
  10. In the past, I used to feed my hounds up to 5 meals per week of raw, usually in the evening. I'd use turkey necks, all parts of chicken (even entire Cornish hens if they were on sale), and beef. Neither pup ever had any problems. I then moved across country and started living in an apartment without the convenience of a back yard to just toss the meat, let them out (one at a time!) and watch them eat from the window. I recently though I'd try again in fear of their teeth getting bad. Now I have to leash each dog individually with me in the kitchen and make them eat over the kitchen floor, which I then mop up when we're done. They were just getting the hang of this system, but very surprisingly to me, their tummies aren't...AT ALL! I've fed chicken thighs and quarters twice now from the grocery store brand, both thawed frozen chicken and fresh at each trial. All would be considered consumable by humans (I was hoping to use some of the frozens in a crock pot dish) but each time, both dogs have ended up with EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. Has any one else ever had this issue? Since moving, they have had raw chicken fillets (a more expensive grass-fed happy chicken brand where a few fillets happily fell on the floor for them), and a few raw beef marrow bones...neither had any upset with these things. I've also fed small amounts of organ meat as treats when they're on sale, and again, I didn't see any issues with this. Could it possibly be the store brand, or the hormones that are causing them upset? I'd like to try again, but will have to do so over a weekend where I have no other plans so I can make sure they get out if needed... I certainly don't want to give up on the concept...I feel like the benefits to their teeth are worth it, but certainly not putting them through the discomfort of upset bellies . I'd love to hear if anyone else had a hound that needed the organic happy-slaughtered animal brand of meat.
  11. Hey all. Sorry I haven't been around too much lately, life has been busy! Cora and Boaz are doing fabulously on the raw diet, we are following the guidelines from the suggested book "Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs" and have never been so impressed with a food change- with one small caveat... In all the reading, looking up and Googling, I read over and over that raw fed dogs don't eat poop. As a matter of fact, switching to raw has been touted as a solution to stop poop eating. Well, apparently, my dogs haven't read any of that because about a month after we started feeding raw, both of our dogs have started poop eating. Voraciously. As in, can.not. seem to get enough. Blech. When on kibble, they never tried to eat feces. Anyways, was just wonder if anyone else here has encountered this on a raw diet? Is it a huge deal, other than the gross out factor (they aren't lickers, so I am not concerned about their mouth in contact with our skin etc). it doesn't seem to affect their health in any way--we do keep the yard as picked up as possible, daily pickups are necessary with two large dogs, poop eaters or not! But occasionally something gets left behind, and sometimes they are so into eating it, they will poop it out and eat it right away, before I can get to them to pick it up (if I am out there with them) Is the only solution at this point muzzles with poop guards? I hope not, but we will do what we have to. Thanks for any and all advice!
  12. Hello all my greyhound was just diagnosed with Osteo and had her front right leg and shoulder blade amputated on Wednesday. She is doing well and will start chemo in 2 weeks. I have been doing a lot of research on cancer killing diets herbs and supplements. Have any of you tried a new diet for your dog with osteo that has helped fight the cancer? I have read about switching to wet food that is high in protein low in carb since carbs feed the cancer cells. However, I hear that greys cant have only wet food because of gum disease. I also hear that raw diets are good but not for dogs undergoing chemo. So I am reaching out to you for help, with your experience. My Daisy is 2 years old and deserves a long happy life. Thank you in advance for your help
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