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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'll be rehoming a greyhound in a few weeks time but am so confused regarding what to feed him for breakfast and dinner. My greyhound, Benny, is 3 years old and around 33kg. A few adoption sites in Australia, I'm from there, recommend mixing wet meat with kibble. So, the diet would look something like this- Breakfast: 250g chicken neck/ chicken frame/ chicken wing Dinner: 1.5 cup kibble + 250g mince beef. I'm unsure of whether it'll be okay to mix wet meat with kibble from some sources though. My friend recommended me the PMR raw diet and has calculat
  2. I apologize for asking a daft-- and likely overasked?-- question. BUT! I will. I recently adopted a just-turned-4 year old female greyhound and an 18 month year old lurcher. The organization that approved me (there is a God!) recommended that I feed both Beatrix Kiddo and Sphinx 2 cups of dog food a day. Being guilt-ridden by Sphinx's impressively boney butt and wildly in love with Beatrix Kiddo (she gives me hugs and crazy toothy smiles!), I've been overdosing the dogs with 3 cups of dry Kibble, soaked in yogurt or mashed pumpkin or cottage cheese. I won't even venture into the snacks that
  3. As of today, we are celebrating our 4-week anniversary of adopting our beautiful brindle greyhound. We were aware that there may be an adjustment period when it comes to stool softness when switching his diet, but I'd like to hear some opinions about how long that usually takes. Our boy is eating Nutro Max adult dog food (higher quality than what the foster home gave him) and he is still having very soft, mustard colored pudding poops (good luck eating pudding or mustard again!). We have tried giving him yogurt and that did not seem to help much. How long does the adjustment period usually
  4. I have been stalking the forum lately, racking my brain as to what to do with my 11.5 year old big boy. Ralph is my beautiful boy in which age is starting to creep up on him, a little faster than not lately. He still tries to jump, do figure 8's, all the stuff he could do when he was younger but walks are starting to go from 1-2 miles to 1/4 and 1/8 of a mile. His hind is getting shaky and seems to have a harder time getting comfortable. But this is all beside the point. He has become quite the problem pup as of late when it comes to meals. He eats his treats just fine, but goes on hunger
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