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Who makes the "If I'm loose, I'm lost" tag?


They were at Dewey for years and got the idea when I told them some guy found my dog, called me with a message, "I have your dog, but she looked like she knew the way home, so I let her go".


Need one for my new girl Cee Cee.

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I just had that wording added to Petunia's Boomerang Tag. There was plenty of room in the 2 lines under her name and then room for 2 phone numbers.


I think the provider of those tags you are referring to is no longer in business if they are the ones like Tricia and Burke had on their dogs. They were great tags and I tried to find them for Rocket back then.


I had this one made for Rocket from a vendor on ETSY - https://www.etsy.com/listing/109434418/pet-id-tag-if-im-out-im-lost-blue-and?ref=shop_home_active_76

and here is the same tag in a color combo for girls - https://www.etsy.com/listing/166133324/pet-id-tag-if-im-out-im-lost-pink-and?ref=shop_home_active_78


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I ordered a stainless steel one years ago from Boomerang tags with that inscription. Sherri wore it for over ten years until we lost her in August.

Mary, mom to kitty Rebel.
Always missing Sherri (SO DELICIOUS) (12/6/2005-8/29/2018) kitties Marley (4/2000-12/3/2015) and Beady (4/1998-2/24/2006) and Dalmatian Daisy (7/25/1984-5/13/1999).

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I put that on our Boomerang tags.

Wendy and The Whole Wherd. American by birth, Southern by choice.
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