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Blackhead/comedo On Belly?


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Hi All,


Our boy Coach developed a weird black spot on his belly back in September. It looked like a scab so we figured he bumped himself and it eventually went away. Then it kept coming back. It feels like a rough bumpy mole and he has been chewing at it lately, so it must be bothering him. We showed the vet the photo and he wants to have it surgically removed, although he hasnt examined it in person yet. Does anyone have experience with something like this? Is it a giant blackhead/comedo? Photo in link below. Thanks!



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Hemangioma. More like a big blood blister. They can be trouble so your vet should look at it.

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Stella had one almost in the same place. They can be quite messy if they break or tear. Her vet removed it and it was benign. It didn't heal great and had to then be stapled to keep it closed. Then it healed perfectly. Maybe they could staple it from the get go? The skin there is droopy and stitches didn't seem to take. Good luck!

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It's one of those things that comes and goes. It will break, bleed, disappear and then come back again. My first girl used to get them, too. Our vet always said to leave them alone. If you are more comfortable with a vet visit, go for it. Peace of mind. Don't let them make a big thing of it, because it is not.

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My angel Silver had one. Vet removed it (local painkiller, not general anesthesia), and it was fine. (He closed it with a dissolving suture.)

She never had another one.

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I have had hounds get things like that. I agree with the vet (now that is a rarity hehe). Anyway Slim had one easily removed by vet, it healed quickly, and never came back. Also had other 'things' similar on other hounds. All were 'cured' completely by a quick simple removal by the vet. One hound actually had to have the very tip of her ear removed to do it but it was no biggie and offered a complete cure to a very messy/bloody problem that would not resolve despite various 'treatments' by 2nd opinion vets etc. Just have it removed and be done with it :)

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