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  1. I'm happy to report that Stella's bruise is fading quickly and the darkest parts are getting much lighter! Thank you for all the great advice!!!!
  2. Ok thank you!! I called her vet today and they said if she's acting normal then she should be fine. It's a bit bigger but not by much, I don't think. She doesn't seem bothered by it and she's still hoping on the couch and doing her up and down stretches.
  3. Today the bruise is only a little bit bigger on one side. Her vet did not think it was an emergency and I can wait and see. Her behavior is fine, she jumping and stretching and doesn't seem to even notice it, so I will keep an eye on her.
  4. Ok thanks. I have a pic of when I first noticed, and when I took the measurements. I will measure again in the morning and I have marked the edges. She seems fine, but greyhounds always do. I will call her vet in the morning. Thanks! ❤
  5. Stella just fell out of the car and had a huge bruise! Should she see a vet??😳😳😳 I can't upload a pic but its 6.5 x 3.25 inches.
  6. Stella has been set up with a "workspace", aka a bed, in my dining room home office. On her first day on the job, she started crying during the team conference call. She was then sent to a meeting with HR, aka her kennel.😁. After she received a formal write up, we discussed office etiquette, which she doesn't agree with at all. We are now compromising and we move our work to the couch after lunch.😁
  7. I have a similar problem with Stella. She is a master at any stairs and doesn't think twice. Until we moved and I have an inside set of about 5 that lead to the outside door from the door in my kitchen. She will not go through the door toward the steps to go down. She has came in the back door and gone up, but not the reverse. I think it's the kitchen door that she doesn't like because it's on a spring. I have to get her to do this because if there was an emergency and we couldn't use the front door, I would have to get her out the back door without her getting hurt trying to force her. It will be a project, I'm sure!
  8. Does anyone's dog have a specific fear? Stella is TERRIFIED of any ball bigger then a tennis ball It doesnt even have to be moving. If she sees it, she turns and will pull to go home and there is no talking her out of it. She is also afraid of the smell of smoke. When living in Alberta the summer wild fires would cause smoke smell for days and eventually she would get over it. She also doesn't like sounds that she can't identify where they came from. If she can see what made the sound, she is ok. Sometimes if she gets scared on a walk and wants to pull home I can cuddle her head and she will change her mind and be ok, but with the ball thing, no way, she has to go home immediately and we do it. Anyone else?
  9. Update re: Stella's kidney food. I fed her the prescription k/d and her fur went to crap.Her latest book work showed no progression on her disease so I am giving her a half and half mix of the k/d and Canadian Naturals salmon and sweet potatoes. She loves it and her fur looks beautiful. I think it's a good compromise.
  10. Stella has been boarded many times and her favorite was a farm setting with a very large fenced play area she could run in with the other boarders. They would post multiple videos daily so I could see her having a good time. It was a family that ran it and they really took good care of her. I think its important to find people whom you feel comfortable with and an environment your dog will enjoy.
  11. I have had Stella over 2 years. All the toys I bought her are still in showroom condition. Occasionally, if she has to go out, she will get all fired up and grab one and run around. If I throw it, she will ran and grab it maybe twice. Then look at me like I'm an idiot. Just recently she has decided the couch is a good place and will jump on it to sit with me. Weirdly, she will stand at the edge and won't jump up until I say "left" left paw goes up. "Push" she pushes of and jumps up. I think she has me well trained. She has never once shown any interest in jumping on the bed, and loves to sleep in a cold, wood floor closet. She has multiple beds, but just likes the closet. I tried to put a bed in there, nope she will pull it out. We settled on a ratty, thin pad so at least she's laying on something. They can be very weird creatures. 😁
  12. I have had Stella for 2 years now, and she has perfect behavior. She is cat-like, never has had to be corrected. I have tried to encourage or invite her to get on the couch, but she has never shown the slightest interest. She just ignores it and lays on her (multiple) beds. Today, out of the blue she hops up on the couch and gets comfy! Now she will lay with me for brief periods. Greyhounds always have a surprise up their sleeve!
  13. Hill's prescription K/D food. Chicken flavour dry kibble.
  14. Update on Stella. She is now almost completely converted to the kidney dog food and really seems to enjoy it. She goes back for blood work in December to check her levels. She seems her regular self. Thanks so much for all the information and support!!❤
  15. Thanks everyone. I am definitely interested in possibly making her food to complement the kidney diet food we will get from the vet. She did seem knowledgeable about different blood values in greys, so I think she is on track. Luckily Stella doesn't really like any junk food so a change in kibble may not seem like a big sacrifice for her. She foes like peanut butter, does that work with a kidney specific diet? She gets it in a Kong almost daily to go in her kennel.
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