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  1. I have had Stella for 2 years now, and she has perfect behavior. She is cat-like, never has had to be corrected. I have tried to encourage or invite her to get on the couch, but she has never shown the slightest interest. She just ignores it and lays on her (multiple) beds. Today, out of the blue she hops up on the couch and gets comfy! Now she will lay with me for brief periods. Greyhounds always have a surprise up their sleeve!
  2. Hill's prescription K/D food. Chicken flavour dry kibble.
  3. Update on Stella. She is now almost completely converted to the kidney dog food and really seems to enjoy it. She goes back for blood work in December to check her levels. She seems her regular self. Thanks so much for all the information and support!!❤
  4. Thanks everyone. I am definitely interested in possibly making her food to complement the kidney diet food we will get from the vet. She did seem knowledgeable about different blood values in greys, so I think she is on track. Luckily Stella doesn't really like any junk food so a change in kibble may not seem like a big sacrifice for her. She foes like peanut butter, does that work with a kidney specific diet? She gets it in a Kong almost daily to go in her kennel.
  5. Stella has been diagnosed with stage 2 kidney disease. Next week they will take a urine sample through her abdomen and she will start a special diet. I don't even know where to begin or what to think. I wish I had asked more questions. I couldn't even think straight. Any idea how long she has? She will be 9 in November. 😪💔
  6. The new food is salmon with sweet potatoe. I also have been giving her a half teaspoon of coconut oil. She really likes that.
  7. I was feeding Stella Costco food since I got her, as that's what she came with. She eats it, but doesn't seem over jazzed about it. Now her coat looks like crap and I want to try something new. Any feedback on Canadian Naturals?
  8. My fog Stella does something similar. When she has all of her needs met, food, water, beds, cuddles, attention, sometimes she will just walk about and whine for a bit. Its like she doesn't know what to do with herself? I give her a firm "settle yourself" and usually she will stop. Or she just goes and sits in a corner. She gets over it.
  9. I got one for Stella. She won't touch it. I told her she owes me $18. She said she needs to get a job.
  10. Stella had one almost in the same place. They can be quite messy if they break or tear. Her vet removed it and it was benign. It didn't heal great and had to then be stapled to keep it closed. Then it healed perfectly. Maybe they could staple it from the get go? The skin there is droopy and stitches didn't seem to take. Good luck!
  11. Thanks for the tips. What is teaching them to touch? What are they touching? I know one thing she has learned, us "go slow" when we go down the outside stairs. She skipped and skidded down them last winter. I dropped her leash so at least she didn't get strangled too. We now say "go slow" at the top and she does mindfully go down slow.
  12. My Stella is 8 years old. She's wonderful. She likes treats, but there just ok. I am trying to teach her to shake a paw. Nothing. I lift up her little foot saying shake a paw while giving her the treat. Repeatedly. Not once has she ever lifted that paw on her own. Is she just refusing? It doesn't really matter if she does it or not, but it would be a nice bonding thing if we did some training. Any ideas?
  13. I am glad you brought this up. My Greyhound (Stella) is 8 years old and I have had her for a little over a year. One of the main things I wanted to do with her is go to the dog park. When I picked her up from her foster home, they put a muzzle on her to take her home. I asked if she bit people. They said "oh no, she is the sweetest thing" Never did really get why she needed a muzzle if she doesn't bite. As soon as I got around the corner I took it off. The first time I took her to the dog park, I had no idea what to expect, if she would just run away and not be retrievable, or if she would chase small dogs, etc. Our dog park is huge, many kilometers, fully fenced. I put her muzzle on and off we went, she did take off running a few times, but stayed in sight mostly. She would approach people, look for snacks, play with other dogs and just wander around. She never seemed interested in chasing small dogs, in anyway that seemed more serious than just playing, so she has never worn her muzzle since. I do find on this board there are people that seem to think greyhounds are not the same as other dogs, yes no two breeds, no two dogs are the same, but a greyhound is a dog very much like others, they just have some unique life experiences. Stella behaves much like any other dog, and loves the dog park.
  14. Stella didn't poo last night or this morning. After work walk was a 2 bagger. I think she dropped half her body weight! 🤣
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