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  1. My 10 year old Stella, decided to not really eat or drink anything for almost 4 days last week. It got really hot out, but I kept the ac cranked. We also had multiple days of fireworks. She seemed like she felt ok, but I got really worried and took her to the vet. They looked her over and she is fine, no dehydration, no weight loss, good overall health. They agreed it was most likely the heat and fireworks. She just wasn't having it. Now its cooler and she seems back on track. Has anyone else's hound done similar? Any ideas on how to get her to drink more when this happens?
  2. I took Stella from Alberta to Detroit over 4 days. She laid quietly most of the way and was an angel in the hotels. She even got permission to lay under the table at an outdoor patio restaurant!! She hates the heat too so I like to lay a cool wet hand towel over her sometimes and she seems to like that. Crossing the border was no trouble and they didn't ask to see her vaxx papers. They were more concerned with the ingredients of her dog food, which they studied the label closely.
  3. Stella went to the vet, and they said she is in great shape. They are going to review the video of the jolting, and I am keeping a diary. It's not happening often, and some seem very mild. I'm wondering if its myoclonic seizures. Does anyone know if these progress more seriously, or what I can expect?
  4. Thanks Jaime, sorry to hear about your hound. I will keep you posted after the vet today.
  5. I have been reading about Myoclonus, shock like muscle contractions. Don't know if greys are susceptible to this? It said most commonly seen in distemper, but she has all her shots, due monday for yearly. She is otherwise seemingly feeling fine. Urg. I'm getting worried.
  6. No she will just be sitting, laying or standing, and she jolts like she's been shocked. She doesn't seem bothered by it, but she seems aware of it happening. She seems to feel fine, eating, drinking, etc.
  7. Got a video of it. She has an appt for vax this week so I will show it to the vet.
  8. Stella has recently had these instances where she jerks, or jolts like she got an electric shock. I have seen it randomly happen over the last week. Last night it happened about 6 times in a row, with only a few minutes in between. Does this sound like seizures? She has stage 2 kidney disease. 🤔
  9. I'm happy to report that Stella's bruise is fading quickly and the darkest parts are getting much lighter! Thank you for all the great advice!!!!
  10. Ok thank you!! I called her vet today and they said if she's acting normal then she should be fine. It's a bit bigger but not by much, I don't think. She doesn't seem bothered by it and she's still hoping on the couch and doing her up and down stretches.
  11. Today the bruise is only a little bit bigger on one side. Her vet did not think it was an emergency and I can wait and see. Her behavior is fine, she jumping and stretching and doesn't seem to even notice it, so I will keep an eye on her.
  12. Ok thanks. I have a pic of when I first noticed, and when I took the measurements. I will measure again in the morning and I have marked the edges. She seems fine, but greyhounds always do. I will call her vet in the morning. Thanks! ❤
  13. Stella just fell out of the car and had a huge bruise! Should she see a vet??😳😳😳 I can't upload a pic but its 6.5 x 3.25 inches.
  14. Stella has been set up with a "workspace", aka a bed, in my dining room home office. On her first day on the job, she started crying during the team conference call. She was then sent to a meeting with HR, aka her kennel.😁. After she received a formal write up, we discussed office etiquette, which she doesn't agree with at all. We are now compromising and we move our work to the couch after lunch.😁
  15. I have a similar problem with Stella. She is a master at any stairs and doesn't think twice. Until we moved and I have an inside set of about 5 that lead to the outside door from the door in my kitchen. She will not go through the door toward the steps to go down. She has came in the back door and gone up, but not the reverse. I think it's the kitchen door that she doesn't like because it's on a spring. I have to get her to do this because if there was an emergency and we couldn't use the front door, I would have to get her out the back door without her getting hurt trying to force her. It will be a project, I'm sure!
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