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When/how Did You Know Your Greyhound Was Showing His Personality?

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Hello all! I just joined GreyTalk and this is my first post! My partner and I adopted our first hound named Pablo about a month ago.He is an awesome dog--energetic, friendly, very smart and follows direction well. We have had no issues so far outside of a few marking incidences inside our home, which I believe has been resolved now. The first week that we had him, he cried at night when we left him downstairs in the crate (door open; he also didn't know stairs at this point so couldn't join us on the second floor). To our surprise, by the second week, he was fine being in his crate at night and now sleeps there every night. He is always excited and does little jumps when we come downstairs in the morning and when we come home from work, but I think that is because he needs to go to the bathroom because he immediately goes to the back door. He is always ready to go for walks or dog park. When we go to the dog park, he loves running with other dogs and leans on me when he's taking a break or ready to go home. But, he doesn't play with any toys or do zoomies, make any noises, doesn't really react to treats (but of course comes running when he hears/sees the food bowl!), and never comes to us for pets. We can't tell if he likes getting pets from us; he doesn't turn his head away or show any other signs of dislike--just stares at us. A few times that we have tried to stop him from doing something, he has run into his crate or upstairs, or goes to the back door and stares outside, often for hours or even a full day. He won't respond or look at us during these times unless we go for a walk. Most of the time, he is laying down in his crate (door open), either looking at us or sleeping. It's hard to tell if he's still adjusting or if this is really his personality. I feel like he only comes to us when he needs something rather than actually wanting attention or being interested. Thoughts? When/how did you know your hound was finally comfortable and showing his/her personality?

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You dog will continue to show changes for a year or even a little more. Everything about this experience is new to him and he has been thrust into an entirely new living situation. You will see both big and little changes over the next year or so before he is truly "settled."


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Congrats on adopting your first Greyhound!


They are all different and some settle in quicker than others.

Nixon was our first and he was nearly 5 and had a wonderful career. It took him well over a week before he was comfy enough to spend a lot of time out of his crate. Two weeks to do the stairs. He was always a quiet, reserved boy who never played with any sort of toys. He was a wonderful therapy dog and excelled at helping 3rd graders read.

Ruby came zooming into our lives a year later and now at age 11 3/4 is still a little spitfire, racing up and down the stairs!

Nigel was bounced to us and took quite a while to settle. He is the most affectionate boy and has taken over Nixons reading duties beautifully.

Sid has only been with us 9 months but it took him no time at all to feel at home, sharing Rubys bed with her on the first day.

Perhaps the difference is we have other Greys to ease the transition?


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Welcome to Greytalk and thanks for sharing how you're getting to know your houndie Pablo.


I think it takes a while for most of them, and only once in my life have I adopted a dog that instantly fitted in (surely she was a god-sent heart dog).


You need to watch for subtle signs like their eye becoming softer and less hard-stare-like. They may be already sending you dog body language like yawning, licking their lips, looking away or sniffing the ground. These are sometimes called 'calming signals' but the're more like looking for politeness in other dogs and humans signs. They want to know that you 'get' them and that you're likely to behave nice. Try yawning and looking away yourself just once. It makes it easier for them to eventually approach you.


There's bound to come a time soon when your dog does something just right and you'll feel so proud. This proudness produces endorphins, altered movements and, nice 'energy'. Your dog will pick this up and probably from then on your bond will grow stronger by the day; they'll anticipate you and want to be around you more.

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With some dogs the changes are huge - a shy dog becoming outgoing and friendly, for instance - and they are easily observed. Some are more subtle, as said above - a softer look in the eye or face, coming up for attention, where they choose to spend their free time.


Walking and feeding are good bonding activities and are hopefully being shared with you and your partner. Another thing you can do is to just sit quietly with him wherever he feels most comfortable, reading a book or magazine. You can even read out loud to him.


If he's not overly interested in treats, but is motivated by food, you need to increase your treat value for now. Small, fragrant bits of cheese or hotdogs are usually a big hit, but use whatever he responds to.


FWIW, all of what you describe sounds entirely normal! This is often how new owners feel in the first several months. Just stick it out and have a lot of patience! Give everyone the time to get used to everything that's new. Don't overwhelm him with too much "newness" - new people, new places, etc.,.


Time and patience! You'll all be fine!

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I'd say the changes were subtle and continue to happen over a year and a half later for my grey. I remember the first time he ever picked up a stuffie to play with it, I froze in place so I could watch and try to take a video on my phone to have proof! It took him 3 months to figure out how to use a Kong. 6 months to get on the couch. At 11 months he started to seek me out for pets and attention when I was on the computer at the table. Just this month (20 months after adoption) he tried to join in play with other dogs at the dog park! It's wonderful seeing them blossom and continue to thrive.

Sarah with P Kay Ruger "Rogue"


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