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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! I just joined GreyTalk and this is my first post! My partner and I adopted our first hound named Pablo about a month ago.He is an awesome dog--energetic, friendly, very smart and follows direction well. We have had no issues so far outside of a few marking incidences inside our home, which I believe has been resolved now. The first week that we had him, he cried at night when we left him downstairs in the crate (door open; he also didn't know stairs at this point so couldn't join us on the second floor). To our surprise, by the second week, he was fine being in his crate at night an
  2. Hello all, This is going to be kind of long winded because our new grey is giving us all kinds of trouble. I'm new to the forum, new to greyhound ownership, but experienced with other breeds (mostly lab mixes). My family (myself, my husband and our 7 yo son) adopted two male retired racers on January 1 from the same well established greyhound rescue. They were 4.5 and 5 years old, fairly recently off the track. At the rescue, both males SEEMED very laid backed and relaxed. One of them has settled in very nicely and is docile and a very easy grey. Once the other one settled in, his true
  3. As of today, we are celebrating our 4-week anniversary of adopting our beautiful brindle greyhound. We were aware that there may be an adjustment period when it comes to stool softness when switching his diet, but I'd like to hear some opinions about how long that usually takes. Our boy is eating Nutro Max adult dog food (higher quality than what the foster home gave him) and he is still having very soft, mustard colored pudding poops (good luck eating pudding or mustard again!). We have tried giving him yogurt and that did not seem to help much. How long does the adjustment period usually
  4. Hello All!
 New poster here, been reading a lot of good information here for quite some time, and I thank everyone's helpful posts as they have answered a lot of questions I have had along the process of adopting these wonderful dogs!
 Let me apologize for the length of this post to begin with. I want to provide as much information as possible and see what y'all think.
 Our situation is a little different than many others I talk to, as this will be our only dog. Seems almost everyone with greyhounds has more than 1! Especially all the fosters, who always have several dogs in the
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