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Anal Gland Tumour (anal Sac Adenocarcinoma)

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My greyhound girlie Arlie developed an absessed anal gland last week (Tuesday). It was flushed and she has been on Clavamox. Tonight was the recheck. The appointment tonight was with my regular vet and he said he felt a mass in the right anal gland. Best case it's an absess that can be dealt with via lancing and cleaning. Not thrilling for Arlie, but better than the alternative.


If it's a mass, then we will schedule surgery right away, but unfortunately this is an aggressive form of cancer that tends to spread - even with radiation and chemo, the prognosis is not great.


Vet did a needle biopsy - we should have the results Monday, at latest Tuesday.


If it is a tumour, we know it has developed since Arlie's annual checkup in May, because the same vet did a rectal exam at that time and there was nothing there.


While hoping for the best, I want to prepare for the worst. If you have had any experience with this kind of tumour, I would so appreciate it if you would share. Thank you.


Arlie will be 8 years old in November.

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Guest Energy11

Yikes! Poor Guy! Let's hope it isn't Adenocarcinoma. I am very familiar with that type of cancer. My late husband died of it.


Please don't worry now ... it is probably benign! Love and hugs!

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Guest wjamg

we thought Peace had an anal adenocarcinoma and it was a perianal tumor and benign I was really relieved. However, she is having a very difficult recovery from the tumor and anal glands that also had to be removed.

I will keep your boy in my thoughts

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:goodluck for no cancer and (if possible) no tumour.


Poor girlie.

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This is what Iceman had removed a few weeks ago, his was benign and I am sending good thoughts for you and Arlie that hers will be too. :grouphug

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Guest kydie
:hope Since your pup had one anul gland issue, I would guess this to is an impacted gland, Old saying "when you hear the sound of hooves look for horses not zebras" Good Luck, sending prayers
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Poor Arlie and poor you. Loads and loads of prayers your way.



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Just got back from the vet - Arlie's infected anal gland opened up again so they needed to flush it out. Vet also changed her antibiotic from Clavamox to Baytril and put Arlie on Metacam for pain and anti-inflammatory support.


Good news!! The path report came in and the cells are consistent with an abcess - just what we were hoping, but did not want to count on until confirmed.


Once Arlie's problems back there are fully cleared up the vet will check again to ensure there is no remaining mass, but for now we are in the clear.


Thank you for your support - between Rickie and Arlie we've certainly needed a lot of it lately!


PS: If your vet doesn't routinely do a rectal exam during the annual physical, I would suggest asking for it. I did a lot of reading about this cancer while waiting for the path report, and as is so often the case, it is usually quite far along by the time it's detected, and it tends to metastasize fairly aggressively, so doing a routine check is a very good idea.

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Yay for Arlie! :yay


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