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I found this lesion on her tummy. We have an appointment on Thursday morning. This just can't be anything...it just can't. :(



Ok...Dr. Beth "thinks" that this mass is a suture reaction...granuloma type thing...can she be certain that it is not mast cell tumor...no. It is fully mobile and directly on her spay incision. So...the treatment plan is Amoxicillin twice daily and warm compresses 4 times daily. IF after 2 weeks of treatment, it is not gone...the plan is to skip the needle aspiration as we know they are not always conclusive...and go right to surgery and remove it with wide margins. Of course if it changes appearance...or grows...we go back right away. She just CAN'T be sick! No way!




Note to self:


It does not matter how hard it is raining...do NOT use back window wiper on the van...it is not safe for said window...or Pav's teeth! :blink:



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Wait and see Patti...could be something, could be nothing...


Paws and tails crossed for "nothing"



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You know, I think I've seen something like that on Lydia some months ago, and it went away. We'll be hoping that this goes away too!

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:grouphug It's nothing, it's nothing, repeat after me it's nothing!

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Prayers for your girl. Hoping also that it's nothing to worry about.

Mary, mom to kitty Rebel.
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Guest greydogluvr

It is hard not to worry, it is just what we do. Sending good thoughts and prayers for your special Pave and hopes that it is something simple. :bighugs

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Nah, it's probably nothing...and even if it IS *something* I am quite sure it can be removed without too much trouble or risk of it having spread anywhere else in the meantime...


But I bet it's really just *nothing* ;)

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I pray it's just nothing!!! :hope :hope :hope


ps. Rainey has had a couple of those as well, they went away shortly :hope :hope :hope

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Guest Winterwish

Maybe Pave' laid on a stuffie the wrong way or part of a toy she laid on caused it,so it defintiely could be a 'nothing' kind of thing. Sending good thoughts Patti! :hope:dogcookie

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Hoping it's nothing. :( Finn gets spots like that on his pink tummy and they go away in a couple of days. Sending light and prayers... :hope

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Fingers crossed here that it is nothing more than a little rash. :goodluck :goodluck


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Navigator's had something similar. It was nothing, and went away after a couple of days. Hopefully, it'll be absolutely nothing for Pave too.

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