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  1. Oh Twiggy She was so loved, by Wendy and by all who met her. What an inspiration. So many tears here...big hugs to Wendy. My heart is broken for her.
  2. I noticed the title of the thread says "vaccination for heartworm"...I know many people have had good luck with the heartworm preventative vaccine, but, I've also seen quite a few greyhounds get ill from it or die from it, so I wouldn't recommend it. Heartgard is our monthly chewable preventative of choice.
  3. I wouldn't necessarily say it had a sedating effect for Clarice. However, it kept her from wigging out about her incision and kept her feeling comfortable. She was fully functional. Maybe a LITTLE more restful than HER usual, but, she's an extremely energetic little greyhound Conversely, it has a sedating effect for Ozzie, which came in handy during fireworks season here.
  4. I'm personally a BIG fan of trazodone for things like this. It was SUPER helpful when Clarice was recovering from her vulvoplasty. Kept her chilled out and quiet
  5. Ozzie lost 7 teeth during his last dental. I just took his kibble and crushed it up in the blender. Then added some water to it. Voila!
  6. We had the same issue with Clarice. When she was on antibiotics she was fine. But she would pee otherwise, and pee a TON. Have you had the vet swab her vulva for bacteria? Clarice's vulva was hooded and it contributed to SO many issues. She had a vulvoplasty last month and other than a somewhat difficult recovery (she had to wear the cone of shame), she is GREAT now. No accidents, no antibiotics.
  7. My friend's boy recently had his spleen removed because he had a VERY large tumor. Turned out to be benign He does eat a special diet, but, other than that he is just fine I have another friend whose girl had a 7lb hemangiosarcoma. Total splenectomy and chemo (Carboplatin, 6 treatments), and she lived at least another two years, happy as can be (on a home cooked diet). I think eventually they lost her to kidney issues but it couldn't be determined if the Carboplatin had anything to do with that or if it was just old dog kidney issues Best wishes for good news for Rudy! Edited to add - I just read the news! (helps if one reads the entire thread before replying, sorry!)
  8. It's truly amazing how fast they adapt For her skin where the adhesive was, Bag Balm is your friend
  9. You can use baby oil/mineral oil/vitamin E oil on a washcloth to help peel back the patch so it doesn't pull her skin. Just get some of the oil up under the edge, then continue to wipe at the underside of the patch while you pull on it. It'll come right off
  10. Often Rimadyl has a kind of sedating effect (at least that's what has been my experience). Pinky slept a lot, would pant and whine when she needed to go out. It was like the idea of the effort she knew that getting up and going out was going to require made her a little bit whiny. She allowed me to help her though. If the restlessness and panting continues, I'd ask about getting the Fentanyl patch off of her and getting her onto oral meds. Be aware that tramadol might cause the same effects though, if she's prone. We had Pinky on Deramaxx and tramadol. You might ask about gabapentin too-helps with nerve pain, and also can have a sedating effect. Obviously you don't want her so sedated she's loopy, but, if it will help her rest comfortably so that her body can work on healing, that's always good. Might also ask about trazodone. Clarice had a vulvoplasty two weeks ago and it was a GODSEND for keeping her chilled out about her incision. Are you checking her temperature regularly? Keep an eye out for an elevated temp...often your first clue to a post-op infection.
  11. I always add water to their kibble. I have two gobblers who will choke, sputter, and SHOOT kibble from their throats if it is given to them dry. The extra burping is likely from gulping air while eating. Going forward, I would add enough water so that the kibble almost floats in the bowl. That's what I do with mine. Clarice still eats in about 30 seconds. And she always has a big burp. Sometimes I burp her. No joke. They make all kinds of special dishes for voracious eaters. Or, I just saw someone on Facebook the other day who literally scatters the kibble across the kitchen floor and her dog eats it like a scavenger hunt. Unorthodox? Sure. But it works
  12. When mine did it, it's because their neck/spine hurt. They were basically afraid to move. My friend's dog was recently doing this and she was diagnosed with LS.
  13. One more sleep and she gets her stitches out. I hope she won't need the cone anymore, but, she might need it for a while longer.
  14. We have had mostly good luck with tramadol here, but, it agitated Sutra like nobody's business and the level of weirdness that comes with it is truly unnerving. I remember being awake all night with him panting, pacing, whining. I'd help him lay down and within 20 seconds he was up again. It was as though he'd gone insane. Glad things seem to have turned around for you!
  15. No problems peeing and no insane swelling. All in all, I'm thankful. But overnight she pulled a staple she got yesterday and we had a gaping spot again. We went to the ER. They fixed her up and got us a different cone of shame that she is now wearing WITH her towel. She is perfectly comfortable even though she looks hilariously ridiculous. I'll upload a pic later. Hopefully this is our last setback.
  16. Well, I spoke too soon. She was fine this morning, I took Sage to the vet for bloodwork, and when I got home she was frantically whining and pacing around. Took a look at her incision and the lower right part of the "rainbow" shape had lost a stitch and she had a small open area. Texted a pic to the vet and she said bring her in. They put staples at both ends of the "rainbow" and we put her on cephalexin and they gave me trazodone for her. She's been resting comfortably since then.
  17. Clarice doesn't seem to have any real discomfort. She is a little bit bruised, but, everything seems normal. I am wiping her after she pees or poops just to try to keep everything as clean as possible back there for her since she can't reach to do it herself. I forgot this morning and there she was, trying to get to it. Wiped her and she happily returned to her bed and plopped down. I think now we just need to keep the suture line safe until she heals and has her stitches removed and then she's all set I will need to change her towel brace later. Over time the fabric gets smushed down and is easier to bend.
  18. She had a restful night and did okay today with the cone, but, I decided to try the towel-as-neck-brace tactic. So far so good. She can't bend adequately. She looks ridiculous but at least she is more comfortable and able to rest better, and can easily drink water now.
  19. Clarice's case has been very difficult. No licking, no scooting. But she would drink and pee. UA would sometimes show something, so we would treat. Sometimes UA would be negative but she was drinking and peeing. Always resolved immediately with antibiotics. She had some discharge a few times along with UTI. We couldn't nail down if vaginal issue was causing UTI or if UTI was causing vaginal issue, until this last time. She'd been on cephalexin and was fine. A week after finishing, right back to peeing and drinking again. UA was negative but we had discharge again, full of bacteria. Prior to this she had an ultrasound of her bladder, kidneys, etc just to rule out an anatomical issue, all normal. I am hopeful that doing this procedure will keep the ickies away and we'll be free to be active in our greyhound community again (she is cranky when she's got the ickies, so we tend to not go out much) and live our lives and be more active
  20. Thank you for sharing your experience. Other than tomorrow I can be home with her all weekend and I'm hoping that she will behave while I have to be gone tomorrow.
  21. I did take the e-collar off so she could eat dinner. She's laying quietly in her pen at the moment. When I'm able to watch her I'll let her be free. I did find Carrie's old muzzle with the stool cup in it. I'll hang onto it. I just worry about her rubbing the muzzle against her incision... I do have to go to the office tomorrow at least for the morning. I don't think I'll feel okay leaving her with anything except the e-collar but I also don't want her freaking out...
  22. I have seen dogs open their spay incision sites while wearing muzzles with stool cups. I don't want her beating at herself with hard plastic... I am not going to be able to be here to supervise her-I have to go to work in the morning. I'm hoping she just gets used to the e-collar and will lay in her pen and rest.
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