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  1. Thank you all so much for your support during this totally difficult time. I am happy that my Spockey is no longer in pain, is young again and running free in the grassy fields at the Rainbow Bridge.
  2. Hello Greyhound Friends, Unfortunately My wife and I had to send Mr. Spock to the Rainbow Bridge 01/29/2021. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the front left humerus only two days prior and quickly went down hill. We had a home euthanasia service (licensed veterinarian) come to the house. What a wonderful service: www.petlossathome.com (recommended to us by our vet). Spock was very comfortable on his bed with my wife and I right there by his side, looking him in his eyes. He was 12 years and almost thee months old. We adopted him one day after his fifth birthday. As I’m sure you can imagine we are very very very very sad here. Please send prayers to our beautiful boy.
  3. Hi theHuman, Thank you so much for your suggestions. So sorry for you and your loss of Mack, sending prayers to you. Yes, Spock’s upper back (between shoulders) spasms when I rub it and he also will flinch. It only seems to happen when he’s laying down, but totally happens. I will look into acupuncture, thx. No, he doesn’t really flinch when I put my hands up to his eyes, but if I touch his muzzle unexpectedly he does. Will look into Traumacare.
  4. 12/15/2020: Thx. Spock had been doing well on the Gabapentin, but the past couple days may be getting worse. Calling vet in morning. We feed him white rice, real black beans (the ones you soak overnight and then cook), mixed peas and carrots and either turkey burger, hamburger, pork burger or chicken burger and a handful of From ala veggie kibble mixed with water. In morning we put in grated apple and 1 tsp cod liver oil. It appears he has some upper back pain as well. Thx for your suggestions.
  5. 12/15/2020: One this, this isn’t just a night thing. When not on Gabapentin or at the tail end (no pun intended) of his dose, he pants and is anxious during the day as well.
  6. Absolutely, we have a pretty small ranch-style house (thank God). We keep a bathroom light on and now the Christmas tree, not much I know, but it helps. I will look into getting more night lights. Thanks for the suggestion. Remaining sight unknown. I went to an eye doctor in April 2020 timeframe and he said yes, Spock has cataracts, but also the rods and cones in his eyes are going. Maybe time for another appointment. I’m already going Spock Gabapentin, 1/2 tap 2x a day. I will ask about Trazadone. As far as beds, he has two LL Bean XL bends in our bedroom with cozy blankets and an old-school Foster/Smith bed in living room. I miss the old Foster/Smith. Thx
  7. Wow, greyt suggestion. I will definitely try that!! I love Greytalk. Thx
  8. 12/15/20: Thank you for your reply Phall. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Mr. Spock unfortunately getting worse and this is him being on Gabapentin for well over a month now. He was doing pretty well on the meds, but his anxiety seems to have kicked into gear again over the past couple days. Hopefully this is a temporary thing. I am calling vet again today to give her an update, perhaps she will have be bring Spock in for another exam. Yes, wandering around at night at times, panting, poor guy....we love him so much. I’ll keep you all up to date. Thanks again for all your thoughts, suggestions and prayers.
  9. Hi and thank you for your thoughtfulness. No strange or new sounds in the house (or outside). I know what you’re talking about because if the fire alarm low battery beep goes off anywhere in the house it drives him nuts. Quiet as a mouse around here. Great suggestion about the CBD chews. Thank you for your reply and thoughtfulness.
  10. Hello All, I am Mr. Spock’s daddy. For all you Star Trek geeks out there, no my name is not Sarek. Mr. Spock turned 12 on November 2nd. Mr. Spock’s eyesight has been declining over the past year and is now not very good. His hearing is very good though. In the past month or so he has become very anxious, especially at night, panting, pacing and often waking us up at 2am. We take him out just in case he needs to go to the bathroom, which sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn’t. When he goes to lay down on his beds he goes around and around, lays down and then gets right back up again. Eventually he stays down. During the day he does much better. The vet did blood work which came back normal. His urine sample was a bit high in protein, but otherwise he checks out as a pretty healthy 12 year old. He’s eating, drinking, peeing and pooping ok. I take him for a mile-ish walk every morning, no limping or detectable pain. He takes one Dasuquin (with MSM) a day and lately he’s been on gabapentin every 8 - 12 hours and deracoxib before bed to help him sleep. The meds help a little. Any suggestions? Could be be freaked out that his eyesight is declining? Could this be some sort of depression or worse some sort of dementia? This all came on pretty quickly. Thanks in advance for your suggestions, thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Spock’s Daddy
  11. Hello All, I have not posted in many years. Mr. Spock is 11 years young and going strong. A couple things though: He has cataracts - what to do? Vet said to take him to pet vision specialist in our area. He also is in need of a dental exam as per my vets recommendation. I’m just worried about the anesthesia. If anyone could chime in on their senior greyhound and the experiences you’ve had with this, it would be super appreciated. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful beautiful boy and cherish every day spent with him. He’s a hero (therapy dog) who brings light into many people’s lives. Hope you are all well and greyt. Sincerely, Mr. Spock’s daddy
  12. I feed him 2 cups 2x per day. Mainting his weight just fine. 75lbs for a med/large boy
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