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Found 3 results

  1. This is day 8 of a brand new adoption from a rescue kennel and I'm brand new to greyhounds but I don't know what to do. She's a very placid girl (Pippy) and things had been going pretty well. She's eating and sleeping well and on walks she's good but always busting to go home. She's understandably a little overwhelmed by the city traffic and noise but seems happy sniffing and toileting well. From the start she's been hard to get out for a walk. Admittedly it's winter but it's not freezing, it is Sydney after all, it's not wet or frosty. I've been trying to establish a routine - morning 20-30 minute walk and before bed quick pee and back inside for bed. But I have to force her out of the house each time. However this morning I went to get her up for her morning walk and ablutions and as I went to put her collar on she growled and went to bite me. I was shocked but chastised right away. I walked away to gathered myself and came back using a very stern holding the leash. I went to put the collar on again. She laid flat and refused to get up and went for me again, twice when I went to out the collar on. I was stern again. I came back with the muzzle which she let me put on. I praised her when she let me and turn the collar and leash but she still wouldn't move. I eventually shook her off her bed and to her feet and hustled her out, praising her the whole time. She was great on the walk. When we got home and she let me sit and pat her on the couch and she was perfectly behaved. In all other ways she's a great rehoused dog. I can't figure out if its terroritiry aggression or she just hates going outside? Do I let her dictate st this early stage or stick to routine ? But how do I maintain routine? I don't want to fight with her to get her to out and to be honest my confidence is shaken. Tonight she is hiding from me and won't come out from her sleeping spot. I've hand fed her and gently encouraged but nothing will tempt her out. I think I've messed this up. Can anyone help? What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi all, need some advice for our almost 7 year old greyhound female. We adopted her about 2.5 years ago and adopted a second female greyhound who is 2.5 years old almost a year ago. About 3-4 months after adopting the first greyhound we noticed she started becoming extremely aggressive towards guests that came in our house- I.e. Barking, growling, lunging. Around 6 months in, she actually did bite my husbands friend who came over. We had the adoption group lady come over and help show us how to correct her as nothing we were doing seemed to stop her. She showed us how to correct her on the leash and we have been trying to use those techniques since. My question is- will she ever stop being so territorial? Also my parents are dog sitting right now and she has started doing the same thing at their house as well. We prepare for guests by crating the dogs before the guests arrive and waiting until they are relaxed to consider letting them out- even then we may muzzle the older dog in case she has misplaced aggression onto the other dog. Any other tips for trying to stop our dog from being so aggressive with guests? She is really great anywhere else- we do meet and greets every month at a pet store, go on hikes where she is fine being pet by strangers, and she goes to doggy day care and has never had any issues.
  3. A little background about my grey... I've had him for over a year now. He's always been a bit skittish/nervous/shy, and he doesn't react well to strangers, men, other non-greyhounds... the list goes on. However, I love him, even if he is a weird little nugget. I've tried to help him come out of his shell, but mostly I just deal with his neuroses. However, after about a month of having him, he started to get bolder about being aggressive, especially in regards to high priority treats like knuckle bones, kongs with peanut butter, and rawhides. If he was given one, and someone got too close to him while he was eating, he would growl. He snapped and snarled at me enough over some of those that finally I stopped giving them altogether. He'd even gotten to the point a few months ago that he would growl if people didn't leave him alone while he was eating. That was the last straw for me, so I started working to desensitize him to that. We started with hand feeding, and he would only get food that came out of my hand. Next we went back to the bowl, but I would stand next to him and pet him while he ate, I would reach into his food bowl and just move the kibble around with my fingers, and finally we'd gotten to a good place where I could mess with him and his food without reaction, so I backed off on being so diligent about it. Every once in a while I'd mess with him, or stand by him for a few seconds before peeling off to take care of some other task. This week, though, he's gotten straight up aggressive. Before he would only ever growl, then he'd back off and we'd hand feed after making him wait a few minutes. But earlier this week I put down his food bowl, called him over to eat, and when I didn't give him his release command fast enough, he started that deep throaty growl. I reprimanded him, but then his lips curled back in a snarl and he started barking. I immediately jerked the food away and told him NO sharply and several times. He backed down, we did some basic obedience, hand fed, and then he came over to me to get loved on after he ate. Same thing happened the next morning. I didn't move fast enough, he growled, I yelled, we did obedience and hand fed. This morning, however, it escalated very quickly. Whereas before he'd back down when I got in his face enough, today he wasn't having it. I tried to get him to go into the next room, and he started to walk away from me. I reached for his collar, and he spun around and bit me. I yelled some more, he growled some more, until finally I got him to sit, lay down, etc. Then I walked away for a few minutes to calm down before I tried to hand feed him again. What do I do??? I've had my grey for over a year, and despite my best efforts his behavior seems to be getting worse. We're in a greyhound obedience training class right now, and I can just tell from the other greys that mine is unusually timid and hard to read. But I don't know if this is my fault, or if I just ended up with an unusual personality in my grey. This is my first dog, and I thought I was prepared, but I just don't know what to do. My biggest fear is that a friend or family member is going to be taking care of him for me and get bitten, and have no idea why the dog lashed out. I'm sorry for such a lengthy post, I just wanted to be sure I was as clear as possible. Does anyone have any advice???
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