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Found 6 results

  1. Thought I'd share the recipe I've been making for my dogs - switching to this from a commercial chicken-based kibble caused a complete turn-around for my Doris, whose Inflammatory Bowel Disease just about destroyed a big chunk of her stomach and caused constant vomiting. Not only can she keep her food down now, and has put weight back on, but her appetite and joy for eating has returned. She was always a chow hound and the IBD made her so sad and gloomy, regarding mealtimes. She's back to her old self with this food, jumping and wagging and so thrilled to gobble it up. My other grey also goes through periods of pickiness and aversion to whatever commercial food I try, and since I've started this mix, he's a total enthusiastic eater too. (I should add that Doris also takes meds - metronidazole and omeprazole - so it's not only the diet that has helped. Also, after feeding this exclusively for a bit, I started to integrate it with kibble (novel protein-based, like salmon or lamb) because I couldn't keep up with the demand and I feel like it covers more bases and is also better for their teeth to have something crunchy.) Just thought I'd share - maybe there's something useful in here for someone else, either for meals or snacks, and I'd also love feedback and comments from others who make their own food, or whose dogs have IBD. I know I'll probably need to keep adjusting to keep up with her IBD symptoms. https://youtu.be/d9Rlqx2kjS8
  2. I searched on the forum but didn't find what I was looking for. I was wondering approximately how many bags of dog food you guys go through each month per dog and at what bag size? My brain is having trouble processing the math that requires me to convert 4 cups of kibble into bag weight. Sigh. So if I were to go with one month's amount of kibble - say Iam's Pro-active (green bag), how many bags would I need? Thanks for putting up with my N00b questions, guys, LOL! Want to cover all my bases before completely and utterly deciding on a Greyhound (Plus my sister's deciding on what kind of dog she wants. Killing two birds with one stone here by doing research for the both of us, heehee)
  3. I'm trying to organize and de-clutter my house, starting with the laundry/mud room. We have stackable bins for pet food, but Mika's big bags of prescription food don't fit in the bins anymore. The dog food bags have just been sitting on the floor, but they're in the way and I'm worried they'll get meal moths in them. So we need storage for two different kinds of food. Easy access is a bonus, and I like to keep the food in the bag, so the storage would need to house the bag.... Solutions? How do you store your dog food?
  4. Hi, all -- I'm a new forum member, though I've read dozens of posts over the past several months searching on topics for our grey, Senna. What a great community -- and thank you! : ) My question is kind of a blend of food and diet discussion, and health and medical, but I figured I'd start here. Senna is 2.5 and has had off and on (mostly on) GI issues since we got her in December. Three to four months ago, she was diagnosed with mild pancreatitis, which the vet believes is a result of irritable bowels due to a food allergy. (She's had any number of fecal samples, diarrhea panels, etc., all of which turned up nothing as far as bacteria and worms go.) Since we've had her, she's been on several foods, including two hypoallergenic foods, one of which she eventually refused to eat (Royal Canin sweet potato and venison) and one she did not do well on (HA, with constant, kind of scary diarrhea). The vet's last option was to put her on a high-fiber, low-fat veterinary diet, and she's been on Prescription Diet w/d for the past three months. Surprisingly, and happily, she seems to be doing really well with it -- solid stools, good appetite, good energy, nice coat. But it isn't a long-term solution for us (it's too low-calorie for a greyhound who needs to put on a few pounds, and prohibitively expensive), and we're now looking for one. Next week, I have a vet appointment to discuss transitioning Senna to a new diet, one that can hopefully work long term. The vet has said we'll exhaust all options (w/d was the last) before having to do a colonoscopy, but of course no one wants that. But if Senna backslides with a transition, I fear it's going to come up. If the vet says we must do a colonoscopy, we'll likely get a second opinion. I also am planning to do more bloodwork next week and see about the pancreatitis levels, which could help guide us. Given all that, my questions are these: 1. Do you have any recommendations for a high-fiber, low-fat, high-quality dog food that isn't prescription? I think limited ingredients will also be key. 2. What can we do to help Senna transition to a new food, trying to avoid a relapse into diarrhea? Pumpkin, yogurt, probiotics and Fresh Factors seem to make only very middling differences, if any, with her. 3. Are there any other considerations with mild pancreatitis and diet in general that we should know about? Thank you for any advice! We're keeping our fingers crossed at finding a good food she transitions well to.
  5. Hi all. I'm looking for some advice on reducing the number/frequency of poops per day. Brady has been treated for worms and will do another round of Panacur starting on Monday, the vet also prescribed Flagyl after the Panacur and a bland diet didn't seem to help with his diarrhea. That did the trick immediately and his stools are well formed. Unfortunately, now that's he's completely on Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice for Large Breeds, he is going multiple times a day--three to four a day, sometimes five! When I first adopted him he was going pretty regularly twice a day--once after breakfast and once after dinner, which I expected, since every other dog I've had did the same thing. Unfortunately, I can't feed him the same dog food that the adoption agency did, since they just fed whatever they had (mixed several brands together). Iams green bag and Purina Pro Plan was recommended, but I was hoping to find something a little better than those two brands but not too expensive--they are my fall back, last resort foods. My head is spinning researching all the different foods and I really don't want to spend too much time and money testing different brands and flavors/ingredients. I was going to try 4Health Large Breed from Tractor Supply next, but the ingredient list is very similar to what I'm feeding now, so I don't expect any change with that one. My next try would be either 4Health grain free or TOTW, but before I do that, I wanted to get some feedback from those with experience testing different foods. If you're dog has good poops (well formed) on a 'regular' schedule (twice a day), what dog food are you using?
  6. Hi all. We've had our new boy, Brady, since Friday. I had to start him cold turkey on his dog food because the adoption agency doesn't use one particular dog food--they mix several brands together (whatever is donated). I completely expected diarrhea between the dog food switch and nervousness in being in a new home, etc. He may also have worms (did a fecal test at the vet's which came back negative, but I saw one in his stool), which he is being treated for. I'm going to leave everything be until I'm sure he no longer has worms, but if it is indeed the food, how long should I give him to adjust to the new food before trying something else?
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