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  1. ***Doles out the hugs and cookies (Both dog friendly and human friendly) to all involved** Poor Q
  2. Thank you everyone **Huge Hugs** There's a saying that the dead are never gone, but merely in another room. Such thoughts help me cope
  3. LMBO!!!!!!!! You guys are a roo and a half XD!! Thanks for the early morning giggle! (and yes, those white glaciers like to eat doggies up here. Dey iz ebil. )
  4. Sending hugs and cookies to Lizzie Feel better soon, hun!
  5. Been a while since I posted. Part of it is because Aaerro had to be put down a year ago. Cancer. From the time she started showing symptoms to the time she had to be put down it was less than 6 weeks. So now that it's been a year later, I'm doing the search again for a service dog. RIP, my amazing Aaer-head. I miss you :'(
  6. Hiiiideeeey Hoooo neighbor Glad you could make it
  7. Nothing to add over here. Just **Hugs** and sorry things aren't working out with your kitty and Turnip.
  8. Yaaaay that Tessa is coming home! My aunt and uncle had a dog named Tessa. Her original name was Katie, my aunt's name, and they saw it as a sign and adopted her, LOL. They then changed it to Tessa
  9. **Fingers, toes and tail feathers crossed that Tessa feels better soon !!**
  10. Oh No!!!!! Poor Clifford My heart goes out to you and your wife. **Hugs**
  11. Stunning Pup! And such a gorgeous dark shade of black/brown Welcome to the forum
  12. LOL....My Aaerro is a Pizza Thief. When she was a puppy she stole a large slice off my plate ninja style. I looked up and saw her tail whipping around the door. She's still a Pizza Thief, but she's less ...errr... talented... about it now, Heeheee.
  13. I'm so glad to be reading this thread! So much stuff to remember and prepare for when I get my next dog!
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