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  1. ***Doles out the hugs and cookies (Both dog friendly and human friendly) to all involved** Poor Q
  2. Thank you everyone **Huge Hugs** There's a saying that the dead are never gone, but merely in another room. Such thoughts help me cope
  3. LMBO!!!!!!!! You guys are a roo and a half XD!! Thanks for the early morning giggle! (and yes, those white glaciers like to eat doggies up here. Dey iz ebil. )
  4. Sending hugs and cookies to Lizzie Feel better soon, hun!
  5. Been a while since I posted. Part of it is because Aaerro had to be put down a year ago. Cancer. From the time she started showing symptoms to the time she had to be put down it was less than 6 weeks. So now that it's been a year later, I'm doing the search again for a service dog. RIP, my amazing Aaer-head. I miss you :'(
  6. I, too, adore the snoot and teef picture SOOOO kkkkeuuuute! Thanks for granting me my greyhound fix for the day, LOL
  7. I...cannot....resist....giving....them... many... treats.... Faces... are....too....cute!
  8. I'm jealous! My wee brat doesn't roach at all!
  9. LOL - I thought my little terror was the only one who did that! Puppy Taco!
  10. Lexie you sexxxxxxy thang Re: The Photobucket charges - OMG.....how the heck are people expected to afford something like that? Good glories! As for me, I use Flickr. It's served me okay the past little while I've used it. My computers in the past just didn't get along with Photobucket. That's why I switched.
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