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  1. Im so very sorry for your loss.
  2. Im so sorry. You did the right thing for Mover. We had to put our 11 year old greyhound down due to cancer shortly after our DD came home from the NICU. It was really awful during what should have been a joyous time for our family.
  3. He is a sighthound, so likely not as demonstrative as many breeds. My Pyr would be thrilled if I was touching her constantly. Atlas follows me from room to room, gets a few pets & then flops down on his dog bed. I work at home, and he's with me all day every day. Luckily, he doesn't bark, so no issues on conference calls.
  4. Wanted to add a picture from this spring. I sent it to my mother, who responded "Atlas loves his mommy!" He is very devoted to me.
  5. Attempting to copy the img code from a previous post. Here's hoping it works! Atlas is a gorgeous dog; we get stopped even more with him than with our greyhounds. You'll get used to the "I didn't know greyhounds had long hair!" Comments. I could definitely brush him more. Usually I do it every week or so to avoid tangles/mats. We also have a Great Pyrenees, who sheds much more than Atlas. Given our Pyr experience, what may help most is a bath/blowout. Unfortunately, I'd never take Atlas to a groomer due to his small dog issues.
  6. I also responded in the linked thread. My Borzoi is about 9, adopted at 2. He was silly at that age, with very little impulse control. More an issue of following me up the stairs & running into me than any sort of destruction. Obedience class helped some. Over the years he's chewed some of DD's books/toys, but nothing in the past couple years. I wanted a vacuum robot, but worried the bin part would be too small to do the whole main floor. Our Dyson sucked with the long hair. It would just get caught on the roller & I had to take it apart to cut off hair regularly. We now have an Electrolux that cuts hair off the roller with the push of a button. Atlas's teeth are pretty bad. He had a dental last year with many extractions; only 6 teeth left. Not sure if it's common in the breed. My greyhounds never needed a dental after adoption, so I don't think it was my care, lol. The hair really is more...intense than greyhound fur. Seven years in, I'm used to the hair. We pulled some 14 inch hairs off our clothes on vacation in France, laughing that we were glad at least part of Atlas could travel with us. Atlas had okay recall. He's gotten loose a few times & forgot all the lessons. We were lucky he didn't get hit by a car or hurt a chihuahua. Even if he had reliable recall, I'd never let him off leash due to his small dog prey drive.
  7. What kind of puppy are you getting? Sorry, no real advice on intros/making it work, since I've only had adult dogs. I feel invested in your new dog search, after viewing your threads over the past few years!
  8. My male greyhound was something of a compulsive eater outside. He'd go for poop, dirt, leaves, snow, etc. Only help was a muzzle with stool guard. Sorry!
  9. I'm so sorry for your losses. I remember House and his litter coming through GFNC when I volunteered at the kennel. There are a few that stick out in my memory, and he's one of them.
  10. The most concerning thing for me is that he can't lie down or get up on his own. Not sure if you work, or how long he's left alone, but I'd worry that he'd want to get up and not be unable. Glad to hear he still seems spunky, though.
  11. My greyhounds both died of soft tissue sarcomas. Sahara was 8.5; Coltrane was 11.5. It was hard because neither were ailing or showing many signs of aging prior to the cancers.
  12. Muriel - My borzoi is only 8; I assume his dental issues are genetic. When he was under for the dental, X-rays showed his teeth were decayed under the gumline. That explained his stinky mouth even with regular brushing.
  13. My borzoi had 19 teeth (including one lower canine) removed earlier this year. He looked awful the first night, but the recovery was really swift. He was drooling at first, which was mixed with blood. I'd pack multiple old blankets in the car and around her bed. I was worried about getting pain meds in him, as I couldn't pull his jaws apart to pill. Luckily, he ate canned food right away & swallowed balls of canned food with pills with no issue.
  14. I filled out information forms for both dogs. Thanks for sharing!
  15. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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