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  1. I'm so sorry for all you're dealing with, MP. You'll be in my thoughts.
  2. Welcome, Wiki! What a pretty girl. If she starts landskaping projekts in the spring, you'll know for sure Lila was behind this.
  3. Happy birthday dear Spirit, happy birthday to rooooo! 14!!! Love, Sweep (who hopes to reach 14 but is knot so much into turdle snax) and her mom
  4. Merc, you are very ham-sum. Happy birthday!
  5. So sorry for your loss. Such a handsome boy and gentle soul. Rest well, Nigel.
  6. I have been looking for an update. So glad he is feeling better and you have a little more time together. Sounds like you have a wonderful vet too.
  7. Hello again! I'm back to say that Basil's gift shipped yesterday! On Saturday or Monday it should reach you. Would you like the tracking number too?
  8. You have received great advice from people far more experienced than I am, so I just want to say that I'm sorry you're facing this. Sending hugs to you and your handsome boy. You will do right by him.
  9. Saw your post on another thread and came here to say how sorry I am for your losses. Your story made me cry as I know I too will only be able to kiss Sweep's tummy at the very end. Those feisty girls are something special. Many hugs to you.
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