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Found 14 results

  1. Was wondering about how I can best prevent hookworm infestation in my two older greyhounds since we just found out today that new adoptee has them. She's on Dr. Ng's "triple combination" protocol and I've been reading a lot here about treatments and issues (very disheartening, I must say) - but my bigger questions are around how to protect my two negative greyhounds. Unfortunately we weren't aware this was even an issue, so they ran around the yard together for almost two weeks - we have someone clean the yard once per week, and they often "go" on walks, so the yard has never been an iss
  2. I'm new to this forum (and greyhounds) and have learned a lot from all the great posts here, but I do have some additional questions. We adopted Coco about 6 weeks ago and she was hookworm positive (shocking). The group we adopted from gave her a dose of Pyrantel the day we picked her up and instructed us to give her 4ml every 2 weeks. I have been doing just that, but her poop tends to get worse for a day or two after the treatment, is this normal? She has only had 1 good, pick up able poop since we have had her. I do my best to pick it all up, but it really is impossible as it mostly com
  3. We're a couple months into the Prison Protocol and realized that the two meds (Advantage Multi and Drontal Plus) cover pretty much everything except for ticks What do others using the protocol do for tick prevention? We're wary of combo products, we don't want to double up on meds that are for the other bugs, since we know he's already covered, but we're having a hard time finding anything just for ticks. What do you guys like/use?
  4. Looking for opinions from this greyt group! I've been lurking for a while but could now use some insight, or to be told that I'm overthinking it! We've had our new grey (Bismarck) for about a month now and have been debating changing his food, for a couple of reasons: 1) He is on Purina One SmartBlend Chicken & Rice - I know, I know, full of all the "crap" they say not to feed your dog (corn/soy/wheat). But it's what he was on at the kennel and when he came home he refused to eat anything else. We try not to give in completely to the hype about the need for super fancy dog food, bu
  5. Has anyone been successful in eradicating hookworms by using the Prison Greyhound Program hookworm protocol to the letter?
  6. Does anyone know if tortoises can transfer hookworms to dogs? Are reptile parasites/nematodes transferable to mammals, specifically canines? We've been battling hooks for almost a year now. It occurs to me that the tortoises that frequent our yard may have something to do with Lola being reinfected. Thoughts?
  7. Good Morning All - While I know this has been a topic multiple times, I have read through and am seeking advice on some of the common side-effects people have seen with de-worming meds. My grey is 4 years old, and has had hooks off and on since we adopted him approximately 7 months ago. He has had two fecal tests that were clear; however, last week he tested positive again. We took in a sample as he had a decreased appetite and typically that indicates that his tummy isn't feeling 100%. He is not a huge "food driven" grey but does usually have a decent appetite overall. On a typical day, h
  8. Good evening, I am seeking advice regarding an issue I am having with my Grey (Keeper). About a week ago, Keeper did not want to eat his breakfast and I could hear his stomach gurgling. After reading some posts, I gave him a Pepcid Tablet and within 1 hour - he ate normally. My vet also recommended that I try to feed him a "snack" before bed as this may help with the stomach acid buildup overnight. My husband and I started that this last week and have had no problems since then (yay!). When Keeper does refuse to eat, it is usually accompanied by some loose stool; however, once he eats he g
  9. I've read what I could on this forum regarding hookworms, but I have another question, please. The grey we adopted last week was diagnosed with hookworms yesterday. She was prescribed STRONGID liquid and we gave her one dose, and the vet said to give her the other dose in three weeks time. Per the vet's instructions, we have also started her on Fortiflora probiotic. She's 2 1/2, healthy and active, but her droppings are somewhat mushy. We have been picking up her droppings as soon as possible. Is there any good, over-the-counter medication which could/should be given following her
  10. Hi all, New member here! It's been a complex journey for our 5 year old girl, and we're hoping for some advice from this wonderful forum! Warning: novel ahead. We adopted our girl Clover in early July. After 1 week of pudding poop streaked with blood, room-clearing gas, and a rumbly tummy despite a decent appetite (was eating about 2 cups of Blue Buffalo wilderness salmon or chicken flavored moistened with water once at night because she either hates her food and refuses to eat it until she's starving, or she only eats after her last walk of the day - we're not sure which), a vet check
  11. My girl Lilly is extremely sensitive to any oral medications due to a compromised digestive system. I've tried several monthly alternatives, both oral and topical, and she has had bad reactions to all of them. We do not have a flea issue, or a heartworm issue, though those are getting close in our area and I would have her on a monthly if I could. However she has had bad hookworms in the past, and recently we had a scare that turned out to be something innocuous. I'm looking for non-chemical alternatives for her. Does anyone have any onformation of food-grade diatomaceous earth/ O
  12. I can't seem to post clickable links on GT anymore (and haven't had time to figure out why). So here it is in the old fashioned way. From this site -- http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/hookworm-in-dogs -- I learned today that retreating for hooks in 3 weeks may not be soon enough. "Treatment should be repeated in one to two weeks, because the initial deworming activates encysted larvae and causes a new crop of adult worms to appear in 10 to 12 days." That's what seems to have happened with Shane, who was treated about 10 days ago. This gives me courage to go ahead and retreat now. He's really suf
  13. Our new foster that, fell into our laps unexpectedly Tuesday while my husband was out running in our local forestry, has hookworm and whipworm pretty bad. The first thing I did was take him to the vet for his shots and they gave him his first dose I'd drontal plus. They are going to give him his next round in 3 weeks when he goes in for his neuter. Anyway, vet said that our others should be fine since they are on trifexis. She also said to pick up his poos, but here's the problem. He's had pretty much water poos since he's been here. When I've caught him going I have been trying to go a
  14. Why is Virbantel over-the-counter and Drontal Plus is prescription (and more expensive)? Any reason not to give Virbantel for hooks and tapes?? ALL of our adoptables are coming in with hooks, and some with tapes, lately. :-(
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