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  1. Joy and I missed last year but we'll be there this year. We're staying at the Quality Inn, Battlefield. I don't have the ideal room but it's OK. I'm hoping to see Joy run in the Blur of Fur after my non-blur 5K that morning. We're coming in on Thursday some time depending on if I can leave work early on Thursday and going home on Monday so we can do more on Sunday.
  2. I don't think I saw it suggested that maybe your adoption group will know which dogs are barkers. Joy barks sometimes and it's pretty deep.
  3. My bridge angel, Magic, had the same thing.
  4. Ducky, Could you add Hickory, the Scottish Deerhound who won Best in Show at Westminster in 2011.
  5. not Twiggy. I met her a couple of years ago at GIG. She was so sweet.
  6. Cindy, I sent you a PM with a place suggested by someone on a Facebook group with members in Gettysburg and the immediate area. It's in Adams County.
  7. She's beautiful! She's related to Joy. Kiowa Sweet Trey is also Joy's grand-sire.
  8. Joy got chicken feet for her Gotcha Day. I forgot to put them in the refrigerator and guess who ate the whole package? I wasn't worried about her eating the whole package. She didn't get supper though and she didn't seem to care. I guess the package was enough.
  9. Did your group mention whether she is OK with small animals? If the group didn't tell you how she is with small dogs, just watch her when she meets a small dog or sees a small critter on walks. Just be careful if a small off-leash dog or one on a flexi-lead runs up to her If a small dog runs up to Joy, I tell them she's not good with small dogs. Sometimes the person even pays attention to me. When she sees other dogs, does she pull? If so, you might want to consider a "no-pull" harness.
  10. One thing about girls. I'm not sure if this is true at all racing/adoption kennels but the girls tend to be in the top crates if there are 2 tiers of crates. I would think girls are better at jumping. Magic (my boy) never jumped up on counters, tables, etc. Joy has. I've heard males are more affectionate. Magic rarely kissed me. Joy does it more often. Both like to snuggle with me.
  11. A few years ago I let Magic outside and he went over to some plants to sniff. I decided to see what was so interesting to him. I saw what looked like a frog with a tail. I went inside and got my camera to take a picture to post here knowing someone would know what it was. I couldn't get a good picture from the front so I moved around to get a better spot. When I did, I discovered that the frog with a tail was actually a garter snake eating a frog. Magic had very little prey drive so he just sniffed and then ignored the circle of life. Joy, on the other hand, has high prey drive. I got to thinking about what would she have done in the same situation. Would she have grabbed the frog and snake and run around the yard or would she have attempted to eat the frog and snake? Just thinking about the visual picture of both scenarios makes me laugh.
  12. I agree that the thinness of the leashes make them difficult to see. Someone in my neighborhood has a little white dog that I see fairly regularly on walks. Usually the dog is on the porch with the owner able to quickly lock the leash. One day, the owner was doing some gardening and the dog came down the stairs. At first, I thought the dog wasn't on leash at all but saw that it was. The woman's daughter did grab and lock the leash before the dog got too close to Joy who does not like when dogs come up to her too quickly.
  13. Run free sweet Beatrix. Laura and Encarna from Joy and me. I'm glad I got to meet Beatrix at GIG this year.
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