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  1. I feed raw and just mix the teaspoon into the raw food. Should be fine mixed in with the yogurt or pumpkin.
  2. We have a large pack of greyhounds and a lot of other newly arrived greyhounds coming through our place on a regular basis. I routinely worm all my dogs but every foster gets the full NG treatment along with human grade DE for one full month. I have never found the DE to create any problems in the GI tract and have pretty good success in getting rid of worms up here.
  3. djsgreys


    I am so sorry for your loss. Mazy, like so many others, found sanctuary with you - a place where she could be Mazy and become the dog she was meant to be. Our thoughts are with you.
  4. It was the most AMAZING adventure! Although I can't believe it was six years ago already! Still get a smile on my face whenever i see the peace crossing on TV or in a picture. Love to Whiskey and Lilly on your very Special Gotcha Day.
  5. Capn Jack (who so clearly adores his new brother), please pass on to your momma my advice to always get bumps checked - especially true with bumps that have changed in size, color etc. . No one will laugh at her if it is indeed a pimple but we will all cry if it turned out to be something else and it wasn't taken care of soon enough. Magoo, who wants to thank everyone for their kind words about Moody. Only Dex is left of the original croo we had when I first joined the chat club . . . Off to look for the sloth picture.
  6. Heavenly George, Thank you for the message. I knew she would be fine - and happy to see you , her friends and family. Don't let her know I cried a few more tears when I read your message. forever with you and forever in my heart that tomboy girl of mine. Magooo
  7. Hebbenly George! You awake up there? Your bride is on her way to be with you. Take good care of her for me and let her know I will take care of Magoo. I know she was worried bout leaving her. Dex
  8. HI ma frends, its me Dexter. Thanks for the new club Carl and for all the snacks ma frends. Riley! Hab a safe journey and we will watch for your star tonight. Dex
  9. Carol Ann, I am so sorry for your loss. i am sorry that I never got to meet Riley Roo but I felt like I knew him so well and loved him like my own. Riley Roo, you and boo bear enjoy the party at the bridge with all your friends that are waiting for you. Deb
  10. What a beautiful remembrance of your handsome boy, Margo. How fortunate Django was to find his forever home with you and to have so many greyt years of retirement with you. Always knowing he was loved and cherished - retirement just couldn't be any better. I am so sorry that he had to leave you so soon. We will watch for his star tonight and the Magoo croo will roo to send him on his way. Run free Django, with no more pain.
  11. Hi everyone, ma name is Dexter and I have a BIG problem. As much as I want to, Magoo jus has a hard time finding time to let me do the tick tick that is needed to keep up wiff ma frends. So I hope that covers everything that I have missed. This dopshun busness is crazy. Jus crazy and very time consuming. Magoo says the paperwork never ever ends. But, it is almos the las day of ma birfday monf so I wanted to make sure I came in to say Happy Birfday to everyone who shares the birfday month wiff me. looks like I might get a brother for ma birfday. Dex
  12. Riley Roo, I am so sorry that Gizzy has left you. :group hug We will watch for her star tonight, iffen we can see it thru all the smoke. Dex
  13. Hebbenly George, you made all owr hearts a little less heavy wiff your report. We too had lots of dem geese flying over, honkin owt to let us know our berry own Goose wabs okay. So here is the update from our howse - 26 hounds in homes in the last six weeks. And dat is why Magoo is cuttin into ma tikking time so badly. She says she is sick of being on the puter doing all the paperwork that is needed. There are free more to go this week and then maybe jus maybe fings will slow down a bit. One of them is our big fosser boy Huey and Magoo is likely gonna BUT we may hab a secret - Magoo is workin on somefing. And today wabs a lubbly day for a fun run and some of ma frends came out. We played in the da snow, fillin our muzzles and den flinging our heads at the people. It wabs so much fun. Nice ride Miss Sherrie and Misser Jim! Bak later (I hope) Dex
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