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  1. Molly, you are just the absolute sweetest! I loved meeting you and spending some time playing. And you give greyt kisses! And to you folks, thank them so much for such a nice evening with the delicious dinner. Florida Magoo
  2. Sorry my friends, no time to catch up. Its a whirlwind of busyness these last few days at my house. First, Casey left for his new home, then Live came and left for his new home, then Trump went to stay wiff some of Magoo friends and then we had Pet Expo to work at today. I was the star of the show in my dress and hat but boy was it a LOT of work getting loved on by everyone. All day, all that was heard was "she is sooo soft" ( i get that from my momma, who was also a real softie fur kind of girl). Tomorrow our Cherie is coming to sit on us while Magoos run away from this place. Can't say I blame them if I could leave some of this behind right now I shur think I would. Magoo will drop in and tawk with all of you from Floryda! Myth
  3. Hamish, you are just the most handsome of hounds, of course you could be a show dog if you want! And I bark from experience, after all I am Myth America, the beauty pageant queen.! Yuppers! It was Miss Susan that started the no pants. Magoo shared some pictures of a dog haul and Miss Susan pointed out that she had no pants on. And I don't think she has put reel pants on since then - even her capris are the legging type . . . She says its like wearing jammies always. BUT she does wear looong shirts that always cover her butt so no one will be off-ended. Finally the terrible horrific cold is gone for a while and things can go back to normal with play time outside. Myth
  4. Hi everyone, Well, been an interesting few days of mopping up here. Firs we had a pipe burst in the ice cold freezin (not my brothers cold and freeze) but reel cold and freezing weather. so we had NO water for almos a day and the house is heated wiff hot weather so it was COLD. But we all wore jammies and survived. Not so sure we will survive the second mop up! That one we need to clean up all the leaks from Magoo's eyes onaccounta she took my fosser brother no more Casey to his forever home today. Its finally warming up here so we are all naked again. That's how we all prefer it - we don't even like blankies on our beds at night. Oh Miss Susan and Miss Carol Ann -what a good meet up. Next up Miss Carol Ann and Magoo! And no, she likely won't be wearing pants . . . Myth
  5. I think our days of habin 4 dogs are long long past too! Funny story about that some of you may already know. When Moody was being returned from her notforever family, and Magoos were driving to get her Magoo turned to Misser and told "you know that she is not going anywhere else don't you?" And Misser said that famus line - "I don't want to have 5 dogs!" And so Magoo has made sure that the number has never got near 5 Oh it is so so so cold here - the coldest place on earf! I do not remember signing up for this in my dopsun contract. I doubt that Magoo will wear pants - I don't axtully think she owns any. Glad you liked the pictures of ma sissie Buttons . Myth Big hugs to Miss Chris and everyone else that has dealt with the osteo beast. I too will never ever forget the day Sam's shoulder shattered . . . . No expectations Molly, just so excited to finally meet your folks and you We are counting the days. Magoo
  6. We have a lot of Blue Jays at our house Miss Jennie. And they really look lovely against the snowy backdrop of this darn cold, frozen snowy wasteland. It was like -37 degrees this morning! Believe me us Canadians hounds learn how to not just run fast.. we get pretty darn quick at other things too Oh that Cap'n Jack is a looker - too bad that he is just a visitor here cause I think he and my sissie Buttons would sure make a good looking couple - what do you guys think? Miss Carol Ann, Magoo is sure getting excited to see your yard in the real and Molly, of course you can meet Magoo and love on her all you want to. Magoo can't believe after all these years that her and Miss Susan are gonna miss meeting in the real by jus one week!
  7. Us Canadians - we are just diffrent eh? Whot is this "football" that you all speak about? I know nuffin about that PHD does stand for piled higher and deeper here but refers to piles of and what is buried deep within them Walkabouts! I have never ever ever gone walkabout! But I sure would like to try it . . . Its like a fortress here and Magoo or misser always go out to keep a watch on us. Long afore I came here there was a big breakout ( well not too much breaking out needed as misser left the gate open). You guys might remember, Dexter, Moody, Billy, Maxi and Daisy all went walkabout. Magoo was on the phone when she saw dogs walking down the driveway. Misser ran over to the big yaard and Dex and Moody went right in. Then from the back came Billy and Maxi but NO Daisy. Magoo and misser looked for her about an hour. Then they went inside hoping if they took one of the other dogs she would come to them. AND just like MAGIC - there she was - lying on her bed in the house. Guess she snuck in past magoo when she first went out to get the others . . . Silly folks . . . Miss Robin, we are all very sorry about your uncle. Myth
  8. Bruddahless no more Pippin! I will send Trump to you rite away. If I can't find a box to mail him in, then perhaps i will just give him a map and let him out of the yaard. 12 is the rite number - at least for today. It does change pretty offen around here. Brinkuls - MOI, my real true brothers Freeze and Cold, Hogan, Peggy and fosser Trump. White and Brinkuls - CLOUDy and Buttons. Black - High and Witt. Fawns: Brandi and fosser Casey. Ambi, we all hafta break the rules sometimes when it is this cold. Charlie and Paris, we don't go out to play or for walks when it is this cold - zoom in and out to do our business only.
  9. Believe it or not - she got a picture of all of us together
  10. Salvo, that is quite the gotcha story - how i love a good gotcha story. My own gotcha story is kinda sorta boring. Magoo was visiting Miss Melissa's farm in Iowa jus after I arrived there to start my second career as a brood mom. Miss Melissa told Magoo all about this beautimous girl (me ) , and told her she hadda take me home when I was done having puppies. Magoo met me and was loving on me, and Miss Melissa was telling her how much I like to cuddle when her daughter said "she may cuddle but not even close to as cuddly and loving as her momma Snappy was". Magoo's eyes went wide and she said "Snappy? Cdn Cold Snap? Candy! Candy lives with me" And that was that - it was decided I would go live with Magoo and my momma Candy when I retired. Afta a few months wiff Miss Melissa, she decided that I might not be a very good momma ( problee cause I like to toss little things around) and called Magoo to tell her I could go home. Magoo was just on her way home from a trip to Iowa but headed back out just a couple of weeks later to come and get me. And that's how I became Myth America Magoo. So Magoo is working on pictures but I am gonna start with this one of my fosser brother Trumpster. Sorry if I made anyone go thump . . .
  11. I feed raw and just mix the teaspoon into the raw food. Should be fine mixed in with the yogurt or pumpkin.
  12. Hamish, I am so sorry to hear that you have been tortured and abused. Too bad that you dont have an adopshun contract cause I am pretty sure that baffs are against the adopshun rules. We hardly ever get baffs here. When a new hound first arrives, magoo does the torture thing but then afta that, we just get brushed, and ears cleaned and toes chopped off - just the regular stuff. Molly - you have Magoos in Florida? Thats so cool. And a new love story starting . . . how I just love a good love story. Well it is brrrrrrrrrrr cold here and we gots a LOT of snow today. Thankfully misser shoveled out the back yaard so that our precious paws don't get frozen to the ground when we hafta go out to do our business. We had a nice family come with their two "big" dogs (reely they were kinda short and fat compared to all of us) to meet my fosser brothers. Trump acted like a fool - that boy is probly never ever gonna get adopted. Casey was a perfect gentleman. Oh and of course, Brandi hadda sneak in for a visit and that man fell in love with her. They all do . . . Mayhaps I should get Magoo to take pictures of all of us to share with you. I think the fambly has changed quite a bit since you last saw pictures of us. Myth America
  13. Hi my frends Well, we problee have the strangest food times of any hound out there. We eat brekkie around 3 odark to the sound of Magoo grumpy about us not sleeping threw the night. Sometimes we do but usually not when there is a fosser here and there is almost always a fosser here so we almost always get Magoo up between 230 and 3. Then we get chikken backs for our brekkie and we go back to bed and snooze for hours. Around 5 (also of the odark but this time in the after noon) we have supper and then we get a snack before we go to be around 10 or 11 of the odark. Our house is now all de-crispmixed. Our fosser Casey finished it all off today when he found the last bow under the couch and ripped it to pieces. Its cold, and snowy and I have been hearing things about Magoo leaving us to be sat on.
  14. We have a large pack of greyhounds and a lot of other newly arrived greyhounds coming through our place on a regular basis. I routinely worm all my dogs but every foster gets the full NG treatment along with human grade DE for one full month. I have never found the DE to create any problems in the GI tract and have pretty good success in getting rid of worms up here.
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