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  1. thank you for the information, will print for my vet
  2. so far so good, one thing though is a limp that she has when she wakes up from sleeping, does not last long, wondering if the foot/leg goes to sleep on her, it is the right front leg. Still have not gotten records from tht et in W, Virginia, not even to my vet
  3. water was not warm but tepid. She is the first one that did this and I have been involved with greys since 1995
  4. { just adopted a broodie that cannot be bathed, I know some faint during baths but this is a little different Took her to PetSmart to be bathed, she collapsed and scared the living daylights out of everyone including the resident vet who detected a murmur that my vet missed Left PetSmart and went to my vet where he checked her over and also heard the murmur I asked if the soap could be rinsed off and the vet tech used tepid water and she collapsed again with the vet present Vet did an EKG and it was determined that she needed an echo cardiogram, which I am waiting for them to sched
  5. I think Hershey knows something, she has been in his bed most of the day My avatar is his aunt, half sister to Flying Penske
  6. yes so many Flying Penske pups, I also had EZ Lord Penske who is also at the Bridge and Softee who was half sister to Flying Penske - her picture is my Avatar
  7. he was my first boy as my dh only wanted girl, he was a lover boy,loved ear scritches and just about everything very seldom roached I wa lucky to catch this one
  8. Penske started limping this morning which got progessively worse by the time I got him to the vet he could not walk and his right hind leg was knuckling under and had a bm in the car. A male vet tech had to carry him into the vets and he was panting and shaking. Vet said he had a stroke and no guarantee that he would recover so I had to not think of myself but of him and made the decision to let him go. He is now with his dad and free of pain, I know there was a joyful noise when he arrived. BTW he was the nephew of Queen Softee (SoftShoeSureShot) who was queen of gt a few years agoI will
  9. I am so sorry for your loss of such beautiful girl A LOAN FROM GOD God promised at the birth of time, A special friend to give, His time on earth is short, he said, So love him while he lives. It may be for eight or ten years, Or only two or three, But will you, till I call him back, Take care of him for me? A wagging tail and cold wet nose, And silken velvet ears, A heart as big as all outdoors, To love you through the years. His puppy ways will gladden you, And antics bring a smile, As guardian or friend he will, Be loyal all the while. He'll bring his charms to grace your life, And t
  10. a lot of people can't believe it is 4 years he passed in 2009
  11. It was 4 years ago today that my beloved David lost his fight against cancer there is never a day that goes by that I don't think about him and miss him. Today we went to the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies where he is buried. The activities was Sunday so there were quite a few people there but not as many as there was yesterday. When we entered the cemetery there were some ladies handing out long stemmed roses and said that one was to put on the grave and one to take home. I gave mine to my girlfriend Mary as she drove me up there. If it were not for the greyhound I don't know how I
  12. I am so sorry for your loss and can feel your pain in your tribute to such a sweet baby
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