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  1. I am looking for Sherry Hall from Forever Greyhound Gifts - does anyone know her? I would appreciate contact info. Thank you!
  2. Read the first chapter "preview" and really like what I read so far - I will be thinking about it until I buy it, so might as well save some time and get it right now
  3. So, just another greyhound bed fail?
  4. I too hope Spock is eating better. You have lots of suggestions to try, if not! I had to laugh at rsieg's comments, and please add My bowl is underneath the window and the curtains are blowing above my head - I can't eat It is windy outside- I can't eat My "sister" greyhound is gone - I can't eat You forgot the pumpkin - I can't eat
  5. My new foster is a skinny little girl, and doesn't want to eat. Finally got her to eat a scrambled egg, swimming in chicken broth, today
  6. GSOD - are females the only ones to do this???
  7. Is that the same as "chattering" teeth - rapid clicking together of front teeth, sounds almost like purring? They don't touch anything though, just grin and purr
  8. Sometimes dogs eat poop (and other stuff) because they are bored. I have one who prefers to eat dirt over poop, but also eats grass, and plants. He goes out with a turn out muzzle with stool guard every time. He gets a super premium food with supplements, so I doubt it's nutrition related. I think he may have a slightly upset tummy and is trying to eat something (anything) to soothe it (just my guess). I'm glad it's not stones, but stool guard is the only answer I've found so far.
  9. Something that helps Sunny for thunder anxiety is Calms Forte - I get the tablets at the local vitamin store. I give him 3 tabs when a storm is approaching. Also use Rescue Remedy if it sneaks up on us. He has a safe spot in the spare room on the floor between the foot of the bed and the closet. I have a DAP diffuser there, that may help a little. He also wears a DAP collar during the thunderstorm season (each one works for about a month). None of these helps relieve his terror during fireworks, though, so we got a scrip for acepromazine - helps take the edge off his extreme fireworks fear. Good luck - Sue
  10. Sending more prayers and healing thoughts for Tessa...
  11. I'm certainly not a doggie dentist, but I am one of those people who used HP for many years as a mouthwash, until my horrified dentist told me to stop (daily use is hard on the enamel, I think). It is very effective to induce vomiting but only if the dog swallows it. So, if you are only using it sparingly, and on a gauze to rub teeth, I think it would be OK. Again, don't quote me, I am not a verterinary professional, but I would try it. Just
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