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    I have been in the military for 18 years as a Military Police Officer and will be deploying early next year. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 7 years and we are the proud parents of two retarded cats Wiggy & Obie. We have also be claimed by a very spoiled rotten retired racing greyhound named Frostie, his racing name is Mac's Frost.

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  1. I am so sorry. I cried when I saw Murray's name. I've never met you or Murray, but he was my first secret santa and I felt a closeness to you guys. I'm sure Murray is in heaven looking down upon you, smiling and rooing!
  2. Im sorry for the mess you might have to deal with but am so thankful they disnt get the Godiva chocolate that you sent me! It's my favorite!
  3. I talk about everything to my dog. I'm pretty sure people think I'm crazy because I will have complete conversations with my dog, granted he doesn't respond back so I'm not that crazy, yet. I'm always telling him / asking him to not forget about me while I'm gone for a year. That I love him and I'll be back before he knows it. I really hope he remembers me...... I also talk to him about his daddyman and how he has to be good for him and to not eat socks while I'm away. And then I will point out animals to him. I do this almost every walk!!!!!!!
  4. Frostie seems to get one about every 2-3 months. He does seem to get a slight doggie odor to him at times, mainly during the spring and summer. We will just go out in the back yard and hose him down, soap him up then hose him down again. Now that it is cold we gave him one bath in the bathtub, but he HATES it in the bathtub!
  5. Frostie was my husband and I's first dog together. We decided on a greyhound after a lot of research. We knew we wanted a dog that would fit our life style and not one we thought was cute and fluffy. Even though Frostie is not fluffy, he is adorable and he chose us. I originally wanted a black greyhound but was asked by our group if I would meet with Frostie. They felt he would make an awesome dog for basically first time dog owners. He was cat friendly, crated well, was house broken and he was a leaner. I met him and he came home with me that day! He is still an amazing dog! He is no longer crated, acts like the cats don't exist, thinks our bed is his and has only had one accident in the house. We have had him for about 8 months and his personality keeps evolving. He loves to chase down his honky pig and his newest obsession is a rope toy. The only naughty things he has done is he ate a sock, but threw it up, ate a wool knit hat, pooped that out and has found out that he loves the taste of the corner of our 12 year old coffee table, even with some bitter yuck spray! But we love him to death and wouldn't change a thing. He now just makes us better housekeepers! If you decide to open your heart to a greyhound you will never regret that decision. My husband and I are hooked!
  6. Yay, good luck! I hope it is a match made in heaven!
  7. Congratulations Henry! It seems just like yesterday I was reading the horrible news! I hope you party hard, you deserve it!!!!!
  8. I'm an "F" and I haven't received anything yet. Are our lists going to come through email or messenger?
  9. Beautiful hat! I had one made for Frostie but he basically refused to wear it. He will shake his head until it is off his ears and hanging around his neck.
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