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  1. I'm so sorry, Tricia & Burke... didn't see this till now (been off GT for awhile.)
  2. ozgirl


    Loved ALL the pix of Lexie over the years, but really laughed at the 'talking' videos she did... hugs.
  3. Welcome! Do you have a houndie? Thinking of getting one? Just hangin' out?
  4. I had to do the same thing... sign in as ozgirl instead of ozgirl2... welcome back!
  5. Trudy & Jeff... I'm so sorry to see this - he was a gorgeous boy...
  6. Is bevd still on GT? I'm friends with her on FB.. She's had 4 (or 5?) deerhounds... including the one & only Darcy!
  7. I'm pretty sure I'm coming this year! Staying at my brother's though & commuting to Dewey/Rehoboth... (free!) See you all there!
  8. Welcome from Maryland! I love the brindle & whites!!
  9. Welcome home, Jenny! You've landed in one greyt place!
  10. Welcome to greytalk!! I knew someone here in MD who had a staghound years ago - great doggy! Can't wait to hear stories about yours! (And truly, we love ALL sighthounds here... oh, and Dobies too... and poodles... and, well, you get the picture!)
  11. Ruby had the bestest forever home with you... I'm so sorry...
  12. so tragic when they are so very young... I'm so sorry
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