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  1. ozgirl


    I'm so sorry, Tricia & Burke... I saw this on FB. She was such a sweetie...
  2. I'm so sorry about Joey... I remember you from when you were here before. Many hugs - it's always so hard to lose them.
  3. Oooo - he IS fluffy!! Congrats to you AND to Jaxsom!!
  4. ozgirl

    Jax's passing

    He was beautiful... never enough time with them. Sending hugs...
  5. If you can find an animal acupuncturist in your area, I'd suggest trying that . PS - (it's expensive!). Cody had acu every 3 weeks for 1.5 years for her spinal stenosis. It helped a lot in the beginning, less so after about a year, but did seem to relieve the pain for a few weeks each time...
  6. hahahahaha!!! I feel for you! So far, my cat hasn't bothered the invisaligns!!
  7. Thank you - and Cletus may not know it, but he's landed in houndie heaven at the camp!!!
  8. Welcome to Sable & you from across the pond in Maryland! Be sure to post some pictures of her soon!! (It's the rulez!)
  9. Congratulations, MP! Sorry I missed you at GIG - would love to meet her!
  10. Man, I can't believe it's been 2 years either!
  11. Cody had pancreatitis once - brought on by my giving her a Greenie!! Apparently they're almost completely fat (which I didn't know) - she was really sick for a week, then gradually got better. Needless to say, after that, NO Greenies and only low fat food & treats... She was never on any meds except pain meds the first few days...
  12. I heard Lee Livingood talk once at a grey picnic & she has a unique way of telling if a grey is under or overweight... Make a fist - rub your fingers over your knuckles - if grey's ribs feel like that, it's underweight. Rub fingers over the back of your hand - if grey's ribs feel like that, it's overweight. Rub fingers over your fingers below the knuckles - that's how the ribs should feel!! I thought that was a great visual...
  13. Congrats, MP!! If you're at GIG on Friday, I'll be there! Going to the walk (5:30) then going home...
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