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  1. Hello! I'm recently back myself... (AND also retired - and loving it!!)
  2. Waaaahhhh!! I've been off GT for MONTHS!! ANd I missed it this year!
  3. Got my masks - thanks!! Have fun, everyone! Hope it's not as hot there as in the DC area!!
  4. DOes anyone know if masks I ordered have been sent? Can't make it up there but looking forward to my stylin' masks!!!
  5. I'm so sorry... GTers will never forget Miss Trolleypants...
  6. I'm so sorry... I remember when you joined GT with her... I always liked following Bella stories...
  7. I'm so sorry, Irene - I'm just seeing this... haven't been on GT in awhile. Cyberhugs......
  8. Hi - can't come to Grapehounds but I did order 3 masks! I've always loved the logo and who doesn't need more masks?!?! Have a great time, be safe but enjoy!! SOMEDAY I'll make it up there for the event... (usually go to Dewey and always go to GIG... well, not this year of course...)
  9. Hi Judy! And welcome back, Alicia! I remember you & Truman! I'm still here & still greyhoundless... 2 new kitties, but no doggy...
  10. Yay! See you there, MP! Hopefully, we can hang out some!
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