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  1. Hi Judy! And welcome back, Alicia! I remember you & Truman! I'm still here & still greyhoundless... 2 new kitties, but no doggy...
  2. Yay! See you there, MP! Hopefully, we can hang out some!
  3. Katie is THIRTEEN?!?! When did that happen??
  4. Ducky! I'll miss you!! I'm going from Thursday through Saturday (YAY! Got off work) So I'll see everyone there... is everyone going to the Frederick stuff? I plan on being packed & taking off From Frederick that evening (closer to my house) Staying at the Comfort Inn on Balt Ave (no dogs & it was cheap!)
  5. heeheehee - I remember Specky well, and the dismembered Santa! Does he still go on your tree every year?
  6. I'm so sorry, Tricia & Burke... didn't see this till now (been off GT for awhile.)
  7. ozgirl


    Loved ALL the pix of Lexie over the years, but really laughed at the 'talking' videos she did... hugs.
  8. Welcome! Do you have a houndie? Thinking of getting one? Just hangin' out?
  9. I had to do the same thing... sign in as ozgirl instead of ozgirl2... welcome back!
  10. Trudy & Jeff... I'm so sorry to see this - he was a gorgeous boy...
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