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Our Old Lady Is Going To The Bridge


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Today is only the second time in my life I have had to make this heart wrenching decision, however, I know it was necessary.


Today, our sweet 17 yr old girl (Shihtzu) Pookie had to be assisted across the bridge. She has been a faithful companion to our family for almost 11 years.


She stopped eating several weeks ago and I have been able to hand feed her small amounts of food to get her through the holidays.


My DS (12) has had her since he was 2 and is coping the best he can. He was very angry last night, even though he sees her in so much pain and dwindling away to just skin and bones. He did not want for us to make the decision to have her euthanized. I tried to assist him in seeing that it was for her best because she was suffering.


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I am so sorry for your loss. This decision is always so heart rendering. I am sending prayers to your family and special prayers to your son...I remember as a child the pain when I had to say good bye to my best friend...I still feel that pain today. Run free and healed sweet Pookie girl. You are loved and missed.


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It's hard for us all to lose a beloved pet, but it can be much harder for children who probably don't have the experience of working through grief and 'letting go'. When you add to that the fact that you actually had to make the decision to have her put to sleep, you can see how hurt and angry he's going to be about it all, poor soul.


I hope he will come to see how right you were to do that. Tell him that it is the last, best gift of love we can give to our animals when they are beyond our help and life has become a burden to them.


To me, keeping a dog (or any animal) alive when all hope is gone and there is pain or distress or even just a total lack of any enjoyment - that's cruel. I once saw a little spaniel that had been brought on a camping holiday and tethered outside this family's van. He was so old he could hardly walk :( He was blind and deaf and there were no familiar smells. He was off his food and just circling around and around. The family told me they knew he should be put to sleep but they couldn't bring themselves to do it, they loved him so much. To me, that's selfish love. Allowing them to pass peacefully, in your arms ... it's so very hard to do that, and it's a true expression of love.


Perhaps you could show your son some of the replies in the remembrance forum, so that he can see that you have in fact been strong and loving about this.


Hugs to all. I know you'll be feeling terrible about it, too, and will miss little Pookie. You know you did the right thing. :f_pink


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Guest PrestosJeff

I'm so sorry about Pookie! You're right, these decisions are so difficult. This sounds like what we just went through with our cat, Chipper. Hugs to you all, and may you be comforted by your memories of what a wonderful companion Pookie was. Godspeed Pookie!


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I'm sorry to hear about Pookie but I know you made the right choice for her, no matter how hard it was for you.

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Pookie is whole again, and will live forever in your hearts. You gave her that final loving gift... freedom from suffering. Godspeed, sweet little girl. :f_pink

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Hugs for you and your DS. I remember when I found out my mom had my childhood dog put to sleep, I was furious with her. Now I know she did what was right and kind but as a child, well these things can be so much harder to understand or accept and sometimes it is just easier to have someone to be a little mad at, another outlet for those overwhelming emotions.


You have our support and love and I hope that helps a little bit.




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Guest 8_Greyt_Greys

sorry about pookie i know what you are going through we lost our cat yesterday. you and your family did the right thing . we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers

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Oh, Leah, I'm so sorry. She hung on through the holidays for you.


No more pain, lots of goodies to eat, and lots of friends are her destiny now.


Hugs to you and your family.

Mary in Houston

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I hope you include your son in her final moments so he has a chance to say goodbye and see that she goes quietly and peacefully with him by her side. Remind him that she will always be in his heart and will be waiting for him at the bridge when it is his time to go, many many years from now.

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Guest mleg2001

My son was your son's age when it came time to let Buddy cross the bridge, he felt the same anger.


I had him come with us, part of that anger comes from not knowing what to expect, after Buddy passed. I gave him time alone with Buddy to say his private goodbyes.


I know this is a difficult for your family :grouphugf_yellow

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