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  1. Dont beat yourself up, a few years ago, when I still had 3 dogs, a pound of coffee beans disappeared from my counter, 2 Greyhounds and a Great Pyr, I had no idea who ate how much, if one ate all, or all ate some, I just kept an eye on all three. None seemed to feel bad, so I let it got, they all turned out fine. Same Greyhound who wolfed down a pound of grapes, and was fine.... (I found out after the fact, teenagers and all.....)
  2. Thanks All, I feel so guilty for not feeling terrible, but he has been an "old dog" for so long, I mostly feel relieved, and it is weird to only have one (easy) dog now, and not a "special" setup around the house, involving random throw rugs and pee pads, and most of all, being able to sleep through the night, for the first time in years. Picked up his ashes today....so my boy is home, and I, I don't have to worry about him, or what kind of disaster I may come home to.
  3. Spud was my first Greyhound, and as of now, he is my last one.....We adopted him in June 2003, just shy of his second birthday, and boy, was he a handful. He had never been in a car, or a house, he was scared of the TV, terrified of stairs, he had sleep and space aggression, and he didn't like it at all when another dog wanted to run. Spud was very food motivated however, so much so, that the second day home he ran head first into the pantry door, the first command I taught him was "wait". He'd growl when the kids scooted a bit too close to his dog bed, and snarked at anyone, human or hound, f
  4. Thank you all so much for your sweet messages, I know most of you know what it's like, unfortunately. Karma was a wonderful dog, she made us laugh every day, and I will miss her always. One day, I will adopt another senior... For what it's worth, I am grateful for a few things, Karma was not in pain, this all happened while I was home, I could get a hold of a friend to help me get her to the vet, and a 24-hour vet with excellent staff opened right around the corner from me just months ago. I had a plan for this, and had Rimadyl and Xanax on hand, and Karma had a good life until the very end.
  5. I lost my sweet Karma girl suddenly this morning, my class clown, reader of mail, horder and destroyer of remote controls and glasses, bathroom trash diver. She was such a happy dog, always goofing around, acting like a puppy til the end. She never met a stranger, loved all humans and dogs, even kissed the mailman once. I adopted her 4 1/2 years ago from Greys Landing, drove 9 hours one way to pick her up, she put Spud in his place the first day on the car ride home. They never had a cross word, but he knew that his "space issues" didn't fly with her. She loved walks and car rides, didn't mat
  6. Spud is 13, from time to time he will start licking under his front paw, he gets all frantic and even bites at it, somehow this seems to cause a reflex that makes his corresponding hind leg go crazy, kind of looks like Thumper in Bambi. This wears him out and makes him anxious, so that causes more licking, etc. There is nothing wrong with his front paw, I checked, and he walks and runs without a limp. I assume it's behavioral, has anyone else seen something like this with their hounds? If I can get him to stop licking, his hind leg stops, but today he kept going at it again and again, I finall
  7. ivon


    I'm so sorry.....
  8. I don't think it's strokes, but 3 more unexplained bruises today, all on the inside of his legs. None as big or with scratches as the first one, and I did not too long ago have him checked for that weird disease (forgot the name) where they get bruises....and bleed out internally. Ugh....
  9. Thanks for your input, the vet doesn't seem to think it's seizures, she recently did a complete senior panel on him, and everything looked good. I am hoping it's just muscle cramps, I didn't get to him before it was over, the episode lasted only seconds, but he looked at me right after. He seemed confused, but calmed down pretty quick, at this point I decided to keep giving him his bananas and vow to not let him go a week without them. My vet is the best, they had him all day, checked him all over, did a CBC and didn't charge me anything when I picked him up.
  10. I am scared.....he may be old, but he is my buddy, and my first Greyhound....he is freaked out, I can tell, I crated the girls, just in case. They are none too impressed, but they can take it.....I will leave him at my vets tomorrow for the day, hopefully they can figure it out. I know I will have to let him go eventually, but having had him around for nearly 10 years, I grew so attached.....
  11. He did a bit of a Bambi in his crate, but it's carpeted, and the second time he was actually lying on his side....but you might be right, I give him bananas quite a bit because he gets leg cramps, but haven't in about a week.....
  12. If those of you have experience with seizures could chime in, something weird is going on with Spud. He is 11, and gotten a bit frail, he sometimes gets small injuries outside from running into sticks, etc, but the last two days something happened inside. Yesterday he was limping, and had one toe at a weird angle, however, after 15 minutes he was walking normally and looked fine. Then I noticed a large bruise on his side, with a few scratches, this was before he ever went outside. today another foot injury I can't figure out, and tonight when he rushed into his crate for dinner, he had all 4 l
  13. ivon


    Pat, I am so sorry you lost your beautiful Moe Moe......
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