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We’ve had our greyhound for nearly three months.

Per the kennels advice we feed him a mixture of dry food and a tin in jelly per day.

He didn’t finish his meals in the morning so we’ve split his feeding between three meals spread out throughout the day. Half a cup of dry food in the morning and then 3 cups of dry food and a tin split between lunch and dinner. But he still gets so hungry about an hour before his dinner, which we feed at 4pm. He will whine and walk to and fro between us and where he is fed, sometimes barks too.

He went to the vet a few weeks ago and he weighs 40kg. He is a big chap anyway but we don’t want him to get overweight if we feed him more!

Does any one have any advice whether we should change his food, give him more at lunch and less at dinner etc? Or is it something he will settle into with time?

Thanks in advance!

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Sheba gets fed twice a day, 7 am and 4:30 pm. She starts working on me an hour before the 4:30 pm feeding, barking mostly. I simply ignore her by going into my computer room and shutting the door for the next hour. She's not starving, just trying to get my attention. If she can last from 4:30 pm until 7 am the next morning, she can wait an hour before dinnertime.

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I think he is probably trying to train you :lol I have always fed mine twice a day. If they didn’t want to eat, I would leave it out for a little while, then pick it up until the next meal time and didn’t buy into the “but I am starving” :rolleyes: It wouldn’t hurt to give him more at lunch, or you can give him a biscuit when he starts to whine, but that could create a monster! I think he will settle over time.

The exception is my seniors. I do three meals a day and make other changes as necessary.

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Grace gets fed twice a day, 8am and 4:30pm and her food is split evenly between the two meals. She gets a dental chew at lunch time, or if I'm at work when I get home.

Giving treats is more likely to put on weight than meal times as it's easy to forget how many you've given them. If you're really worried about his weight keep an eye on his body shape and adjust the amount of food accordingly but don't miss out a meal time.

Grace (Ardera Coleen) born 18 June 2014
Raced at Monmore Green, Wolverhampton UK - 68 Races, 9 wins, 5 second places
Gotcha Day 10 June 2018 

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My boy is a massive mooch, especially before 7pm which is dinner time. Unfortunately he's training my mum to feed him treats whenever he's in the kitchen. :rolleyes:


If you're very worried you could get him checked for Cushing's disease, but from what I've read, greys are just bottomless pits. 

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