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  1. We’ve had our greyhound for nearly three months. Per the kennels advice we feed him a mixture of dry food and a tin in jelly per day. He didn’t finish his meals in the morning so we’ve split his feeding between three meals spread out throughout the day. Half a cup of dry food in the morning and then 3 cups of dry food and a tin split between lunch and dinner. But he still gets so hungry about an hour before his dinner, which we feed at 4pm. He will whine and walk to and fro between us and where he is fed, sometimes barks too. He went to the vet a few weeks ago and he weighs 40kg
  2. We adopted our ex racer greyhound 9 weeks ago and he has settled in really well. We have established a good routine and have found the advice on previous threads extremely helpful, especially regarding sleep startle. Last week we purchase a fleece for him to sleep him as our house gets very cold at night. We managed to get his front legs in but could see he was not comfortable so left the back legs out. When trying to take it off in the morning he growled and proceeded to bite. It was not a severe wound, it was more like his teeth got caught and scraped down their forehead. It was
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