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Bowl Height?


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My dog's food bowls are at 12", but the water bowl is on a 3" plant stand because the cats like to drink out of it as well. Apparently dog slobber is a very desirable additive for the cats :rolleyes: Whatever he is comfortable with is fine, I think having the bowls elevated is more comfortable for tall dogs, but they clearly have no trouble scarfing stuff up off the ground :lol

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We have a single bowl feeder, 15" high. The water bowl is there most of the time and is switched out with the food bowl at meal time. Never saw the point of double bowl feeders.

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Does the dog look comfortable? That's the most important thing. NGA greys aren't really prone to bloat, so that's really not an issue. (Bloat concerns are the reasons many people suggest raised feeders, but it's really not necessary).


It's a comfort/convenience thing. Nothing to fuss about. 11" is fine. 8" is fine. As they got older, I made sure their bowls were the "right" height. For a Senior dog's comfort. For younger dogs - Somewhere between the floor and the ceiling was fine LOL!!!!


No issue. Good question to ask - you should always ask. But IMHO - non -issue as far as medical issues.


My general rule - a comfortable level. My first grey was very tall. My first foster was very short. She looked like she had to raise her head up to eat, so I set her bowl on a coffee can, instead of the feeder I had for my tall grey. Then I got a short plant stand to put it on. Whatever looks natural for the dog you have, is the right height. Top of the shoulder bone height is the height that most seem to like when they're older IMHO.

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It doesn't make the slightest bit of difference.


If it helps, your dog was raised eating out of buckets or pans on the ground. No raised feeders at the farms or the tracks, and no reason to believe they're necessary at all.


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I have a raised feeder stand for my grey - but when we travel, her bowl is on the floor when she eats/drinks (I don't cart the raised stand with me :)). She has no trouble eating or drinking either way. When she first came here she tried to sip some wine out of a wine glass on the kitchen table. The height didn't seem to be a problem at all :).

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