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  1. Sorry you are going through this - it causes all sorts of worry indeed. It could be a lot of things and hopefully nothing that can't be fixed. My grey went through what it sounds like yours is, she is a great runner at top speed in the yard. Then one time she came in, laid down, and when she got up to walk would not put her front leg down. After a while, she worked it out and used all four legs but this would happen each time she first got up. I did take her in for xrays, etc and it turned out to be a badly bruised toe that was causing her the pain. She was on leash walk only and no zoomi
  2. Most likely your grey was sending the signal for that golden to behave (you said your grey was standing stationary and behaving) and the golden wasn't recognizing dog language, so your grey took it to the next level of correction. I have found greys to be really good at dog signals. I had one grey who knew them all - I didn't teach him, he came that way. When a dog didn't pay attention to his quiet warning, he would growl, snap and warn the other dog it was out of control. As others said, I think you have a great grey! I would also tell your friend that your grey doesn't like rough and tu
  3. Of the four greys I have had, two would have been highly insulted if any human didn't beeline for them and moosh them up. One grey had to greet everyone even if they showed no interest in her. On the other hand, one of my males greatly disliked strangers, and sometimes those he knew, touching any part of him. I used to sing the song 'Can't Touch This' to him My current girl only allows touching on her terms. She has always been shy and if someone comes toward her without her permission she backs away quickly. I think you should just keep alert for a sneak attack by an unsuspecting perso
  4. Thank you for your input. We are in the middle of the state (I have been told it is the geographic center of MA ) and it looks like Holliston is a little more than an hour away. I am hoping for something a bit closer for routine visits. The website of Westside Animal Clinic in Worcester does mention Tufts as the place to go with after hour emergencies, so that looks like a good sign. I will call Westside Animal and ask if they have treated greys. It seemed from the greytalk vet list that one of the vets there owns/owned a greyhound. I am hopeful. Thanks again!
  5. We have recently moved to Rutland, Massachusetts from NJ and would like to find a greyhound savvy vet for my grey Lia. We have lots of Labradors and Goldens in our new neighborhood, but I have found no greyhounds anywhere here and we have hiked on many of the rail trails . We do attract a lot of attention though, with many people asking about greyhounds. I checked on the vet list here and it may be that the closest vet practice is Westside Animal Clinic, Dr Anita Trom, in Worcester, MA. Does anyone have experience with the practice, or maybe direct me to one that knows greys. This isn't
  6. I only remember one person being petrified of one of my greys. We were walking on a wooded trail and a couple was approaching from the other direction. The woman literally began climbing up her companion's back and screaming when she saw my grey. Huh? He said she was petrified of dogs. That was pretty obvious . The vast majority of people we come across have wanted to come pet them - especially children. Fortunately the children we have encountered ask first. (I am on my fourth grey). The people that look concerned/fearful most likely just don't like dogs. Secretly, if I am alone and wa
  7. I can't give advice on the meds, but I am sending you and Tanzi prayers and comfort wishes. I understand how hard this all is.
  8. I have a raised feeder stand for my grey - but when we travel, her bowl is on the floor when she eats/drinks (I don't cart the raised stand with me ). She has no trouble eating or drinking either way. When she first came here she tried to sip some wine out of a wine glass on the kitchen table. The height didn't seem to be a problem at all .
  9. I lost my Saber (Yopon Dodger) last year to osteo. He was almost 10. He had both Gable Dodge and Wigwam Wag in his direct line. I also lost Cheyenne (Dewey Wild N Free) last year - she was 10, but it was her heart, not osteo, and did not have Gable Dodge or Wigwam Wag in her line. It was an extremely painful year for me. I now have Sambuca (GV Leon) who just turned 3. He has Gable Dodge in his line. I didn't realize there was this connection with cancer and Gable and Wigwam, but it makes no difference to me. I guess the info helps us keep an eye out, but I know we all love our hound
  10. I have a barking guard dog! My male grey barks at the UPS truck, anyone driving into the driveway, black bears, deer, dogs, etc. My female limits herself to cats.
  11. Both of mine came with worms (not heartworms), but were rid of them with vet prescribed treatment. I have them tested every year with their checkup, and they have not had anything since. (Yuck and ick.)
  12. Yes, I have one too. She is like a fine crystal glass. I actually asked the vet (at one of our many visits) if she had unusually thin skin - it is like paper. The answer was... greyhounds have thin skin. Cheyenne has had two very large tears that required many stitches, and she nicks herself constantly when running like the wind in the yard. When she gets into her 'run' she is oblivious to anything she is doing to herself. The latest blood letting was when she missed the step onto the deck and hooked both her back legs on it. The result was the skin being ripped down about an inch, on b
  13. I purchased a dremel a while back - there is a little cylinder attachment that is rough coated. That is the one I use(d). I will say I did not have much luck with my male grey, though. He sees it and runs. He also runs from the clippers. I take him to the groomer for the pedicure. The female tolerates it - but the clippers are quicker. Of course, I have the styptic powder at the ready, because that blood scene has happened.... I hate the nail stuff. I am soooo much better at the teeth brushing.
  14. I haven't found a need to bathe either of my greys ... yet. I always use the Perfect Coat Bath Wipes for dogs (or puppies) on them - and lots of brushing. Once, even the vet mentioned how nice they smell. Glad to learn others don't all bathe their dogs. Even though my greyhounds are probably quite happy they have not had the bath experience, I secretly felt I should be dragging them to the tub.
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