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  1. Thanks for all the input - looks like we will go with the pajamas/house coat.
  2. When we first got Marty in December we tried using a light blanket at night. All was good, but after he fell into a deep sleep he moved and the blanket freaked him out. So he went without and we just turned the heat up a little more than usual. This year now that it's getting cooler I would like to try a different approach rather than just turning up the heat. The temp in our bed room gets down to around 66-68 deg. and he is starting to tuck his nose under his arm. I'm thinking this is an indication that he is starting to get too cold or is this just a comfort thing? 1. Bed Warmer (heating pad). Do any of you use a dog bed warmer - basically a heating pad? I was thinking about putting it under his Dr. Fosters Bed Ball and turning it on low. or 2. Pajamas?
  3. Sorry to hear this. I will retest Marty in about 3-6 months sooner if I notice a difference in stools or gets sick. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we are in the clear, but I know there could be another fair up at any time.
  4. Adopted Marty 8 months ago. At the 2 month mark he was diagnosed with Hookworms and was given meds. At 4 months Hookworms again additional meds. At 5 months another flare up of Hookworms this time our vet prescribed a double dose of Panacur/Drontal to try and knock out the infestation. I also did some research on Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and started 1 tbl spoon a day. Over the last 3 months Marty's BMs became firm and consistently normal looking. Last week he came back negative for Hookworms. I'm sold on the DE and will continue to add it to his food every day for the next 6 months. At that point I will get another fecal check to make sure he is clear and then back off to 1 tbl spoon of DE every 3 days.
  5. All we had were cats. I always wanted a dog and did a lot of research on which type of dog would suite our lifestyle and busy schedules. My wife did not want to bring a dog into the house with our cat - so I told her when the time comes I would like to get a dog. When our last cat passed last year I waited a month then I went and picked up Marty from our local track. One of the best decisions I ever when it comes to major life change (it's a major life change going from living with a cat to a 75 lb dog!). I wish I had done it years earlier! Marty is the best dog ever!!!
  6. The diagnosed is allergies caused by ragweed. She prescribed Singulair, Claritin to be taken together once a day. Marty will be getting a bath once a week and getting paws rinsed after every walk.
  7. Marty's feet look exactly like that. Our vet diagnosed it as allergies caused by ragweed. She prescribed Singulair, Claritin to be taken together once a day until he stops licking. I think he has pretty much stop licking, but his feet are still red/pink. Hopefully once we get through this season they will return to normal color. See my original post here: http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/323625-allergies/
  8. After a week or 2 when you get your wellness checkup from your vet make sure you have your vet test for hookworms. If positive for hooks be diligent. These hookworms are not your normal treat once/twice and everything will be good to go. You will need to get on an aggressive treatment plan ASAP so you will not be dealing with this issue 6+ months after adoption. http://prisongreyhounds.org/Hookworm%207-2018.pdf
  9. I was thinking the other day about items that I purchased that are outside of the normal dog expenses just because of Marty. 1. Back in December my wife and I needed a new vehicle. We were leaning towards a Chevy Equinox or a Ford Edge. Marty arrives mid December. January we purchase a Chevy Traverse for it's 3rd row seating for Marty! 2. We purchased a nice big bed pillow for Marty before he came to us along with a nice crate and crate bedding. Then a month later after he settles in we purchased a huge bed ball from Dr. Fosters. He now rests comfortably going between the bed pillow/crate during the day and then has his bed ball to sleep on at night. I would have never thought that this dog would have 3 areas to rest/sleep! 3. Costco membership. Marty really likes Taste of the Wild Pacific. 2 months ago I found out that Costco has a Salmon/Sweat Potato brand dog similar to the TotW brand, but cheaper even with the annual membership added in. We are now Costco members just for dog food. 4. Future purchase? Marty never jumped on the bed or couch. Just yesterday my wife was laying in bed, Marty got the zoomies and jumped on the bed and laid down next to my wife. She has been wanting this for sooo long. As soon as he did this she looks up at me and says - "We need a king size bed!" I'm still nervous about this....with him possibly being territorial when he sleeps or even sleep startle. I maybe putting this one off.
  10. Marty has been licking his feet and they are becoming dry with some hair loss and dry skin around the paws. Our vet started him on Claritin she also mentioned an anti-itch spray or cream. Zymox with 0.5% hydrocortisone? I looked this up and is rather pricey for my taste. Is there a "human" equivalent OTC that can be used in place of the pricey "pet store" version? What treatments do others usually use for greyhounds with seasonal allergies and paw licking?
  11. Marty is 74 lbs and was administered 1.5 pills - just slabbbed the pill with peanut butter and it was sucked down immediately....lol.
  12. I started Marty's facebook page today - here is what I have so far: https://www.facebook.com/kiowasafemarty.beland.3
  13. If you get a greyhound make sure you get a full wellness check from your vet to rule out hookworms from the very beginning. I wish I would have done this because these dogs that come from the track have a resistant hookworm. We are currently in the process of ridding Marty of these parasites and it has been an ongoing process. The hounds are given the dewormer on a consistent basis at the track and the worms have developed an immunity to casual deworming meds. You have to be vigilant and I would hate for your other pets to be infected.
  14. I just bought Marty one of these along with a winter track coat. Both on sale. https://www.halemar.com/Greyhound-Rain-Coats-110.htm
  15. I forgot to add... Walking - stay away from long grass/wood line. On a couple of occasions I found a tick or two on Marty. Ever since finding those ticks I made it a point on our walks to stay away from the wood line/long grassy areas. We stick to the cut grass and neighborhood. Since doing so I have not found one tick on Marty.
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