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Licking Me

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Last night after Joy and I went to bed, she started licking my legs for no apparent reason. I had gone for a run earlier in the evening and hadn't taken a shower yet. I wasn't sweating at the time. Could this just be a cute and silly habit for Joy? I doubt it's physical because she had some blood drawn on Saturday and the results were in the vet's words "perfect".



Carol, missing Magic (1/5/01 - 4/15/15) but welcoming Fuzzy's Joy Behar (Joy) into my life on 5/31/15.

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Guest Snazzy_Chloe

Sometimes, I think they are trying to help clean us up. I am sure they can pick up on scents that we can't - or salt is a different taste to them

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Guest Loves4Greyz

One of mine does this. If I take a nap she curls up around my legs and licks until she tires out her tongue. Even if I have just gotten out of the shower and am standing still she licks. So I am not sure what she is after.

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Buck sometimes licks me when he's falling asleep. I wonder if it's relaxing?


I don't let it go on too long. I say, "Thanks buddy, that's enough" and roll over.


Ming used to lick my HAIR. I think he was grooming me.


Susan,  Hamish,  Mister Bigglesworth and Nikita Stanislav. Missing Ming, George, and Buck

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June sometimes licks my feet. I usually pull them away before it tickles too much.

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Guest k9soul

Rudy has a licking ritual often before he goes to sleep. If I'm near it's usually my arm or foot etc., but if I'm not he will lick his own legs or even the bed/sofa etc. He licks and as he does his eyes drift shut and it seems to be some sort of unwinding/relaxing thing for him. After he licks a while he settles into a deep sleep. I've often wondered if it is reminiscent of nursing for him. Who knows?


I also had a mixed breed dog that loved to "groom" me by licking hands/feet or whatever she could reach. She did that all her life.

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I catch Ry on my webcam usually without fail between 3-4pm just licking his legs like crazy (or his paw but it's never raw or anything). I have begun to think its a comforting ritual for him, and think it might ebe a release of his negative tension or anxiousness. He doesn't lick me tho.


I once read somewhere a dog often surprised an owner with a lick while they were in the shower or immediately after getting out. Something about the water on skin was something they enjoyed. I know someone's cat does the same thing immedately following a shower.


It is an interesting behaviour that's for sure.

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