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  1. Hello me freends! Miss Laila, momma-bear said "gimmie an uneven ceiling anytime!" She likes it bery much when it is knot flat ceilings ebberyware. In our house right now, da ceiling is curved. But we can't really show yoo because dare's no edges to see, it just looks smooth ebberyware! Miss Andipants, I fink it iz useful to talk aboot poop. Dare's so manee fings dat yoo can know from da shape and form. I wonner why momma-bear nevah take a sample to her human doctor. Dis so informatibe! Plusalso yoo can make noo freends by smelling dare poop! Zorro del galgo iz gone to hisown sitter. I am going to spend a night wiff Jack's momma tomorrow! Momma-bear and da Misser habs a wedding to attend to and since owr dinner wuld be late, she figured we wuld appreciate to be watched by sumone. Anyhoo now dat Zorro dwl galgo oz away, I will try to catch up on some sleep! Yoor freend, Charlie
  2. Hello me freends! Misser Merc, isn't a blak and white movie juss a regular movie? Miss Molly cool hairdo! Misser Little Mario habs adapted to da cold! Zorro del galgo likes da snow heer but prefers da hot scorching sun. I like when da weadder is between 10 and 17 degrees and dat's it. Less dis too cold and more dis too hot. Noffing noo happening heer, momma-bear played wiff tiles and did a "backsplash". I napped. It wuz knot interesting. Miss Laila, I hope yoo find yoor dream house wiff no steps! As fur da baffroom, isn't a yard enuf? Yoor freend Charlie
  3. Hello me freends! Miss Ivy yoo awr lucky to have a playgroop! Miss Mam, enjoy yoor 3 puppers awl to yoorownself! Today dis raining, ima stay inside awl day! Yoor freend Charlie
  4. Hello me freends! We kept momma-bear (and Zorro del galgo) busy busy busy! speaking obs which, we awr seeing glimpse of hope wiff Zorro del galgo. Although hisown noo hobby is to git AWL obs hisown toys down into da yard. Da furst day it wuz 3 toys, den 5, den momma-bear let him be to see how much he wuld carry down in da yard and guess how many toys he got dare? 11 !!!!!! He iz such a doofus! I wil try to ketchup! Butt for now I am just happy dat Miss Flizzie iz A-OK! Yoor freend, Charlie
  5. Hello me freends! HELLO MISS GUEST! WOT'S UP WIFF YOOR EYEBALLS? ONCE I GOTTID HURT IN ME EYEBALLS TOO AND MOMMA-BEAR PUTTID DESE DRIPS IN AND- CHARLIE! ENOUGH! You are gonna take 3 pages with your message! BYE MISS GUEST! Miss Fancypants, we awr glad yoo awr bettah! Wot's up wiff Miss Cherry and Miss Carol Ann seeing funny wildlife outside! Leash yoor houndies ebberbuddy! Speaking obs which, I yam so tired to be going on walkies awl da time. Momma-bear says dis fur Zorro del galgo. Gud fing dat sumtimes I git to stay home. Mystic does knot habs to come on walkies, why shuld I go? Da Misser is gone, so we got momma-bear awl to ourselves. Den tomorrow and da day after, momma-bear habs to go to work. Zorro del galgo iz fine when momma-bear iz home now so dat's a start. Wot else, wot else...Oh we gottid owr fall sweaters out. And a man said we ware BEAUTIMOUS DOGS. I know, momma-bear made da sweater fur me! Oh boy oh boy do I look dashing in bloo! Yoor freend, Charlie, looking dashing, as always
  6. Hello me freends! Miss Laila, ifn yoo do change house, dis A-OK becoze yoor mum will still be dare to feed yoo! Noffing iz happening today, lotsa cleening, dat's all! Did I menshun we gottid a baff lass week? Yoor freend, Charlie
  7. Thats helpful and comforting. I will call the vet on Monday and see if there is anything else we can try or do. It breaks my heart that he used to be a perfect little galgo and now he is but a shadow of what I know he can be
  8. Gud murning me freends! Wet and rainy today, we wentid on owr walkie afore da Big Rain luckily. Ohhhh Pony Widget is a naughty pony! Misser Merc, glad you are da star obs da class! Miss Elizabeff and yoo must be da FABORITE obs da WHOLE school! Zorro del galgo iz knot doing too gud. Him habs not-so-bad days and bad days, we awr in a streak obs bad days. Momma-bear does knot know wot to do or how to handle hisownself. Going fur a walkie makes him nerbous, training makes him nerbous, she iz just letting him be, den he iz calm but den da Misser finks momma-bear iz doing noffing and it makes HER nerbous. I feel like I don't eben even know how to take Zorro anymore. Anything I do feels like the wrong thing. I started taking him for walks/bike rides alone, without Charlie so we could bond, but as soon as I try to feed/train/play he starts to panic. Even a walk makes him panic since he thinks I am leaving afterwards (which I don't necessarily). Routine is the same it has been for the last 4 years, food is the same, company is the same, bed, toys, furniture is the same. Routine shifted for COVID obviously, it might have been the trigger. Or he doesn't like the new house (but it is not like he has never moved in his life and didn't know this house). The only thing that seems to work is letting him be. I don't want to encourage him when he is shaking and panting, I do reward good calm behavior. And unfortunately I am being told I am "not taking care of my dogs because I am only drugging him and hoping for the best". He has a hard time finishing his bowl, does not play anymore. I am starting to feel as if he would be happier in another family as he was fine back in August when that other family dogsit him for two weeks. I don't want to give him up, but I don't want him to be miserable. I don't know what made him so miserable all of a sudden. Still two weeks to go on the Prozac before we either up the dose again or try something different. He is currently curled up in a ball napping now. Anyhoo, today on a walkie, a man came running outside becoze he thot we ware pretty and hims iz a photographer and himz want to take pikkie obs us. I fink I look quite dashing butt he seemed more interestid in Zorro del galgo and hisown broken earsie and I did knot eben get one pet!!!! Charlie, maybe if you didn't hide behind me, he would have petted you... Wot can I say! I yam a momma-bear's boy! Yoor freend, Charlie
  9. Hello! Hugs to Miss Halise, it must be tough to leabe... Miss Andipants! I donatid my blud TWICE! And momma-bear does it frum time to time too! She will make her sixlenbenty donashun in a foo weeks! Tell us how it goes! Noffing noo heer. Zorro del galgo seems to habs sum periods obs clarity, butt I still finks he annoys me. Yoor freend, Charlie who habs nevah been annoying in hisown whole life!
  10. Hello me freends! Waitaminit, how much time did I knot log in? Awr we really on page 26? Wowser, you guys awr chatty! Miss Kathy, dat's quite worrisome. Ware did dey come from? Miss Nuttymeg! Does yoor momma put da shed-fur in da trees fur da birdies to find or do they pick yooze fur directly off yoor bakk? Noffing much iz happening heer. Zorro del galgo can be calmed now. But fur eeting, he always keep momma-bear guessing. Will he eet? We do knot know, he always end up eeting, butt sometimes he wanna eet on hisown bed, sometimes outside, sometimes wiff Mystic's fud innit, sometimes wiffout, sometimes wiff an egg innit...Momma-bear always habs to guess. And while she iz guessing, I habs time to eet myown bowl and I want to eet Zorro del galgo's bowl too, butt I yam knot allowed and need to wait on me bed until Zorro del galgo makes up hisown tiny mind . Da odder day I manifested my disapprobashun by growling LOUDLY. Dat's juss unfair dat a bowl goes uneaten when a purfectly gud houndie (ME!) culd eet it under 2 minits! UNFAIR! Charlie - chopped libber.
  11. Owie Miss Kathy! We hope yoor eyeball is bettahdis murning... Yoor freend, Charlie
  12. Eeeek! 4 hours for trazodone is quite short when you have to have a full day at work :(. Lots of my friends here also have the trazodone, but for punctual events like the chopchopping session. I will all keep it in mind, to be discussed in 3 ish weeks when we run out of Prozac!
  13. Is his hair white lyke Zorro's? Den maybe! Miss Chris, we talked to da vet-lady about trazodone and she says it is better used in punctual anxiety (like thunder or a punctual change obs routine) , and knot to be taken awl da time so she did knot wantid to start with dat (is dat troo?). Dis gud to know dat yoo nebah had any luck wiff Prozac. We will complete da trial phase, we awr still at bery low doses and den ifn it does know werk, we will try sumfing else so I can sleep. Yoor freend, Charlie
  14. Gud murning me freends! Oh lookit Miss Kathy eben got herb fancy collar out! I fink dis too loose, Misser Jim might lose Miss Kathy ifn she decides to bolt after a skwirrel... Miss Laila, dat lookit lyke a comfurtabul bed! Yesstirday Zorro del galgo ate, den slept lyke a log until 5 o'dark in da murning when he decided he needed to be anxious agin. I swear I yam missing so much sleep! Yoor tired freend, Charlie
  15. Happy birfday Miss Mam!!!! We hope yoo git a sunny day and lots obs cookies! We awr knot much online dese days. Zorro del galgo iz getting worser, his meds might not do him gud. I almost stole hisown bullystick becoze he did knot wantid to eet it... Yoor freend, Charlie wiff almost two bullystick
  16. Hello me freends! Miss Patsy, enjoy da oshuean! I wentid once and it wuz too cold and windy fur me taste. But I yam a creature obs cumfort! Ifn yoo lyke it, enjoy! Miss Lucy, glad yoo awr now cool wiff da noo company. Da heat pump disaster sure iz KNOT sumfing we wuld wish to anyone! Noffing noo heer, Zorro del galgo was "mostly" nice when momma-bear wuz bakk at werk yesstirday. Today he iz sleeping wiff momma-bear upstairs and I yam helping da Misser do hisown work downstairs. Ebberbuddy gits a greyhoundie! Mystic iz just trabbeling up and down, she did knot choose a master today. She nevah choose a master and is just da master obs herb own destiny. Although she likes momma-bear becoze she feeds her. Dis always about fud wiff her Yoor freend, Charlie
  17. Hello me freends! Oh Widge and Nate will be happy! Usually I wait on me bed fur me food to be prepared. Butt dis murning, I went wiff momma-bear and witnessed Da Meal Prep! Furst momma-bear measure a cup full obs kibbul, den drops it in me bowl. Den she measure a SEKIND cup obs kibbul and drops it in me bowl. Den she does da same wiff Zorro del galgo's bowl. Den she goes in da kitchin and swish wadderaround me bowl. Dis must be an ancient recipe passed down frum mudders to daughters becoze guys, I tell yoo, dose murning kibbuls ware DELISH! Yoor freend, Charlie
  18. Hello me free- HOLAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- GUYS GUYS BED NOW! There was a nice memorial at the Airplane museum in Gander, but unfortunately it was closed for the week-end and we couldn't go. There is nothing official happening here right now for 9-11, so I lit up a candle to honor the victims, and the brave people who helped. Know that Canada is still thinking about you. Ok Charlie, you can go now Well I just wantid to say dat we lubs those sunflours. We habs knot had much luck growing dem eidder. Dose awr beautimous! And Lucy da car looks gud!!!!! And wot about Misser Mario and Misser Kibo! Dey iz gud freends now I see! Noffing noo heer, dis just us and momma-bear tonight, so we wentid fur a walkie in da city. Well, we tried to...Dare wuz much action as people ware angry and walking wiff sign. Eben some doggies ware walking in dare. We only wantid to go and see a street ware dey sold fud in da street and see ifn we culd habs some, but da city wuz blocked left and right and we culd knot go. Zorro del galgo habs startid hisown medicashun yestirday. He got da flu-somefing. Anyhoo, now hisown poos awr dying lyke Misser Pippin's. We will continue anyhoo momma-bear iz assuposed to talk to da bet-lady when a week habs gone by. Hopefully he can sleep lyke I do when momma-bear iz gone and not poo on my kitchin floor! Yoor freend, Charlie
  19. Hello me freends! I yam bakk and have had 1 meal wiff momma-bear now! I hope yoo awr awl doing A-OK! Zorro del galgo is bakk home too and Mystic da kitteh is home too. Zorro is better. I fink habbing a break obs da house fur a few days habs done him gud. Now we see ifn he stays lyke dis or ifn he starts to knot lyke libbing heer agin. Momma-bear iz gonna git hisown medicine ladder when da pharmacy receives it. As fur me, I startid me vacashun at Jack's momma and den I wentid to a noo dogsitter named Claude. Him habs a greyhoundie girl called Victoire and I liked her a lot and gabe her hugs becoze I thought she lookit a bit lyke Miss Paris. Butt do knot worry Miss Paris! It wuz onlee platonical. When momma-bear came to pick me up, I stopped eating my 25th meal and danced fur momma-bear. Den I forgot to eet da rest obs my meal becoze I wuz worried momma-bear wuz gonna leabes wiffout me. So she hadda take a seat and wait fur me to finish eating. Dis me and Victoire : And dis da kind obs thing momma-bear saw during her trip. She said Ida made a lotta rain. I wuld not habs lyke dat I fink. Dis onlee a cellphone photo, she will put more beautimous photo on herbs facebook ebentually! She wuz in da land dat wuz newly found. She saw mooses and caribous and fox and skwirrels. I wuld habs liked to see dem skwirrels. Yoor freend, Charlie
  20. You can train him to walk nicely, but the prey drive might not get down to the point where he will not lunge forward. I have taught a foster that was pulling all through the walk to walk at the heel in a month, but the lunging still persisted if he saw something. With mine, they don't lunge anymore, but they still pull after 4 years with me if a squirrel come our way. Your safety (and his) are essentials. If you can, try to tire him before your walks (good long play sessions in the yard) but I agree with Ducky, speak to your group and see what's what. Carry treats with you in the meantime so he stays focus on you and not on every leaf blowing in the wind. Teach him a signal (Look, or any other cue) so he learns that when you say the word, you give him a treat. Try to get a no pull harness (for him) and a hip belt (for you). Keep the lead short so he doesn't have as much inertia. It can get better, or not. But your safety should be the priority. You don't want to get hurt. Keep safe
  21. Greyhound actually have ticker fur, and let me tell you, fur doesn't protect anything! It is not a husky! I think with both breeds you can get lucky or unlucky regarding vet visits and such. Especially considering you have absolutely NO idea what a galgo has been through. A grey you might have some medical background on him. They are NOT rough and tumble play dogs, either greys or galgos. A nip can tear skin on either. That being said, I never had anything so bad that it required a vet visit (well except that one time ). You should meet both, you would really get a better feel of the breeds. Remember they have not been raised or bred for their temperament so there is greys and galgos that can fit almost any family. There are energetic greys like there are more mellow galgos. For a first time owner, considering the training and energy expenditure and all, I tend to recommend greyhounds. But there are a few families to whom I recommended a galgo instead. And it always depends on the family situation, how long the dog will be alone, running opportunities (park or fenced in yard), childrens, cats, man of the house, stairs, flooring....The list is long My galgo is fine now thank you
  22. Usually the coat on galgos is shorter (mine is wired haired so longer!). My grey sheds more. As for tail banging and skin scrapes, my galgo has seen more than my grey since he has a longer tail and is more active. I have had more health issues with my galgo than with my grey (both 8 years old now). I have been once to the emergency vet with my grey because my galgo rammed into him while they were running. My galgo, well, lets just say he has seen many specialists and vets and had an operation and all that (unrelated to the running injury). I wouldn't say one is more fragile than the other really, in my experience. My galgo has had tears in his skin more often than my grey, again, they are more silly, so its bound to happen more Greys have a softer coat definitely. It feels like ...I don't know, there isn't a breed quite like it actually...softer than a boxer, a lot, like a husky but not as fluffy and short. Does that makes sense? They both follow me around the house. To each their days, my grey is more cuddly, but that doesn't mean anything, there is so much variation in between the breed. You have cuddly galgos like you have cuddly greys and you have some that don't like that in both breeds.
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