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  1. Hello me freends! Miss Paris, maybe yoo wuld lyke a galgo brudder. They awr small and he culd run wiff yoor mama while yoo snooze away wiff yoor daddyman. Win-win I say! Fink aboot it! I yam ready to gibs yoo mine! Yesstirday momma-bear and Zorro del galgo leftid me AWL ALONE to go to da old people's house. It habs been a while since we habs gone. Wiff life getting in da way, butt now we awr back on service! Wot else...lemme see Noffing I guess! See ya latah me freends! Charlie
  2. Hi there and welcome I won't tell you this is easy! My first dog, it took almost three months before he would stop crying when we left him. But now he is totally laid back when being left alone now. It depends how much you are willing to work with the dog and him with you. He doesn't know you, doesn't know what to do and you leave him all alone in a strange place, I bet you would panic too! We tried everything. What worked for us was routine routine routine. No matter how many toy/treats he had, he needed a routine. The first morning, we prepared ourselves as if going to work, we went outside (dog stayed in) and back in. Then the next day we went outside , walked around the house and back in. In a few weeks, we went to going for a coffee and back, then to my mom's and back. Each morning, it was the same, exact routine. Eventually he knew what was coming (him being left alone) and he just accepted it. What help also was bonding. We walked a lot, trained a lot, played a lot and he slept with us in the room. Dogs are pack animals. He probably just feel excluded and insecure when he isn't with you at bed time. I know my current hound who's been with me for over 2 years can't sleep without me in the room. He never had a scratch of separation anxiety, never, but sleeping alone is a no-go for him! Let him know he can trust you and believe that you will care for his security. But my best advice would probably to contact your adoption agency and ask for advice. They have probably seen hundreds of adoption matches and they could have a feel if you have a bad match (it happens) or if you are just going through the initial rough phase. They can give you advice and help you.
  3. locket


    I'm sorry for your loss
  4. Lila? Is that good for the fur? A warm leaf pile?
  5. I'm a toxicologist (human) so I can't speak for animals, but I can give a general opinion. Cannabis is (was in Canada) illegal and research has been limited due to that and the number of permit required. So you won't find super results just yet. I am guessing that research in Canada will make many great advances. While it seems to help in many type of ailment, it is nothing but a patch on the symptoms and definitely not a cure, so if you give CBD oil for example to treat joint pain and it works, the pain is still there underneath, but it will not be felt until the next dose is required. So while it might help, itwill not solve the issue I have never tried for myself ormy animals, so I can't give an opinion on that! I hope it helps!
  6. I live on the second floor with no elevator. I have a greyhound who had been with me a year and a half prior to the situation and a galgo. We go up and down a MINIMUM of 4 times a day. You should see our bumbums! Jokes apart, the carrying up and down the steps is an important consideration. My galgo ran full speed into my grey at the park and my grey wouldn't walk. Much less do stairs. So for about 3 days I had to carry him up and down the stairs. From the second floor. 4 times a day. That is 504 steps with a 70 pounds dog in my arms! If your adoption group can train a grey for you that would be ideal. Otherwise I would advise you to wait until you get a house, it won't be long anyway as you said There are many issues with a new grey that could potentially cause problems in a appartment but that would be manageable in a house (steps, noise, barking, separation anxiety, rough playing in the house, house training) If you and your neighbors are willing to work through these, that is great! I know mine wouldn't tolerate it! On the other hand, there has been many successful adoptions that I know of in an appartment. I just know that if it was me, I would wait as it would be much easier for all of you
  7. I'm telling you! Duck tape. Fixes everything! To be honest, I have no suggestion, but wish you the best of luck. It must be very tiring...
  8. I'll have Donal and Leo please! Donal has such unique coloring! They are beautiful! I often say that if I have to do it all over again, I'd readopt from the European lineage. They are not the same
  9. Charlie (67 lbs) measures at 14.5 Zorro (58 lbs) measures at 14 and think Merc has a pea-sized brain
  10. Hi! I am in Montreal, so maybe I could join you for a walk, it might do some good to Hugo to see that friends can walk outside and its fun! If you haven't already, join the facebook group the league of extraordinary greyhounds and contact me if you are interested!
  11. Hello! We went yesterday to a casting for a calendar. If my boys are chosen, they will make a page of the doggy calendar AND I will post lots and lots of their professional photos, so it is a win-win situation here! If you care to lend a paw, click on the link, find their photo and like it...It's that easy! https://www.facebook.com/pg/clevesquephoto/photos/?tab=album&album_id=867415950113239 Thanks a lot!
  12. My my my, that one photo stretched out on the couch, he IS embracing his true greyhound nature!
  13. He made so many people happy, he will have a special place in hebben
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