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  1. LOL that was my girls! They'd both get up and run to the door to greet whomever came in. Tails wagging and lots of kisses too! I'm very relieved we don't have a surgery for repairs and a possible long recovery. Yes it sucks she has arthritis, but her only job now is getting on the couch so hopefully she will be fine
  2. I have pretty good news to report... Definitely NOT cancer (thank goodness). And no old fracture/break. There was some sort of trauma in the past which has caused some extra bone growth (spurring) which is causing the inflammation and discomfort. Ultimately this is basically arthritis. It can be managed moving forward. So our little Carmen went on a round of antibiotics to be safe since she licked the area raw, and a week of anti-inflammatories. Once we get it to settle down, hopefully it's a treat "as-needed" issue. Funny note: we also brought Amelia with us as her "support dog". The techs all commented on how friendly and happy they seemed the whole time LOL
  3. Mine just seem to be afraid of nail clippers LOL
  4. She moves when tearing around the yard but walking she tends to favor the leg. Sometimes she will hold it up. Preliminary xrays showed a piece of the bone separated. It may need to be removed at this point. I will keep you all posted! Appt isn’t until next Wednesday.
  5. This is one reason we wanted a black hound this time... lots of people shy away from black cats and dogs (I also have a black kitty). OMG really? My rescue takes in hounds from all over the country (not overseas yet tat I know of). And they are all un-neutered/spayed and a lot are not cat safe.
  6. Well sadly we found out our little Carmen has an old fracture by her ankle that was never properly cared for (might be why she never made it to the track). We are taking her to an orthopedist next week to see what needs to be done. She's been limping lately so I know it's bothering her. Wish us luck!
  7. !Hurray! Glad you are going!
  8. I really love you are doing this! Good luck to your old friends and their town.
  9. Amelia came with blue, but I've been thinking of transitioning her to teal.
  10. Our Sidney was only 72 pounds. I guess he was just a "medium" boy.
  11. Sounds like the Freedom harness is the winner. It comes in lots of colors too! I will be purchasing that this week. Thx gang!
  12. Good to know... I was considering the double leash. Not sure if I will get that part or not. I do like the idea of the 2 point connection maybe to start and later on only using the one once we are walking better. She's not horrible, just likes to motor forward at a trot. I keep telling her to slow down and smell the roses but she'll have none of it!!!
  13. I apologize of this has been covered... But I would love a good harness recommendation for my girl Amelia. She is quite the puller when we walk. I know I can try and work on things myself but I have also seen and heard of harnesses that make life easier. Thank you in advance!
  14. Anyone at the Eisenhower? That’s where I’ll be.
  15. LOL this just makes me smile and laugh. I'm glad it's provided the same enjoyment for you all.
  16. She's my crazy greyhound in a whippet body LOL
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