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Combat Dog Killed...

Guest AmberGusDad

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Rest in peace, Mike, and thank you for your service.


Who in their right mind carries a gun when they are out cycling? I agree with Mike's human, the situation seems very suspicious.


Some friends of mine did when they lived in bear country. However, after reading the article I agree that there's something rotten in Wyoming. I've been chased by dogs many times while cycling, never were the dogs silent.


Run free, Mike.

You! Out of the gene pool!

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Clearly this is an example of yet another sick human harming animals. Don't forget Mike was OLD. Since when is an old dog and especially an OLD ASSISTANCE DOG a threat? The evil human just did it because he could and because he is sick to shoot an old dog. What kind of a sicko would shoot an old dog-especially one with kind intelligent eyes like Mike? I know. JMO.

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Here's some more info:

"The dog was shot in the back, according to authorities, and did not die instantly, limping from where he was shot to the garage behind Bessler’s house, where a neighbor soon found him dead. The 59-year-old bicyclist left the scene after shooting Mike, but told authorities he didn’t believe he had killed the dog."

What an evil sick person that killer was.

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This was a terrible tragedy and makes my heart ache, but that dog would still be alive if he was kept safe and restrained to his own property. It's a shame this dog spent his life keeping others safe and someone couldn't do the same for him.


If that bicyclist wasn't truly afraid for his life, I hope karma gets him good! I have, however, been chased by dogs on both a bicycle (and even a motorcycle!) and it's terrifying. Dogs (as us greyhound owners know) can run very, very fast and two wheels often brings out the worst in even the most usually friendly dog.


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