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Heart Murmur And Bloat Scare

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We are (most likely) fine! I'm just posting this in case it's helpful to anyone else.


My 4 year old grey woke me up at 7:30 this morning with "funny sounds" and when I checked on him, he was trying to eat the doormat. I shooed him away, gave him a cookie, and shut him in the bedroom with me. He would not settle and kept pacing and smacking his lips. He also tried to eat his blanket. I got really worried when he started dry retching and took him into the vet immediately in case he had bloated. He furiously tried to eat grass on the way to the car.


The vet heard a heart murmur which was not in previous visits. They x-rayed his heart and stomach. Stomach is fine! But there was a lot of gas in his intestines that is the likely culprit for making him feel uncomfortable. He started passing gas at the vet, as he usually does whenever he's anxious. That seemed to help reduce his discomfort!


He has a VHS 11.48, but the vet says it's normal for greyhounds to have VHS of up to 12. He's not too concerned about the heart murmur as it is relatively common in athletic breeds such as huskies (he's not as familiar with greyhounds). It is unknown whether a murmur would affect longevity. We'll just be keeping an eye on if for any changes.

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As your vet said, a heart murmur is fairly common and most greyhounds that have one live full and long, normal lives. One of the reasons bloat is so hard on them is because the gas can cause the other organs to expand and put pressure on the heart.


Glad your boy is OK.

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Check with your vet for the dosage, but I think Gas-X is fine.

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glad everything is OK! I kept children's gas-x on hand for Fletcher and a few times it saved us a trip to the e-vet in the middle of the night.


(disclaimer! it doesn't prevent or cure bloat, it just relieves gas build up pretending to be bloat. always be ready to go to the vet if things don't improve right away)

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That is good news it was not bloat! As others have stated, heart mumurs are quite common and I believe you just need to monitor over time to ensure it does not get worse.

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My Whippet has had a hear murmur since I got her at 14 mo. She is now 14 1/2 yr old. they tell me now it is full blown . For about a yr she is on a blood pressure med ( minimal ). Otherwise she is doing great. Gets tired more, she is getting " old ". Vet said she will probably die from something else not the heart. She takes walks with us, hops around with the younger whippets and thinks she is much younger.

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