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Distinction Between Familiar And Strange Cats

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I'm curious how many other dogs do the same thing. We have 4 cats and Tracker keeps his disgusted, fearful distance to all of them after he initially tried to eat them all when we first got him. The cats are even safe when they and he are out in the huge back yard together. He won't even glance at them.


However, a few days ago a stray cat walked into our backyard. I was sitting on the sofa with Tracker, the porch door was open and this kitty walks right up to the door and pokes its head in. Tracker sat up, looked at her, couldn't get her image matched with the ones already stored in his head, jumped off the sofa and ran after that thing in kill mode (didn't catch her). So he clearly can tell "his" cats from strange ones. I always read that cats mostly are fair game outdoors to greys, even when they live in the same house. But he clearly makes a distinction instead of generalizing. Anybody else has that happen, too?

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I don't give the girls a chance to see if they recognize their kitties in the yard. If the dogs are on leash then the feral cats are safe. All bets ate off if they are loose.


I also don't trust them 100% with other peoples indoor cats when were are visiting. Just cause our kitties are family, doesn't mean others aren't tasty.




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For most dogs there is a distinction between indoor/familiar cats and outdoor/strange cats. Some will indeed transfer their tolerance for "their" cats to all situations, though I think that's rarer.

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My 2 are good with all indoor cats. I'm a pet sitter and they go to work with me so I know that. They also don't seem interested in outdoor cats on our walks, but I wouldn't trust Sailor off leash with any. Bu is everything, everywhere safe, but I'd still be careful outside loose with him.

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Olivia's left our cat alone ever since their first meeting where Cat clearly said to her "I'm off limits!" She likes to look at neighborhood cats on our walks but never pulls or tries to get at them. I can get her attention away, but she does like to watch. Strangely enough, the cats are more fun to watch then the chickens which strut right in front of her and at which she doesn't even bat an eyelash.

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Nevada always made the distinction. She was great with my indoor kitty & on the occasion that I let them outside (supervised) on the patio, Nevada would walk with Misha around the patio. It was very cute. BUT let any other cat venture into the yard.....they were fair game!

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